Pictures of places associated with the Venerable Cho-ui

(Amore Museum, Yongin)

The Venerable Ch'o-ui was born in 1786 and first became a monk at Unheung-sa temple in Naju, near Mokp'o. The temple buildings did not survive time and the war, the main hall has recently been rebuilt and one monk is living there.

Beside the temple there are large expanses of wild tea bushes of great antiquity. They remain almost untended and unexploited.

Here is the main hall at Paengnyon-sa in Gangjin where the Venerable Hyejang lived when Tasan was in exile. He first taught Tasan about tea. Cho-ui visited Tasan several times in the first decade of the 19th century.

The reconstructed (1979) Ilchi-am hermitage above Daeheung-sa temple has recently been much expanded with the addition of a hall and other buildings

but the hermitage Ilch'i-am itself remains to one side above a small tea plantation, together with another little building, both (re)built in 1979 on the original site.

Another view of the thatched hermitage

The view from the hermitage

The ashes of Ch'o-ui are in the central urn, at the entrance to Daeheung-sa temple

The autumn colors at Daeheung-sa are beautiful

Some of the buildings at Daeheung-sa look very natural