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Korean fiction translated by Brother Anthony available online

The page listing my published translations has become very large and perhaps difficult to navigate in a hurry. If you are looking for some Korean fiction to read online, this might be more helpful. All the translations are by Brother Anthony of Taize (An Sonjae) and Copyright belongs to me. These translations may not be published elsewhere without my permission.

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Some well-known works from the earlier periods (made for the KLTI Anthology project)

Variations on Darkness by Kim Won-Il
The Battle of Dragon with Dragon by Sin Ch'ae-Ho
by Cho Myong-Hui
Sanch'onch'omok (Mountains, Rivers, Plants, Trees) by Yi Hae-Jo
Hwangt'ogi (Red Clay Diary) by Kim Tong-ni
The Shower  by Hwang Sun-Won
The Crane by Hwang Sun-Won
The Plain
by  Seo Jeong-In
Garuda by Yi Mun-Yol,
Watching Father by Ch'oe Yun,

Modern Short Stories from Korea  by  In-Sb Zng.
The first anthology of 20 modern Korean short stories to be published in English translations, translated by Zŏng In-Sŏb, published in 1958.

Some short works of fiction, mostly contemporary, published in the quarterly Koreana:

That Womans Autobiography  by Kim In-Suk

The Forest of Existence  by Jeon Seong-Tae

Korean Standards  by Park Min-Gyu (See Introduction)

Sampung Department Store by Jeong I-Hyeon (See Introduction)

A Bale of Salt by Ku Hyo-sŏ  (See Introduction)

Bought a Balloon by JO Kyung Ran (see Introduction)

Library of Instruments by Kim Junghyeok (see Introduction)

The Storyteller's Tale by Lee Seung-U (See Introduction)

Pink Ribbon Days by Kwon Yeo-sun (See Introduction )

Guide to Seoul Cave by Kim Mi-wol (including Introduction)

Blue Crab Grave by Kwon Ji-ye (Introduction in ebook edition)

New York Bakery by Kim Yeon-su (See Introduction)

That Boys House  by Park Wan-suh

Geun-won, As Such   by Paik Ga-huim

Dangerous Reading  by Kim Kyung-uk

Lights Escort by Cho Hae-jin

Noodles by Kim Sum

The Wayfarer Never Rests on the Road  by Lee Ze-ha

Plaza Hotel by Kim Mi-wol

In the Mood for Love by Gu Hyo-seo (See Introduction)

Mi in April, Sol in July by Kim Yeon-su (See Introduction)

Incurable  by Kang Young-sook (See Introduction)

Gate 4 by Ki Jun-young (See Introduction)

The Utility of Landscapes by Kim Ae-ran

Mildawon Days by Kim Dong-ni

Festival of Ashes by Park Chan-Soon 

Vertigo by Kim Se-Hee (See Introduction)

Birth of a Rat by Kim Soom

A Chair by Choi Jin-young (PDF)

Ex-Lovers Gift Bazaar by
Kim Mi-weol (See Introduction)

Mi-Ae by Hyejin Kim

Autopoiesis by Gu Byeong-mo

When We Cross the Bridge by
Moon Ji Hyuck 

2. Some novellas and full novels by Yi Mun-yol, either still unpublished or out of print

Winter that Year  (or a PDF file for printing)

The Poet

3. Two novellas by Yi Oryong, the former Korean Minister of Culture

The General's Beard

Phantom Legs