Dosan Seowon in Andong

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Gate to keeper's house

The original school building, established in 1561 by Yi Hwang, better known as Toegye (T'oegye), who lived from 1501 to 1570.

Looking upward insife the academy, with one of the elevated book stores to the right (designed to keep out rising damp)

Looking down the central stairway.

Looking down the west wing

The gate to the 'printing room' where the woodblocks of the major Toegye texts used to be stored.

Looking up to the doors of the main shrine where offerings are made regularly twice each year.

A turtle-like rock in a pine grove by another academy not too far from the Dosan Academy

A pine tree

A ridge-end in the Dosan Seowon.

The front of the Yi family house which is still inhabited by the family

The Yi family house, looking toward the shrine.