Volume 18 No 1 Medieval and Early Modern English Studies
Volume 19 No. 1 (2011)

 1. 이동일,  영웅시에 내재된 칼(무기)의 의의   page(s): 1-24 (24 pages)   [Abstract PDF file of text
  (Dongill Lee, Implication of Sword (Weapon) in Heroic Poetry)
  2. Ju Ok Yoon, What Matabryne the Queen Mother Wants in Chevalere Assigne   page(s): 25-41 (16 pages) [AbstractPDF file of text

  3. 최예정, 여성과 왕국   page(s): 43-67  (24 pages)   [AbstractPDF file of text
  (Yejung Choi, Woman and Kingdom: Guenevere and Morgan le Fay in the Morte d’Arthur)

  4.이상엽, 존 던의 양성평등적 사랑   pp. 69~94 ( 26 pages)     [AbstractPDF file of text
  (Sangyeop Lee, John Donne’s Gender-Equal Love )

   5. 이진아, 토마스 캐리의 장원시   page(s): 95-114 (20 pages)    [AbstractPDF file of text
 (Jin-Ah Lee, Thomas Carew’s Country House Poems as Moral Topographies of Self-Formation)