Medieval and Early Modern English Studies
Volume 17 No. 2 (2009)

Sangjin Park,  Post-Humanism and the Origin of Dante’s Universality.  pp. 169~196 (28 pages)  [Abstract] PDF file of text

Philip Edward Phillips, Adaptations of Dante’s Commedia in Popular American Fiction and Film.  pp. 197~212 (16 pages)  [Abstract] PDF file of text

이동춘, 대중적 놀이로 본 웨이크필드 매스터의 『헤롯왕』pp. 213~241 (29 pages)  [Abstract] PDF file of text
(Dongchoon Lee, Wakefield Master's Magnus Herodes as a Popular Play)

Hong Won Suh, Philip Sidney’s Poetical Rhetoric in Astrophil and Stella. pp. 243~258 (16 pages)  [Abstract] PDF file of text

김태원, 자아, 연극 그리고 영국을 개혁하기  - 셰익스피어의 『한여름 밤의 꿈』에 나타난 변신/변화의 욕망  pp. 259~291 (33 pages) [Abstract] PDF file of text
  (Tai-Won Kim, Reforming Self, Theater, and Nation: Metamorphic Desires in Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream.

임정인,『바꿔친 아이』에 나타나는 욕망과 복수의 정치학   pp. 293~316 (24 pages)  [Abstract] PDF file of text
  (Chung-in Im, Politics of Desire and Revenge in The Changeling: Alsemero’s Case)

김영아, 여성작가 아프라 벤의 왕정복고기 희극 다시쓰기  pp. 317~340 (24 pages)  [Abstract] PDF file of text
  (Yeungah Kim,  The Rover and Aphra Behn’s Revision of the Restoration Comedy)