Medieval and Early Modern English Studies
Volume 16 No. 1 (2008)

John Lance Griffith, Tasking the Translator: A Dialogue of King Alfred and Walter Benjamin pp. 1 ~ 18  [Abstract] PDF file of text

Dong-Ill Lee, Korean Translation of Beowulf: Variety and Limitation of Archaic Words
pp. 19 ~ 42  [Abstract] PDF file of text

이동춘,  「기사의 이야기」: 형식(Forms), 부조화(Incongruities) 및 초서의 의도
pp. 43 ~ 76   [Abstract] PDF file of text
Dongchoon Lee, The Knight’s Tale: Forms, Incongruities, and Chaucer’s intention

김현진, 초서의 ‘나약한 수소’: 「기사의 이야기」 다시 읽기 
pp. 77 ~ 111 [Abstract] PDF file of text
Hyonjin Kim, Chaucer’s “Wayke Ox”: Rereading The Knight’s Tale

윤민우, 그리젤다의 몸과 노동: 초서의 「학자의 이야기」
pp. 113 ~ 141   [Abstract] PDF file of text
Minwoo Yoon, Griselda’s Body and Labor in Chaucer’s Clerk’s Tale

Michael Skupin, Islands in the Vita Merlini 
pp. 143 ~ 156 [Abstract] PDF file of text

JongWon Choi, Reginald Pecock, Vernacular, and a Vision of Humanism 
pp. 157 ~ 181 [Abstract] PDF file of text

Jeong , “Her cruell hands”: Love as Predation in Amoretti pp. 183 ~ 200   [Abstract] PDF file of text

Yeeyon Im, The Return of Elizabeth: William Poel’s Hamlet and the Dream of Empire 
pp. 201 ~ 220 [Abstract] PDF file of text