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Photos of Korea and other countries

Pictures of Korea by Brother Anthony

Now I use FaceBook to paste my photos, very useful : [To find me enter Bro Anthony or An Sonjae ]
1. Early spring near Tongdo-sa and the cherry blossom in Hwagae (April 2011)
2. Spring flowers at Cheollipo Arboretum (April 2011)
3. RASKB members making tea at Hwaeom-sa (May 2011)
4. Offering tea at the tomb of Yi Mok (died 1498) in Gimpo (June 2011)
5. Weolchul-san Osulloc tea fields and Muwui-sa temple  (June 2011)
6. Haenam: home of Yun Seon-do, Daeheung-sa, Mihwang-sa (June 2011)
7. Korea's Land's End (Ttangkkeut) and Boseong tea fields (June 2011) 
8. Seonam-sa temple (June 2011)
The wood-fired onggi kiln of An Si Sung near Gimje (N. Jeolla) (June 2011)
10. Ssangbong-sa temple (S. Jeolla) (June 2011)
11. Borim-sa temple  (Jangheung County, South Jeolla Province) (June 2011)
Beopju-sa temple Boeun County, in Chungcheongbuk-do  province
13. RASKB excursion to Gangneung Sept. 17, 2011 and Sept 18, 2011
14. RASKB excursion to Andong (October 1-2, 2011) :
   (a) ancient buildings etc in Andong.

   (b) The Byeongsan Seowon (Confucian Academy)

   (c) Hahoe Village
The Andong Mask-Dance Festival (Mainly performances by shamans)
15. Old buildings etc seen in Miryang Oct 31, 2011
16. Work by 2 potters living near Miryang (see also many pictures of his work in the blog of one, Doweol Kim Haeyo, in Korean)
17. RASKB visit to Yeoju ('Queen Min's birthplace, Silluk-sa temple, King Sejong's tomb) in March 2012.
18. RASKB excursion to Japanese-era buildings in Incheon in April 2012.
19. RASKB excursion to Gongju and Magok-sa in September 2012.
20. A set of photos, some hand-colored, of Korea in 1933, from Nat. Geogr. Magazine.

Photos taken in Seonamsa temple, Sunchon, South Jeolla Province (late June 2011)

Photos taken in the Rear Garden of Ch'angdǒk-gung Palace in Seoul at the end of winter.

Pictures taken in early autumn 2010 at Miso-sa temple in Gochang (click on each photo to view the next)

Pictures taken in August 2009 at Gangneung/Kangnŭng of the old Korean houses where Yulgok Yi I and Heo Nanseorheon/ Hŏ Nansŏrhŏn were born.

Pictures taken at Mungyeong, at Juwang-san and at the Songso Gotaek at Deokcheolli near Cheongsong in June 2009.

Pictures of tea-making at Hwaeomsa, May 2009

Pictures taken at Hwaeomsa in February 2009  and a page of pictures of Hwaeomsa Temple

Photos of the royal palace and the walls at Suwon, taken in 2008.

Pictures of the tea fields etc of Jiri-san, 2006.

Some winter 2005 photos of the place where Chusa was exiled in Jeju Island.

Pictures of Byeongsan Seowon, Dosan Seowon, and Buseoksa after a visit to Andong.

Photos of a traditional Korean house in Gurye-gu, near the entrance to Hwaom-sa at the foot of Nogodan, Mt. Chiri.

Photos of beautiful autumn leaves from November 2004 at Bulguksa Temple, Kyongju and a full slideshow mostly from 2007.

Some autumn 2003 photos of old Korean houses in or near Asan (Onyang) once inhabited by Chusa and Admiral Yi Sun-shin.

Pictures of Korea scanned from other printed sources:

Paintings from the Choson Era

Korean pagodas

Pulguk Temple

Kim Dae-gyun- the only authorized (Human Cultural  Assset) exponent of the Korean art of the Tight-rope.

Buddhist sculptures of  Avalokitesvara by Ho Kil-Yang

A set of 20 photos of old Seoul from a book by Carlo Rossetti, Corea e Coreani,  published in 1905

An expanded page with the text of and the illustrations from Constance Tayler's Koreans at Home (1904).

The complete text of Isabella Bird's Korea and her Neighbors (1898) in a PDF file with the page numbering corresponding to that in the original so that the Index is valid, with the illustrations and additional photos taken by her.

A series of photos of Korea urban and rural, taken in the Japanese colonial period, most of them hand-colored. I do not know who took them, they were sent to me without any additional information. Several are also in the University of Southern California collection (enter search term "Korea")

A series of photos taken around 1900.

Photos of other countries by Brother Anthony

Now I use FaceBook to paste my photos, very useful :

A July 2014 visit to Java (Indonesia) especially the temple at Borobudur produced several FB albums:

Javanese culture   Stones of Borobudur   Borobudur carvings    Borobudur people  Pawon and Mendut temples   Prambanan

A July 2013 visit to England produced several FB albums

Avebury, Stonehenge, Salisbury    Grasmere and the lakes   Oxford and Iffley   Tintern Abbey   Bath and James Gale           

A February 2012 visit to Hakka communal earth houses (Tulou) in Fujian Province, China

A February 2012 visit to a second group of tolou.

Riding a bamboo raft down the Nine Twists River in Wuyi-shan February 2012

Visiting the original Da Hong Pao (Big Red Robe) tea trees in Wuyi-shan February 2012

A smoking / drying shed used to make Lapsang Sushang tea inside Wu Yi Nature Reserve. Wuyi-shan. February 2012

Vast numbers of pictures of Buddhist temples in Shanxi Province, northern China taken in summer 2009.

Photos (and a linked slide-show) of tea-making in Alishan (Taiwan), spring 2009.

A set of stained-glass windows in the Catholic Cathedral in Ulaanbaatar (Mongolia), designed by Brother Marc of Taize.

Photos taken in Yunnan Province (China) in the summer of 2007 (Dali, Lijiang, Shangri-la)

Pictures taken in Taiwan early in 2004. Others of  the trees 2000 meters up Ali-shan mountain in sounthern Taiwan in 2006 and the tea fields at 1000 meters.

Pictures taken in Wells (UK), February 2008

Pictures taken in Lincoln and London (UK), February 2008

Pictures taken in Buffalo, Harvard and Berkeley,  April 2006

Pictures taken in Kyoto (Japan), January 2006

Pictures taken in Vancouver, summer 2004.

Photos of Korea and other countries in other internet sites

The National Museum of Korea has a huge collection of thousands of photos on glass plates taken by the Japanese in and around 1910, of many different topics.

Pictures of many famous places in Korea from Christopher Witcombe's Art in SouthEast Asia

The Library of Congress houses the huge Carpenter Collection of photos taken across the world in the first two decades of the 20th century, including Korea, some being visible online.

The University of Southern California has a fine collection of photos from old Korea (enter the search term "Korea')

The University of Wisconsis at Milwaukee has an rich online archive of photos, especially the photos taken by Shannon Boyd-Bailey McCune (son of the missionary George Shannon McCune and brother of George McAfee) taken in 1938-9, mostly in Pyongyang etc. Also fascinating are the photos taken by George Foulk (see below).

Princeton Theological Seminary houses the Moffett collection of early photos, although the images are frustratingly small.

Samuel Hawley (author of The Imjin War) has published two fascinating books on George Foulk, one of the earliest foreign visitors to explore Korea: America's Man in Korea: The Private Letters of George C. Foulk, 1884-1887 (Lexington Books, 2007) and Inside the Hermit Kingdom: The 1884 Korea Travel Diary of George Clayton Foulk (Lexington Books, 2007). Alas, the publisher refused to include the many wonderful photos (many taken by Foulk) he had prepared, so they can be viewed, more clearly surely, on the Internet.

 There is a Korean Blog with many pictures of buildings in Seoul dating from the Japanese period

There is a wonderful set of photos of old Korea from around 1900


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