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Korea's Culture

Korean literature : List of my translations and articles, with the text of a few articles.

A brief history of tea, especially Korean tea, with pictures.

Korean studies and culture : links to sites, including Korean Literature Today and environmental issues.

Korean traditional music: some links to sites in Korean

Two short essays, written on request, allow me to express a few random thoughts on living in Korea.

Korean Fascination

Korean Culture

Short articles written for Yonhap News Service or other media:

The poet Yi Yuk-sa

Fifty-nine years after Hiroshima

Links to a series of pictures, some taken by me, some scanned from calendars or catalogues. (see too:  Pictures to Enjoy)
Photos of the houses once inhabited by Chusa and Admiral Yi Sun-shin

Photos of autumn at Bulguksa, Kyongju.

Photos of a traditional Korean house in Gurye-gu, near the entrance to Hwaom-sa.

Lotus 1,    Lotus 2,   Lotus 3

An article about a Korean house in Seoul in 5 pages (1, 2, 3, 4, 5,)

Paintings from the Choson Era

Korean pagodas

Pulguk Temple

Kim Dae-gyun- the only authorized (Human Cultural  Assset) exponent of the Korean art of the Tight-rope.

Buddhist sculptures of  Avalokitesvara by Ho Kil-Yang

 I have decided to limit myself to English-language materials because the intended audience for these pages, and their computers, will not usually be capable of reading Korean. There are, of course, immense numbers of sites in Korean.

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