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General Art Resources

The Google Art Project, 2011.

The Berger Foundation has put 100,000 slides online, covering every part of the world, and every kind of art and site, with the possibility to zoom, make jigsaw puzzles, and spend all the time you have.

The Artcyclopedia offers links to online works by 7000 artists and an immense list of  links to Art Museums worldwide..

The Mother of all Art and Art History Links Pages housed at the University of Michigan probably has it all too.

Or try an Australian list of links for Art History on the Web.

Vassar College offers vast list of links to resources in Architecture and a very fine listing of art links by category.

Fine slides of sculpture and buildings of every period by Mary Ann Sullivan at Bluffton College.

Art History offers access to almost endless resources illustrating the history of world art, with pictures of buildings, paintings, sculpture... Maintained by Harcourt Brace Publishers.

Or go directly to the Webmuseumwhich gives you very rapid access to thousands of paintings from the Middle Ages until today.

Another fine site for Classical Painting is the mysteriously named CGFA at Aarhus University with a vast range of artists and works.

Try Boston College's  Art on the Web for thousands of links related to art and architecture. Their own Digital Archive of Art is well worth exploring, and so is their home page.

For any topic, you might need to search the Virtual Library pages. An extremely comprehensive listing of links to museums all over the world can be found within the VL museums pages. Another Virtual Library page is devoted to museums of international importance, and special categories (Art, History, Science etc). The Virtual Library listing of Art Galleries should be enough to satisfy most searchers.

The Louvre Home Pages.
The British Museum, London
The Tate Gallery, London (modern art)
The National Gallery, London (classical painting)
The Science Museum, London (history of science)
The London Museum (history of London)
The Museum of Modern Art (New York)
The Metropolitan Museum of Art. and their list of links to other Great Museums and Galleries.
The Vatican Museum including the Sistine Chapel and other buildings, with high definition zooms.

The English Server offers immense resources in many kinds of literary and cultural areas, including Art, while NISS offers a list of links to Museums and galleries - mainly British. A good listing of British museums and "heritage sites" can be found at the 24-hour Museum.

Malaspina Great Books provides links to many good sites devoted to individuals or topics in many disciplines, including a lot of artists.

A commercial site with many thousands of prints and posters, allows you to send any of the works on their pages as a free E-card.

A vast array of old maps and prints can be found here.

Teachers and students may find useful material in Allan T. Kohl's Art Images for College Teaching that covers the whole range of art history (including architecture). The full range of this collection is available on Photo-CDs.

The Ancient World Web certainly leads to valuable sites.
There are 137 photos of items from the tomb of Tutankhamen in the Cairo Museum's home pages.

The William Blake Archive at the University of Virginia. A remarkable project designed to give access to the entire Blake
corpus with high quality facsimiles of all the copies of each work.

Medieval and Renaissance Art
See the Medieval sections in the General Art Resources above.

See the various sections on my page of Medieval Links.

See the Renaissance sections in the General Art Resources above.

A fine exhibition of Manuscripts from Cambridge, Cambridge Illuminations, held at the Fitzwilliam in 2005.

The Vatican Museum site is a good place to spend a quiet evening browsing treasures, many from the Renaissance. Christus Rex also gives you access to the Sistine Chapel and the paintings of Giotto.

You can also spend hours visiting the Library of Congress Exhibition Rome Reborn about Rome in the Renaissance.

Renaissance Dante in Print (1472-1629): A wonderful exhibition of Renaissance editions of Dante, with images of pages from each that give a good impression of Renaissance book production.

Petrarch at 700: an exhibition of books to celebrate the 700th anniversary of Petrarch's birth in 2004.

The Christopher Columbus links page in the Discoverers' Web.

The Artcyclopedia has links to works by Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo.

Or there are always the Harcourt Brace pages on Renaissance and Baroque Art to explore, to say nothing of the Luminarium page.

(See also my page of Renaissance Links)

Asian Culture, including Art


Here is a page about Asian art of many kinds, together with a fine collection of Asian art and culture links.

Buddhist Studies WWW Virtual Library  (The Internet Guide to Buddhism and Buddhist Studies) includes a list of Buddhist Art Resources.

The Musee Guimet (Musee National des Arts Asiatiques) in Paris has very important collections from every area.

The Ashmolean Museum in Oxford has put many objects from its Asian collections online.

A fine page dedicated to the development of Buddhist iconography with many illustrations.


The Berger Foundation collection for India has so much...


The main site for English-language materials on modern Chinese literature, film, art, and culture is the MCLC page.

The site of the International Dunhuang Project is in its early stages and can only become more interesting. The Newsletters give a lot of varied information and links.

For pictures of Dunhuang, and every other major aspect of Chinese art, the Berger Foundation site is the key. Click here for a sample and here to go to the general Dunhuang Museum with many pages of pictures. Scrolling down the frame to the left gives access to all the other pictures from China.

The Palace Museum in Taiwan houses the ultimate Chinese collection but its pages only show images of a few highlights.

A good site (about mythologies and sacred art) with many links to China-related sites (and many others) is the Myth*ing Links pages.

The French Bibliotheque Nationale has a wonderful exhibition of Chinese calligraphy.

France also hosted the wonderful exhibition of Chinese painting Montagnes celestes.


One of the most extraordinary digitalizing projects, of millions of pages of Tibetan texts saved by E. Gene Smith, is located at the Tibetan Buddhist Resource Center.

The WWW Virtual Library's guide to Tibetan art links. Or you may find the Google Directory's listing helpful.

Try Tibetart for pictures of Tibetan art or see other images of Tibetan Mandalas.

The Hwajeong Museum in Seoul has a vast collection of Tibetan thankas etc

ANU used to list a lot of Tibetan resources but lost interest in 2002. The last archived revision can be consulted but no updating is being done of course.


The Virtual Library's listing of Korean museums

Korean Heritage.

Arts in Korea.

Places in Korea.

The Hwajeong Museum and the Horim Museum in Seoul are private museums with major coollections.

The Museum of Oriental Ceramics in Osaka has a major collection of Korean pottery (click Collection).

Buddhapia, Brian Barry's Buddhist Art pages, another Buddhist art site, the home page of Bulguksa...

The  KCAF page of treasures is very useful, as is Frank Hoffmann's Korean Art Links list.


The Virtual Library's listing of Japanese museums.

A very full listing of Museums in Japan.

The Kyoto National Museum is one of the very great museums, with a very full collection of images of its collections. It includes a set of links to other museum sites, in Japan and worldwide.

The Museum of Oriental Ceramics in Osaka

Drama & Performing Arts

(Not much here yet, sorry)

Among the digital collections from the Performing Arts Data Service is FESTE, a detailed record of all performances of the Royal Shakespeare Company from 1865 to the present.

Look at the official pages of the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust in Stratford-on-Avon.

If you are going to England, see what is being performed by The Royal Shakespeare Company.


A list of composers of Classical French organ music with links to printable scores and some online performances.

For information about Classical Music and much more, see Paul Baker's Classical USA, or the Classical Music Pages by Matt Boynick for detailed information on individual composers and music-related topics; or Dave Lampson's essential Classical Net.

The English Server includes a page of Music-related links, mostly theoretical.

Classical music online.

The Classical Composers Database.

A long list of music publishers

I confess that I was once a player of pipe-organs, whence a special interest in them that has led me to:

The School of Music in the University of Quebec has a page devoted to the organs of the world.

If you live in Britain, you can find a listing of every organ recital planned for the coming months, including a little photo of every locality, lists of organists, everything!

An exemplary site devoted to the 1220 organs of Alsace (E. France). In French.

For pipe organ enthusiasts -- a Silbermann organ tour

Download pdf files of organ music by many composers for free!

Pipedreams is a program of America's public broadcasting service, devoted to organ music. You can listen to programs, by following links accompanying photos of the organs of the world.

A magnificent set of links to pipe organ and other music-related sites, based in New Zealand.  More pipe organ links, compiled by Het Orgel.

J. S. Bach is the subject of a particularly fine set of pages.

David Solomon has a site devoted to his own compositions and other forms, especially choral music.

Joglaresa is a medieval music group with a difference. Headed by Belinda Sykes, they are experts in improvisation and Andaluz / Arabic styles. Their site includes a selection of short MP3 downloads.

Persian music is well served by, that offers long files by many Iranian musicians. Shahram Nazeri is especially worth listening to.

When searching for useful sites, instead of using Yahoo or Altavista, you can try the Britannica Internet Guide, which provides annotated lists of high-quality resources in every field. Another very rich resource for finding sites on almost any topic is The Mining Company.

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