Royal Asiatic Society - Korea Branch
June 2008 Online Newsletter

Dear Overseas Members of the RAS-KB.

Some time last year, you received the last Newsletter composed and signed by Charles Jenkins. In it he explained that we felt that printing and mailing a paper edition of such a newsletter was no longer justified and he asked everyone wishing to receive it to communicate their email addresses to the RAS-KB office in Seoul so that the next newsletter could be sent by email or viewed on the Internet. He promised that the first edition of the emailed newsletter would arrive in October. He also asked readers to give him feedback and indicate preferences. Most unfortunately, he died before he could compose that next newsletter, and any feedback he received from you is lost.
His departure was a great loss to the Society and we have expressed our condolences to his family.

After much delay, we have put together this first issue of a different kind of newsletter. We felt that no one could continue to provide the in-depth analysis of Korean news found in the Newsletters Charles Jenkins wrote. We have therefore decided to focus more on the activities of the RAS-KB, hoping that this might awaken fond memories for you.

The Publications Committee has taken the overall responsibility for the Newsletter, much of the editorial work being done by its Chairman, Brother Anthony. We remain eager to receive your feedback and hear what kind of contents you would like to find in the Newsletter. Please send all your comments to the RAS-KB offices
The newsletter will be sent as an email attachment, text only, and at the same time an Internet edition illustrated with photos will be made available on Brother Anthony's home pages at The RAS-KB homepage at  continues to provide current news on lectures, tours, publications and books for sale.

We plan to send out this newsletter 2 or 3 times each year, but we very much need to hear your reactions to it, in order to provide the content you want. Of course, you may tell us that you do not wish to receive further emails from RAS-KB and your address will at once be removed from the mailing list. Your email address will not be communicated to any third party at any time, or used for any other purpose than the communication of news from the RAS-KB.

News of the RAS-KB

The new President of the Society is Mr. Peter Bartholomew

The new Honorary President of the Society is Martin Uden, Her Britannic Majesty's Ambassador to the Republic of Korea

Volume 82 (2007) of Transactions, the annual journal of the RAS-KB, was published in early June 2008 and will be mailed to all members who joined the society before the end of 2007 and whose subscription payments are up-to-date.

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This online edition was prepared by Brother Anthony of Taize