Medieval and Early Modern English Studies


Volume 13 Number 1 (2005)



1.  전양선 
시적 주체의 전이: 토마스 와이엇의 연애시에 대한 고찰
(Yangsun Chun,  The Metamorphosis of the Poetic Subject in Wyatt's Love Poems)

2.  김호영 
스펜서의 프로테스탄티즘: 프로테스탄티즘과 문화의 역동적 관계
(Kim, Hoyoung Spenser's Protestantism: the Dynamics of Protestantism and Culture)

3.  김재오
[투사 삼손]과 밀튼의 정치사상
(Kim,  JaeOh Samson Agonistes and Milton's Political Idea)

4. Yoon,  Minwoo
Figural Allusions to Piers in Pier Plowman, Passus 13-16 [Abstract] PDF file of text

5.  Cañadas, Ivan 
Questioning Men's Love in Sir Philip Sidney's Astrophil and Stella and Lady Mary Wroth's Pamphilia to Amphilanthus  [Abstract]
PDF file of text

6.  Kim, 
The Ocular Impulse and the Politics of Violence in The Duchess of Malfi  [Abstract]
PDF file of text

7.  Noel Harold Kaylor, Jr. & Govind Menon 
Cosmos and Eros: Boethius's Cosmology and Post-Copernican Discoveries [Abstract]
PDF file of text