Pots by Brother Daniel de Montmollin of Taize

From an exhibition of his work held in Cluny in 2000.  Click here for a set of thumbnails from which to start the slideshow

There is also a set of pictures of the pots in the 2009 exhibition and also of the 2011 exhibition at the site of the Compagnie de la Chine et des Indes (Paris)

See also a page with the text of A Secret Shared and links to other works written by Brother Daniel

His book The Practice of Stoneware Glazes: minerals, rocks, ashes is published in French and English by La Revue de la Ceramique et du Verre and other books in French by Brother Daniel can be found in their list of publications.

The earlier photos can also be viewed individually through these links

One.  Chromium pink on oil spots 1990

Two. Chromium green on oil spots 1996

Three. Apple tree ash glaze 1996

Four. Oil spots 1980

Five. Oil spots 1990

Six. Straw ash on tenmoku 1983

Seven. Maize ash 1978

Eight. Shino glaze 1996

Nine.  Shino glaze 1996

Ten. Shino glaze 1981

Eleven. Marl glaze 1987