Medieval and Early Modern English Studies
Volume 21 No. 2 (2013)

 1.  William Sayers. Speculations on Substratum Influence on Early English Vocabulary: pig, colt, frog. page(s): 159-172   [Abstract]   PDF file of text

 2.  Sunghyun Jang. The Symbolism of the Pit in the Prioressís Tale - Jewish-Christian Disputes over the Virgin Mary   page(s): 173-191       [Abstract]   PDF file of text
3.  임현양.  일탈과 통제: 언어, 명예훼손, 그리고 초서의  『식품조달인의 이야기』  page(s): 193-214      [Abstract]   PDF file of text
   [Hyunyang Lim Transgression and Containment: Language, Defamation, and The Mancipleís Tale]

4.  Hyonjin Kim.  Sword in the Middle: The Iconography of Courtly Love in the Arthurian Romance    page(s): 215-230   [Abstract]   PDF file of text
5.  임성균. 양날의 칼: 『불타는 절구공이의 기사』에 나타난 풍자와 패러디      page(s): 231-251   [Abstract]   PDF file of text        
     [Sung-kyun Yim. Satire and Parody in  The Knight of the Burning Pestle]

6.  조영미. 소비 능력이 가정에 불러오는 위협과 여성의 자제력 - 데커와 웹스터의『서쪽으로』를 중심으로    page(s): 253-286  [Abstract]   PDF file of text
    [YoungMi Cho. Threats by Women"s Consumption in Early Modern England: Thomas Dekker and John Websterís Westward Ho