The birthplace of Yi I Yulgok in

Yi I (December 26, 1536-1584) was one of the most prominent Korean Confucian scholars of the Chosŏn Dynasty. Yi I is often referred to by his pen name Yulgok ("Chestnut valley"). His mother was Sin Saimdang (1504-1551), an accomplished artist and calligraphist. She figures on the new Korean Won 50,000 note, her son on the Won 5000 note. The house where he was born is preserved in Kangnŭng (Kwangwon Province) with the name Ojukhŏn. The picture below shows the main hall and the small room beside it where Yulgok was born after his mother had a propitious Dragon Dream, and the attached slide show is of the surrounding gardens (Ojuk is the name for black-stemmed bamboo).

Also in Kangnŭng . . .

This lotus-pond pavillion is at the entrance to a very large 19th-century house in Kangnŭng, called Sŏngyojang