History of British Culture
Brother Anthony (An Sonjae)



This course is designed to give students a deeper understanding of the history and culture of Britain and the development of the literature written in England.

The main text book is available in PDF by clicking on the title:  History of English culture and literature  by Brother Anthony 

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Class topics and linked materials

Week 1    Introduction: Prehistoric England, The Roman occupation  A map of Britain    An outline map of Britain

Week 2    Anglo-Saxon England  --  Beowulf

Week 3   The Middle Ages  --  Chaucer

Week 4   The Renaissance   --  Utopia

Week 5     Elizabethan England  --  Spenser and Sidney  Giotto Botticcelli  Michelangelo  Leonardo  Raphael  Titian   Holbein  

Week 6    Shakespeare

Week 7     Early 17th century   --  John Donne

Week 8

Week 9    The Civil War   --  John Milton

Week 10   The Restoration  & 18th century

Week 11 The Age of Reason   --  Jane Austen

Week 12   Romanticism   --  William Wordsworth

Week 13  The Victorian age   --  Charles Dickens

Week 14   20th century 

Week 15    Britain today