What's new?  The most recent additions to my site (both pages and links).

April 2019
(In My Translations) A new collection of poems: Liking in Silence  Poems by Kim Sa-In  Translated by Brother Anthony of Taizé and Susan Hwang

February 2019
(In My Translations and Korean Fiction) A short story Gate 4  by Ki Jun-young-sook.  Published in the quarterly Koreana.

September 2018
(In My Translations and Korean poetry5 poems by Kim Seung-Hee published in Asia magazine
(In My Translations and My Articles) Literary Translation: Creating World Literature. A paper read at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies on September 15, 2018.

July 2018
(in Old Books) Web pages with corrected OCR scans of the full text of Charles Dallet: Histoire de l’Église de Corée in 2 volumes. Introduction about Korea. Part 1  Part 2 together with text files of each part
A series of 6 pages with texts and images related to the French expedition against Korea in 1866, mainly centered on the work of the artist Jean Henri Zuber

June 2018
(In My Translations and Korean Fiction) A short story Incurable  by Kang Young-sookPublished in the quarterly Koreana.

October 2017
(In My Translations and Korean Fiction) A short story  Mi in April, Sol in July by Kim Yeon-su.   Published in the quarterly Koreana.

September 2017
(In My Translations and My Articles) Translating Korean Poetry. A presentation read at the 3rd Korean Writers Forum in Gyeongju on September 14, 2017. [also translated into Korean]

June 2017
(In Korean Poetry) Korean poems from the earlier 20th century selected and translated by the late Kim Jong-Gil

May 2017
(In My Translations) A new collection of poems translated from Korean: Grasshoppers' Eyes: Poems by Ko Hyeong-Ryeol. Translated by Brother Anthony of Taizé and Lee Hyung-Jin.

April 2017
(In My Translations and Korean Fiction) A short story, In the Mood for Love by Gu Hyo-seo. Published in the quarterly Koreana.

February 2017
(in Old Books) Web pages with corrected OCR scans of the full text of Charles Dallet: Histoire de l’Église de Corée in 2 volumes. Introduction about Korea. Part 1  Part 2 together with text files of each part

December 2016
(In Korean Poetry) 15 poems by famous Korean poets of the earlier 20th century

November 2016
(In My Translations) A new collection of poems translated from Korean: Though flowers fall, I have never forgotten you  Poems by Jeong Ho-Seung. Translated by Brother Anthony of Taizé and Susan Hwang.

September 2016

(In My Translations and Korean Fiction) A short story, Plaza Hotel by Kim Mi-wol. Published in the quarterly Koreana.

July 2016
(In My Translations) Two more volumes of translated poems: Fifteen Seconds Without Sorrow,  Poems by Shim Bo-Seon. Translated by Chung Eun-Gwi and Brother Anthony, and A Letter Not Sent,  Poems by Jeong Ho-Seung. Translated by Brother Anthony of Taizé and Susan Hwang.

June 2016
(In My other books) An announcement of the publication of Romantic Tales from Old Korea.

May 2016

(In My Translations and My Articles) Translating Korean-ness: Thoughts on Korean Poetry in Translation  A paper presented at an International Comparative Literature Symposium held in Keimyung University, Daegu, on May 27, 2016.

March 2016
(In My Translations and Korean Fiction) A short story, The Wayfarer Never Rests on the Road by Lee Ze-ha. Published in the quarterly Koreana.

February 2016
(In My Translations) Three new volumes, one an anthology The Colors of Dawn (Manoa), one a volume of poems by Do Jong-Hwan No Flower Blooms Without Wavering, and one a volume of poems by Oh Sae-Young Night-Sky Checkerboard

November 2015
(In My Translations) A new collection of poems translated from Korean: Beating on Iron by Kim Soo-Bok and a novel Son of Man by Yi Mun-Yol

September 2015

(In My Translations and Korean Fiction) A short story, Noodles by Kim Sum. Published in the quarterly Koreana.

April 2015
(In My Translations and Korean Fiction) A short story, Light’s Escort by Cho Hae-jin.  Published in the quarterly Koreana.
(In Old Books) "Notes on the Capital of Korea" by  H. A. C. [Henry Alfred Constant] Bonar of the Japanese consular service who visited Seoul in the spring of 1883.

December 2014
(In Old Books) The texts of 2 Korean novels translated into French by Hong Jong-u (Hong Tjyong-ou) and published in 1892-4 and a few more texts about him
(In My Translations)  A new collection of poems translated from Korean: Patterns by Lee Si-Young.

October 2014
(In My Translations and Korean Fiction) A short story, Dangerous Reading by Kim Kyung-uk. Published in the quarterly Koreana.

September 2014
A page about Everard Charles Cotes who published an account of a visit to Korea he made in 1906, linked to a page about his family history because I got interested in them.

July 2014
A page with many pictures of the temples once visible in the Diamond Mountains and other North Korean temples
(In My Pictures) A series of links to Facebook albums of photos taken in England in 2013 and in Java in 2014.

June 2014
(In my Translations) A new book of translated poetry: Shadows of the Void, poems by Ynhui Park.

February 2014

(In Old Books) A page about William Adams, the first Englishman to live in Japan, liked to pages with the texts of his letters.

January 2014
(In Old Books) A text about Korea before anyone could enter it, from Alexander Williamson Journeys in North China, Manchuria, and Eastern Mongolia With Some Account of Corea. Volume 2.  London: Smith, Elder & Co, 1870.
A set of pages about my family history

November 2013
(In Old Books) An account of a visit to Korean settlements during a journey through eastern Manchuria by the American Walton Grinnell in the autumn of 1870.

October 2013
(In Korean poetry online)  Poems by 9 Korean poets, translated for the 2013 Dankook-Suwon World Writers' Festival
(In My Translations and Korean Fiction) A short story, Geun-won, As Such  by Paik Ga-huim published in the quarterly Koreana.
September 2013

(In Korean poetry online) Made available the complete texts of Ku Sang's autobiographical  Even the Knots on Quince Trees Tell Tales;  Chonggi Mah Allegorical River;  Kim Yeong-Nang Until Peonies Bloom (bilingual)
June 2013
(In Korean poetry online) The Korean composer Lee Sang-geun (1922 - 2000) set many Korean poems to music, as either solo or choral songs. The city of Jinju (his birthplace) asked me to prepare English translations for an international edition of his works. This project seems to have died. The translations are available here in PDF files: choral songs and solo songs; the poems are a very varied collection, some very ancient, some more modern, some by well-known poets and some by rather obscure figures.

(In Culture, Music & Arts) A set of links to sheet music and YouTube performances of composers of Classical French organ music.
(In My other books) I have placed announcements of the publication of a volume of poems by Fr. Pierre Etienne and a collection of Korean ghost stories, Eerie Tales of Old Korea.

April 2013
(In Old Books)  PDF files of two short British government reports on Corea by William Richard Carles (1848 – 1929): on a Journey in two of the Central Provinces of Corea, in October 1883, and a Journey from Söul to the Phyöng Kang gold-washings, Dated May 12, 1885
(In Old Books)  The 5 volumes of the Korean Repository 1892, 1895-98 in annual and monthly sections
(In Old Books The nearly 50 engraved illustrations from Varat's account of his journey from Seoul to Busan.

March 2013
(In My Translations and Korean Fiction) A short story, That Boy’s House  by Park Wan-suh published in the quarterly Koreana.
(In Old Books) A large resource with extracts from and links to:
Books about Korea 1.  texts mentioning or describing Korea published in the 16th and 17th centuries.
texts mentioning or describing Korea published in the 18th and early 19th centuries.
3.  texts of later 19th- and early 20th-century accounts of Korea

December 2012
(In Old Books) A PDF file of  Lumen ad Revelationem Gentium (A Light to Lighten the Gentiles). a 27-page summary of the Christian message composed by Bishop Corfe to be translated into Korean prior to the translation of the Bible into Korean.
(In Old Books) A page evoking accounts of Korea from the 16- 17th centuries linked to scanned texts.
(In Old Books) A page evoking accounts of Korea from the 18th and early 19th centuries linked to scanned texts.

November 2012
(In My Translations) A new publication: Ko Un: First Person Sorrowful. Translated by Brother Anthony of Taize in collaboration with Lee Sang-Wha. Bloodaxe Books. Highgreen, Tarset, Northumberland UK
(In my Tea pages) What may be the earliest account of tea written in English (1759, derived from earlier European accounts mostly in Latin)

September 2012
Books about Korea (In Old Books) Some years after the 1866 French attack on Ganghwa Island, an artist who had been an ensign on one of the ships published his account of Ganghwa as he saw it and drew it, "Une Expedition en Coree" (links to scanned PDF file) in the annual publication Le Tour du monde illustré, 1873. T. XXV, p. 401 - 416, illustrated with engravings based on the drawings he made during his stay.

(In My Translations and Korean Fiction) A short story, New York Bakery by  by Kim Yeon-su (See Introduction) published in the quarterly Koreana.

(In Old Books)  A page in memory of the missionaries who founded the Anglican Church in Korea, who are poorly represented on the Internet.

(In my Articles) An article providing an extended acount of the history of tea during the early and later Joseon era.

In the Daniel de Montmollin page I have placed a translation of his recent poetry collection Potter's Seconds.

August 2012
(In Old Books)  In 1798, Alexandre de Gouvea, the Catholic Bishop of Peking, wrote to another (French) bishop in China a long account in Latin about the early history of the Church in Korea. French (1800), Portuguese (1808) and Korean (1992) translations have been published but there is apparently no English translation and the Latin is not easily available. I have translated the 1800 French edition into English with a few notes and made a digital version of the Latin for any who are interested. A copy of the Latin original can be found in the Portuguese national archive.

(In Old Books) A PDF file of Volume 4 of The Korea Review corrected to remove the errors of the Internet Archive OCR text version. The PDF file of Volume 2 has also been improved.

July 2012
(In My Articles) An overall survey of Ko Un's poetic work: The Poetic Work of Ko Un: Comparing the Incomparable in  Comparative Korean Studies (The International Association of Comparative Korean Studies) Vol. 20, No. 1, April 2012, pages 365-413.

(In Old Books) The earliest British description of Korea is found in Chapter Two of Basil Hall (1788-1844),  Voyage to Loo-Choo, and other places in the eastern seas, in the year 1816. (Edinburgh 1826). In June 1865 a certain Captain Allen Young presented a paper to the Royal Geographical Society stressing the potential interest of Korea, which he had not visited. Among those speaking during the following discussion was Admiral W. H. Hall, who had been a midshipman in the Lyra under Captain Basil Hall in 1816.  In 1889, the British Vice-consul in Chemulpo, Charles William Campbell, attempted to visit Baekdu-san, travelling through northern Korea, but by the time he reached it in early October the snow was already too deep for them to climb to the summit. A page with some information on his career includes a link to the text of "A Journey through North Korea to the Ch'ang-pai Shan". Proceedings of the Royal Geographical Society and Monthly Record of Geography. Vol. XIV., No. 3. March, 1892, pages 141 - 161.

June 2012
(In Old Books)   A page containing the text of a paper, A Journey in Manchuria  By H. E. M. James (Henry Evan Murchinson James), of the Bombay Civil Service, that was published in: Proceedings of the Royal Geographical Society and Monthly Record of Geography. Volume IX., No. 9, September 1887. Pages 531-567  linked to a page with images of the map of Manchuria from that volume tracing the journey. The page also links to the text of the book The Long White Mountain, or, A journey in Manchuria: with some account of the history, people, administration and religion of that country (Longmans, Green, and Co., 1888) published by James the following year. This contains the first record of an ascent of Baekdu-san by westerners.

May 2012
(In Old Books)  An expanded page centered on William Richard Carles (1848 – 1929) with the texts of his book  Life in Corea (1888), the text of his White Paper Report of a Journey by Mr. Carles in the North of Corea    and a paper Recent Journeys in Corea  published by the the Royal Geographical Society, as well as a Biography of Carles.

April 2012
(In my Tea pages) I have revised the opening index and the short history of Korean tea.
(In My Translations and Korean Fiction)  A short story, Blue Crab Grave by Kwon Ji-ye, published in Koreana quarterly magazine.

February 2012
(In My Pictures) Links to several Facebook albums with photos taken in Fujian province, China. Also some pictures of life in Seoul around 1900.
(In my
Tea pages) I am translating some more Classical Chinese texts about tea from the Joseon period and have started a page linking to some of them, throwing new light on Joseon tea history.

December 2011
(In Index) A web page about the Wongak-sa pagoda and the Pagoda of Gyeongcheon-sa, both in Seoul.
(in Index) An article I have written about the founders and early years (1900-1940) of the Royal Asiatic Society Korea Branch.
(In My Translations) Two new volumes of translated poems by Ko Un: ChaRyong's Kiss (poems for Children) and Himalaya Poems.

October 2011
(In My Pictures) Many photos lodged in Facebook of an RASKB excursion to Andong as well as other taken in Miryang -- click on My Pictures then follow the links.

September 2011
(In Korean poetry online) A few poems by Ynhui Park (ParkYeemun)  
(In My Pictures) RASKB excursion to Gangneung Sept. 17, 2011 and Sept 18, 2011  
(In My Translations and Korean Fiction)  A short story, Guide to Seoul Cave by Kim Mi-won (including Introduction) published in Koreana quarterly magazine.
(In My Translations  and Korean poetry online)  A link to translations of poems by 20 younger Korean poets, published in  Cordite Volume 35 ozko-hanguk-hoju (Cordite is one of Australia's leading poetry magazines)

August 2011

(In My Articles) An interview about Translating Korean Literature in the online review Asymptote (Summer 2011)

June 2011
(In My Pictures) Photos taken in Seonamsa temple, Sunchon, South Jeolla Province (late June 2011) and  also more Facebook albums
(In My Pictures)  Links to albums of recent photos in Facebook: flowers, tea-making, tea-offerings etc)
(In my Books) A new volume edited by me: Discovering Korea at the Start of the Twentieth Century: Articles from the early volumes of the Transactions of the Royal Asiatic Society Korea Branch 

April 2011
(In my Tea pages) A page about Tea making at Gucheung-am in Hwaeom-sa 
(In Old Books A list of old books about Korea in French in the Internet Archive

March 2011
(In My Translations)  A new book: Walking on a Washing Line, poems by Kim Seung-Hee. Cornell East Asia Series.
(In My Pictures) Photos taken in the Rear Garden of Ch'angdǒk-gung Palace in Seoul at the end of winter.
(In Korean poetry online)  A text and some poems by the poet Kim Chi-ha

December 2010
(In Old Books) A list of older books and articles about Korea in PDF format available from  the University of Oregon Digital Library 
(In My Translations and in Korean fictionPink Ribbon Days by Kwon Yeo-sun Published in Koreana: Korean Art & Culture (The Korea Foundation) Vol. 24, No. 4 Winter 2010 pages 88 - 99.
(In My Pictures) Pictures taken at different time at Hwaeomsa Temple.

November 2010
(In Old Books) A few more titles available online including 2 volumes of The Korean Repository and 4 volumes of The Korea Review.
(In My Pictures) Pictures taken in early autumn 2010 at Miso-sa temple in Gochang (click on each photo to view the next) 
(In my Tea pages) Extra pictures of places associated with the Venerable Cho-ui.

October 2010
(In Korean poetry online)  An expanded selection of recent translations of poems by mostly younger poets and a more detailed layout.

September 2010
(In My Translations and in Korean fiction) The Storyteller's Tale by Lee Seung-U. Published in Koreana: Korean Art & Culture (The Korea Foundation) Vol. 23, No.3 Autumn 2010  pages 85 - 95

 (In My Translations and in Korean poetry ) "The Postman" a long poem by the senior Korean poet Mun Dok-su.

August 2010
(In the main index page) A text summarizing the main demographic issues (population growth, popultaion aging, declining birthrates etc) facing the world in the coming decades.

(In My Translations)  A new book: Korean Tea Classics: Yi Mok's ChaBu, Cho-ui's ChaSinJeong and DongChaSong

June 2010
(In My Articles)  an article,  Two Korean Tea Classics Compared: Yi Mok's ChaBu and Cho-ui's DongChaSong. Published in: Comparative Korean Studies Vol. 18 No. 1 (2010) Pages 7-34

May 2010
(In My Translations) A new book,  Until Peonies Bloom: The Complete Poems of Kim Yeong-Nang. Portland: MerwinAsia. 2010

April 2010
(In My Articles) Ko Un in the English-Speaking World. A report presented at the symposium marking the completion of Ko Un's Maninbo in Seoul Press Center, April 9, 2010)

March 2010
(In My Articles) an article, Ko Un's Maninbo : History as Poem, Poem as History, in World Literature Today, January / February 2010 pp. 43-46.

January 2010

(In Korean poetry online) My translations of a large selection of poems by the late Kim Young-Moo, Virtual Reality

A series of photos of Korea urban and rural, taken in the Japanese colonial period, most of them hand-colored. I do not know who took them, they were sent to me without any additional information. 

November 2009

(In my Tea pages) A page dedicated to Hanjae Yi Mok (1471-1498), the "Father of Korean Tea" by reason of his Ch'aBu Rhapsody to Tea that I have translated. Also in an old page some recent photos of Ilchi-am and another temple where Ch'o-Ui once lived.

October 2009

A set of 20 photos of old Seoul from a book by Carlo Rossetti, Corea e Coreani,  published in 1905

I have improved the pages showing photos of pots made at Taize by Brother Daniel de Montmollin to include a link to his 2009 exhibition

(In Old Books) An expanded page with the text of and the illustrations from Constance Tayler's Koreans at Home (1904).

September 2009

A list of older books about Korea that can be read online in PDF files or downloaded.

(In Korean fictionLibrary of Instruments by Kim Junghyeok, published in Koreana: Korean Art & Culture (The Korea Foundation) Vol. 23, No.3 Autumn 2009  pages 90 - 99

August 2009

(In Old Books)  The complete text of Isabella Bird's Korea and her Neighbors (1898) in a PDF file with the page numbering corresponding to that in the original so that the Index is valid, with the illustrations.

(In My Pictures) A lot of pictures taken in August 2009 on a journey across Shanxi Province in northern China, visiting many remarkable Buddhist temples.

(In My Pictures) Pictures taken in August 2009 at Kangnŭng of the old Korean houses where Yulgok Yi I and Hŏ Nansŏrhŏn were born.

June 2009

(In the Joan Grigsby pages) Pictures of the Boydell family taken in Seoul in 1929.

(In My Pictures) Pictures taken at Mungyeong, at Juwang-san and at the Songso Gotaek built in 1880 at Deokcheolli near Cheongsong in June 2009.

(In  my tea page) Some photos and a slideshow about  Tea-making in Taiwan: Ali-shan 2009 and of tea-making in Hwaeomsa, both in May 2009.

(In My Translations)  Some poems by Lee Ka-Rim

April 2009

In the front index page, a Taize link 2009 expo to photos from an exhibition of work by 3 brothers of Taize, currently under way in Macon (France).

(In My Articles) an article, Medievalism and Joan Grigsby's The Orchid Door, in Medieval and Early Modern English Studies Volume 17, No. 1 (2009) pp. 147-167 

March 2009

(In My Translations)  A new volume: Songs for Tomorrow by Ko Un, a selection of poems 1960-2002.

(In Korean fictionBought a Balloon by JO Kyung Ran, published in Koreana: Korean Art & Culture (The Korea Foundation) Vol. 23, No.1 Spring 2009  pages 88 - 99. I have also put online 2 more previously published novellas by Yi Oryong: The General's Beard and Phantom Legs

February 2009

Cardinal Kim, former Archbishop of Seoul, who invited us to Korea, died on February 16. A short tribute was published in a local paper. Another text related to him was published 2 weeks later, urging the abolition of capital punishment.

January 2009

(In My Articles)   The Perfect Translation: Impossible Dream. A paper presented at a conference about translation held in Dongguk University, Seoul, November 29, 2008.

(In Korean fiction) Frustrated by the difficulties of finding publishers, I have (temporarily) made available the full texts of my translations of fiction by Yi Mun-yol: Winter that Year   The Poet  Son of Man

(In MEMESAK) I have brought up-to-date the database of issues of our Association's journal, Medieval and Early Modern English Studies, as well as the Bibliography of Chaucer studies published in Korea, and added a list of recent Korean translations of medieval texts or medieval-related books.

December 2008

(In Korean fictionA Bale of Salt by Ku Hyo-sŏ, published in Koreana: Korean Art & Culture (The Korea Foundation) Vol. 22, No.4 Winter 2008  pages 88 - 99

Some photos taken at Cheoneun-sa, Hwaeom-sa temples and Gucheung-am hermitage in Jiri-san on a misty day in November.

November 2008

(In Korean fiction) The Crane by Hwang Sun-Won (Korean & English)

 (In My TranslationsPoems for Planting Love  A bilingual book of beautiful poems by physically and visually impaired children attending schools run by the Sisters of Charity of Seton Hill in Gwangju and Chungju (Korea), illustrated by the children, from Seoul Selection

October 2008

(In My Articles)  Spatial Limitations in the Translation and Globalization of Korean Poetry. A paper given at a Workshop held during the 2008 Manhae Festival at Manhae Park, Paekdam-sa and subsequently published in Korean.
The complete poems of Grass Blades from a Cinnamon Garden by Lilian May Miller to complement the poems by Joan Grigsby already online.

September 2008

A complete set of indices (author index, title index, subject index) to the Transactions of the Royal Asiatic Society, Korea Branch.

August 2008

A network of pages devoted to the poet Joan Grigsby, the artist Lilian Miller, the former actress Mary Taylor, and others.

July 2008

(In Korean literature online) Poems by Lee Jang-Wook (with the Korean texts). 

Some photos taken in the palace at Suwon during a recent RAS-KB lecture-visit

Some improvements to the page listing photos of Korea and other countries.

June 2008

(In My Translations) The text of a short story by Jeong I-Hyeon: Sampung Department Store

The first online newsletter for overseas members of the Royal Asiatic Society, Korea Branch

May 2008

(In Korean literature online) Nine poems by 3 Korean poets, and poems by Kim Kyŏng-Ju, all published in 2006 (from a 2008 KLTI Anthology)

April 2008

(In My Translations)  To mark the 15th anniversary of the poet Ch'ŏn Sang-Pyŏng's death, I have made the complete text of my translations available online, containing a few more poems than the DapGae volume Back to Heaven.

March 2008

(In My Translations) The text of a short story by Park Min-Gyu: Korean Standards

February 2008

Some photos taken during the winter of cathedrals in Wells and Lincoln.

(In My Articles)  The text of another article on Chaucer and Dante :No Greater Pain: The Ironies of Bliss in Chaucer's Troilus and Criseyde

(In My Translations) The announcement of a new edition of Ko Un's Zen poems, previously titled Beyond Self, now What?

(In My Articles) A shorter  version of my text on the Venerable Hyodang (see January 2007) published as an article: Korean Patriot and Tea Master: Hyodang Choi Beom-Sul (1904-1979)
December 2007

(In My Articles) The Joys of Translating: A lecture given to the Korean Open Cyber University on December 15, 2007.

(In My Translations) The text of a short story by Jeon Seong-Tae: The Forest of Existence

November 2007

 (In My TranslationsPoems for Planting Love (A PDF file for Adobe Acrobat)  Very beautiful poems by physically and visually impaired children attending schools run by the Sisters of Charity of Seton Hill in Gwangju and Chungju (Korea)

(In My Articles)  The text of a short paper on Time in Poetry East and West presented at a conference earlier this year.

(In Index) Autumn in Gyeongju (Kyongju) is always beautiful. I have added more photos of red leaves to the few from 2005 already available, and made a slideshow.

The text of a (soon to be published) article about the earlier poems of Geoffrey Hill.

October 2007

(In My ArticlesBuddhist-Christian perspectives in Korean poetry. An essay published in the Autumn 2007 issue of The Japan Mission Journal (Tokyo: Oriens Institute for Religious Research) pages 204 - 216.

(In Korean literature online) The full text of Shin Kyong-Nim's Farmers' Dance (a pdf file to be read with an Adobe Acrobat Reader)

A slideshow of photos showing the stained glass windows Brother Marc of Taize (who lives with us in Seoul) designed for the Catholic Cathedral in Ulaanbaatar (Mongolia), which were recently put in place, together with a couple of views of the Mongolian countryside. (Click on the first thumbnail to start the slideshow of full-sized images).

September 2007

(In My Articles) Two short papers about translating presented at conferences: Translating Modern Korean Poetry and  Translating Literature in the 21st Century

(In My Translations) The text of a short story by  Kim In-Suk: That Woman¡¯s Autobiography

August 2007

From August 6 - 14 I was in Yunnan Province of China, and took some photos. Click on the first thumbnail to start the slideshow. After the first 3 taken on arrival in Kunming, images 4 - 35 are taken in the (very touristy) old town of Dali, home of mainly Bai people; the torch festival is celebrated in summer across many parts of the region. Images 36 - 79 are taken in and around Lijiang, home mainly to Naxi tribal people, but also with Tibetan influences. It is a major Chinese tourist destination. Images 80 - 141 were taken in the (originally) Tibetan city of Zhongdian that the Chinese have renamed Shangri-la. It has a large Tibetan monastery housing over 600 monks, the Ganden Sumtselling Gompa. The final pictures, 142 - 171, are of the very popular Yuantong Temple in central Kunming and of the mountainside "Bamboo Temple" (Qiongzhu Si), and of one of the Puerh Tea Markets.

July 2007

For my course on Britain's culture and literature I have created a single page covering the whole sweep of British history with selected poems from each period, and some pictures in separate linked files.

I have put online the full text of theChinese classic  Romance of the Three Kingdoms in English (copied from another online source and tidied up).

June 2007

(In My Translations)  A translation of the short story most Koreans love more than any other,  The Shower  by Hwang Sun-Won.

May 2007

(In  my tea page and in My Books)   An announcement of the publication of The Korean Way of Tea, my book about tea, written with Hong Kyong-Hee, published by Seoul Selection.

April 2007

(In My Articles)  Book review of : Hahn, Moo-Sook, And So Flows History. Translated by Young-Key Kim-Renaud. Published in Acta Koreana Volume 9 Number 2 (July 2006. Keimyung University, Daegu, Korea) Pages 202 - 211

A special page for members of the English section of KLTI's Translation Academy

(In Index) A link among my Art Delights to The Wenceslaus Hollar Digital Collection put online by the University of Toronto library, giving access to 2,500 engravings by the 17th-century master thanks to whom we know what London, Oxford etc looked like. Also, some links to sites full of poems.

March 2007

(In My Articles) Three essay-articles marking my retirement:  Thoughts on Retiring  A Personal Essay published in Medieval and Early Modern English Studies Vol. 15 No.1  (2007);   What Shall We Do with the Middle Ages?  in Medieval and Early Modern English Studies Vol. 15 No.1  (2007);    On the Mystery of Meeting  A ¡°Farewell Lecture¡± given for the Humanities Research Institute, Sogang University, on March 22, 2007  

February 2007

(In the MEMESAK pages) I have partially updated the bibliographical information for our Medieval and Early Modern English Studies Association.

January 2007

Some not very good photos of work by Br Marc

A long account of the life of the Venerable Hyodang (Choi Beom-Sul) and the Panyaro Way of Tea continued by his widow Chae Wonhwa.

November 2006

(In Index) A link to the Poetry International Web.

(In My Translations) I have recently published 4 new books: My Husband the Poet by Mok Sun-ok; Flowers of a Moment by Ko Un; Eyes of Dew by Chonggi Mah and Journey to Seoul by Kim Kwang-kyu.

October 2006

(In Index) Links to World Art and to World Images (California State University) and to the CVMA (Corpus Vitrearum Medii Aevi ) of pictures of British stained glass.

The publication of translations of Korean literature in English. A presentation given at the start of a discussion at a conference on translation in Ewha Womaens University, Seoul, in mid-2006.

(In Medieval) Some links related to Ramon Llull, a remarkable figure, in the Spanish list near the bottom of the page. Links  related to Nicholas of Cusa are added in the Germany list. An Anselm link added in the British links.

September 2006

My tea page has gained a few new links.

August 2006

I spent a few days in Taiwan, including a couple of days in Ali-shan, the nearly 3000 meters high mountain to the south near Chiyai. One set of photos shows the landscape at 2200 meters with huge old cypress trees, some over 1500 years old. The second set shows tea fields, tea-making and a bamboo forest in the little township of Ruili, at 1000 meters. Ali-shan is famous for Kaoshan (high mountain) Oolong tea, and the tea made here is very highly reputed. The narrow-gauge mountain train is also famous, as a fine way of getting up or down 2000 meters in the midst of thick forests.

July 2006

I have at last made a list of translations of Korean literature published before 2001, to complete the more recent one.

June 2006

For a workshop organized by the KLTI, I have prepared some online texts.

May 2006

I have added the Korean paper artist Ham Seop's home page to my Idle Hours art links

This year's visit to Gwanhyang Tea House in Jirisan was designed to allow a professional photographer to make a complete set of photos of Hyo-am making tea. But I also had my camera with me . . . so here are a few pictures of Korean tea and its surrounding scenery. Perhaps better, here some of the pictures are included in a text describing the tea-drying process.

April 2006

The main texts from a tour of 3 United States universities made with the poet Kim Kwang-Kyu. And a series of photos taken during our journey.

March 2006

(In Index) London's Natural History Museum home pages include a growing gallery of paintings of plants, birds and bugs, British and exotic.

January 2006

(In My Articles) The text of a presentation / poetry reading I gave in Kyoto at the invitation of the editors of Kyoto Journal on Jan 22. Also some photos taken in Kyoto.

The text of an article published in a journal in Taiwan: Hamlet at the Crossroads:

December 2005

The full text of Harold Pinter's speech (recorded sitting in a wheelchair) on receiving the Nobel Prize in Literature 2005.

This goes well with Bruce Cumings' lengthy outline of America's role in the history of North and South Korea in his review of 2 recent books, a text gratefully borrowed from the London Review of Books.

(In My Articles and My Translations) The text of a short essay  After Frankfurt : Globalizing Korean Literature Continues

Novermber 2005

I have transformed the page of 'articles worth reading' into a rather broader coverage of Major Global Issues, especially in the areas of economic policies such as the European sugar scandal, and included in it a set of links to major resource sites.

September 2005

(In Index) A list of all the English translations of Korean literature published since 2003.

(In Index) Links to an online piano keyboard and a vast selection of comics.

(In My Translations)  Information about Ten Thousand Lives by Ko Un and The Depths of a Clam by Kim Kwang-kyu

(In Medieval) A fine exhibition of Manuscripts from Cambridge, Cambridge Illuminations, held at the Fitzwilliam in 2005

August 2005

(In Index) A page of links to sites, mostly in the Taizé home page, dealing with Brother Roger's death and funeral.

(In My Articles) Several papers and articles:
'Unacknowledged Legislators': Prophetic Poets from Chaucer to Today Hamlet's novel ways of beingPain and Truth: A pilgrimage with some Korean poets

July 2005

A new URL with a new method of uploading and a new kind of server! So a few clarifications in my index page to make clear what there is in it.

(In My Translations) Thumbnails of each of my published volumes! And information about Virtual Reality, poems by Kim Young-Moo translated by me and Jongsook Lee published by DapGae.

May 2005

May 11 is the anniversary of the death of the poet Ku Sang so I have put online a copy of Infant Splendor, the book combining his poems with paintings by the ¡°Mad Monk¡± Jung Kwang..

April 2005

(In My Translations) A new book: Ku Sang, Eternity Today. A selection of poems from various previously published volumes, organized according to themes: Mystery of Meeting, River, Fields, Sin and Grace, and Eternity Today.

March 2005

(In My Books) My translation into English of The Practice of Stoneware Glazes: minerals, rocks, ashes. By Daniel de Montmollin. Paris: La Revue de la Ceramique et du Verre. 2005. A practical guide for the working stoneware potter interested in experimenting to develop glazes.

(In My Translations) A link to Ko Un's own home page in English

February 2005

(In Pictures) Some pictures of the place where Chusa was exiled in Jeju Island. And new sets of pictures of Byeongsan Seowon, Dosan Seowon, and Buseoksa after a visit to Andong.

(In Index) A set of links to sites containing Chinese Classics and other China-related sites.

(In Translations) A number of extracts from poems by Kim Donghwan, Im Hwa, Jeon Bonggeon, Bak Namsu, etc.

A page containing links to sample translations of poems by Korean poets

January 2005

(In Medieval) The National Library of Scotland has made available the entire text and a complete facsimile of the Auchinleck Manuscript, one of the most important collections of Middle English texts and one that Geoffrey Chaucer might even have known.

The European Fortunes of Petrarch, a paper presented at a celebration of the poet¡¯s 700th birth anniversary in the autumn of 2004.

December 2004

Hear and watch Ko Un reading a poem.

(in My Tea Pages) I have enlarged the information page on Panyaro Tea in English and in French.

November 2004

(in Korean culture) Photos of autumn at Bulguksa, Kyongju.

An article about Margaret Drabble¡¯s new novel, The Red Queen, set in Korea.

Translating Korean fiction into English: theory and practice.  A talk given at an international conference on Korean Language Education and Korean Literature across the World, organized by the Kookmin University Language Research Institute, Kookmin University, Seoul on November 19 2004. Not likely to be published.

Articles Worth Reading: a place where I indicate articles on various topics, mostly alarming, that I think people should read.

September 2004

Paintings from ¡®Glover¡¯s Atlas.
¡¯ Thomas Albert Glover (1870-1945), better known in Japan as Tomisaburo Kuraba, was the son of a Scottish trader Thomas Blake Glover and a Japanese women Maki Kaga. He was born in Nagasaki. He prepared an atlas of "Fishes of Southern & Western Japan" consisting of about 800 color plates, painted by five artists residing in Nagasaki during the years from 1912 to 1936. The original set is now preserved at the Library of Nagasaki University.

(in Shakespeare) The British Library has put online complete digital images of every page of all the quartos of all the plays in its collections, allowing you to compare two versions side-by-side if so wished. 93 copies of 21 plays!

August 2004

A short article Fifty-nine years after Hiroshima.

(In My Books) A poetic meditation By Water and Fire by Brother Daniel, inspired by his life as a potter.

(In My Articles:) A review article about four recent books on late classical and medieval history. (

A brief set of links related to Hiroshima, Nagasaki and the Bomb.

A page of links related to climate change and global warming.

July 2004

In Korean Culture: Links to some short articles about Korean culture written for Yonhap News.

A series of scanned photos of Vancouver.

English versions of 8 very popular Korean poems

Brief accounts of the development of 20th-century Korean fiction and poetry.

(in My Translations) The Columbia Anthology of Modern Korean Poetry (Many poems translated by me)

June 2004

(In Medieval Books) The complete St Alban's Psalter online.

(In Korean Tea) A selection of romantic pictures of the Posong tea fields.

(in Museums, Arts, Music, Drama.) The French Bibliotheque Nationale has a fine exhibition of Chinese calligraphy.

March 2004

The text of a paper ¡°Telling the Time in Chaucer's Nun's Priest's Tale¡± given at the 5th Fu Jen Medieval Conference, Fu Jen University, Taipei, Taiwan in March 2004

The text of a lecture ¡°Why Poetry Really Matters: Chaucer Today¡± given at National Chung Cheng University, Chia-yi, Taiwan in March 2004

The Introduction to Even the Knots on Quince Trees Tell Tales (see below) and the first ten poems of Even the Knots (as well as the poet's Epilogue) (in My Translations)

The text of an article ¡°Translating and the Translated : Putting Korean Literature on the World Scene,¡± published (in Korean) in the Korean monthly review Munhak Sasang  Literature & Thought 2004. 3.

Autumnal photos of two old Korean houses.

The text in Korean of the 2004 letter by Brother Roger, from Taizé

February 2004

In My Translations

Information on a newly published book of translated Korean poetry: Ku Sang: Even the Knots on Quince Trees Tell Tales

Information on tea in Taiwan

Photos of Taiwan