Revised March 2, 2009

Links to Chinese texts and other materials online

There are a variety of links related to Chinese visual arts in my Museums and Art pages.

Chinese mythology is well covered in the Encyclopedia Mythica.

L'Association Francaise des Professeurs de Chinois (AFPC) has a very fine, comprehensive site, in French. Especially to be noted is their list of China-related links, that includes links to sites offering fine resources of texts. But more interesting still for many will be their library of online Classical Texts where individual texts are covered in pages that combine French and English with the original Chinese. The pages devoted to the Book of Odes (Shi jing) are especially rewarding. Each character of the original texts on this site is linked to a dictionary that provides a full definition when the cursor is on a character. The list of links to text-related sites lower down this same index page is especially valuable.

The World Wide Web Virtual Library's Internet Guide for Chinese Studies has useful links.

The East Asian History site has a very fine historical survey Topics in Pre-Modern Chinese History that focuses on the history of thought, and each chapter includes many valuable links to other resources.

Chinaknowledge, a universal guide for China studies by one German enthusiast is full of good things in history, art, philosophy, literature...

Another site based in Germany offers links to the texts of some 80 translations of Lao Tse in 15 languages with various Chinese texts of the original.

The Internet Public Library has a fine list of links to sites offering Chinese texts online.

Toronto University's Cheng Yu Tung East Asia Library has a valuable set of links.

I have put online the full text of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms in English.

The Art of War by Sun Tzu

The vast resources of Poetry in Translation run by A.S.Kline includes a valuable site devoted to The Tang Dynasty and the Tao. But the Tang poems page in the AFPC site offers the originals as well as translations of 300 Tang poems. Very useful is the list of variant spellings of names in A.S.Kline's site. offers a dateline of Chinese history enabling you to (for example) identify the Era Names within the reign of any emperor of any period / dynasty. The same information on all the Chinese rulers is available in a single long page from AdaGo.

Learn Chinese Online lists sites useful if you wish to learn Chinese online. Especially useful might be the animated stroke order site.