Medieval English Studies


Volume 9 Number 2 (dated 2001)




1. Philip Edward Phillips.

Boethius's De Consolatione Philosophiae and the Lamentatio/Consolatio Tradition.


2. .

ƴ ȭ ü(II): ߽

(Jeong-Hee Kim. Formation and Collapse of Arthurian Myth (II): The Case of Courtly Love)


3. .

ƮϷ(Troilus) ũ̵(Criseyde) η ߼

(Lee, Yeon-Hee. The Duality of Fear of Troilus and Criseyde)


4. .

Ҹ, ΰ Ҹ: ù ° ڱ ° ڱ Ҹ

(Yejung Choi. Divine Voice, Human Voice: Two Voices in The First and the Second Shepherds' Plays)


5. Ji-Soo Kang.

The Significance of the Eucharist Scenes in the Croxton Play of the Sacrament