Medieval and Early Modern English Studies
Volume 17 No. 1 (2009)

Sung-Il Lee, Questioning the Validity of Some Notes by Prominent Old English Scholars. pp1 - 16 [Abstract] PDF file of text

2.  이동일,  십자가의 꿈」에서 보여진 꿈의 환상의 의미 : 화자의 변형과 일치.  pp17 - 39 [Abstract] PDF file of text
 Dongill Lee, The Implication of the Dream Vision: Transformation and Coalescence of Speakers in “The Dream of the Rood”

3. Denise Ming-yueh Wang, Ingmar Bergman’s Appropriations of the Images of Death in The Seventh Seal.  pp 41 - 62  [Abstract] PDF file of text

4. Ming-Tsang Yang, From Camelot to Sandlot : Gothic Translation in A Kid in King Arthur’s Court .  pp. 63 - 88 [Abstract] PDF file of text

5.  John Lance Griffith, Integration and Inversion : Western Medieval Knights in Japanese Manga and Anime.  pp. 89 - 119 [Abstract] PDF file of text

6.  Hui-chuan Wang, Revenge Tragedy Meeting City Comedy : Alan Ayckbourn’s The Revengers’ Comedies. pp. 121 - 146    [Abstract] PDF file of text

7. Brother Anthony, Medievalism and Joan Grigsby’s The Orchid Door pp. 147 - 167  [Abstract] PDF file of text