Chong Sei-Hun (1955 - )


Of working class origin, Chong Sei-Hun was a factory-worker when he began to write and publish poetry.



             Don't call me a poet


Don't call me a poet

don't call me a writer

just call me a worker


Call me a worker

born in a poor family

a laborer from early youth


Poets sing

I don't sing

I only talk


as the poor head of a family

as a woman's husband

as the dad of two kids


a worker with no hidden land

no learning

no powerful friends


I just talk

of how I live

loving this world


Don't call me a poet

call me a worker

busily selling my labour to live.






             Empty Field  (by Chong Sei-Hun)


It was quite



I could see

nothing at all

I could hear

nothing at all.


it was


like my mother's loving heart.


Owning nothing

it seemed

to have nothing to give me


So why

do I keep wanting to cry?


Speechless empty field

my old mother!