Infant Splendor

Poems by  Ku Sang (1919 - 2004)
Translated by Brother Anthony
Paintings by Jung Kwang (1935 - 2002)

Samseong Publishing Company
1990 / 2005


Ku Sang's Preface

 New Year
 The World of grown-ups
 A tricycle
 Lord! Once again
 Substance and reality
 Scenes from life
 Playing by himself
 Old children
 The baby now
 A bed of roses
 Last words
 Habitual ways of speaking
 Picture and recollection
 Fire in my heart
 Interview with granddaughters
 A wry smile
 Touching scenes
 A beard
 Stolen glances
 Like this and like that

 Hole in the heart
 A mirror-stand
 A reminiscence
 With wild flowers
 Chupung Pass
 A vision
 Harvest Moon Festival
 A horrible feeling
 Holy Mary, Mother of God!
 Fresh and green
 Evening twilight
 Eternity within
 Come out, snake!
 A fable
 Eternity today
 Poetic feeling
 This year
 Dirty Mop Monk
 Jung Kwang's picture of a little boy
 Jung Kwang's picture of a little girl