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Korean poems in English translation

The page listing my published translations has become very large and perhaps difficult to navigate in a hurry. If you are looking for some Korean poems to read online, this might be more helpful. All the translations are by Brother Anthony of Taize (An Sonjae) and Copyright belongs to me. These translations nay not be published elsewhere without my permission.

1. A few VERY popular Korean poems.

2. Selections from my published volumes

        Ku Sang's Wasteland Poems  / River and FieldsEven the Knots
            (full texts on-line: Christopher's River; Diary of the Fields; Infant Splendor)
        Ko Un's The Sound of My Waves / Beyond Self  /  Ten-thousand Lives
        Midang, So Chong-ju's Early Lyrics 1941-1960
            (the complete text of this, Midang's first four volumes, may be viewed online:
           Flower Snake Poems
           Selected Poems of So Chong-Ju
           Essence of Silla
        Ch'on Sang-pyong's Back to Heaven
        Kim Kwang-kyu's Faint Shadows of Love
        Shin Kyong-nim's  Farmers' DanceOther poems
        Poems by  Kim Su-Young and  Lee Si-Young
        Selected poems by Kim Young-Moo
        Selected poems by Jonggi Mah

Selected poems by various poets, mostly published in Korean Literature Today.

An Do-hyon

Chon Pong-gon

Chon Yang-hui

Chong Sei-Hun

Hong Yun-suk

Hwang Dong-kyu

Hwang Ji-U

Kim Chang-ho

Kim Hyon-sung

Kim Ju-T'ae (including his lament over Kwangju)

Kim Nam-jo

Kim Nam-Ju (including his lament over Kwangju)

Kim Sung-hui

Kim Yong-Taek (his lament over Kwangju)

Lee Hyong-ki

Lee Song-bu

Mun Dok-su

Oh Sae-young

Yu Kyong-hwan

Yi Su-ik