Medieval and Early Modern English Studies
Volume 15 No. 2 (2007)

1. Sung-Il Lee, Repetition of the Same Phrases in The Dream of the Rood and What It Signifies pp. 255 ~ 270 [Abstract] PDF file of text

2. 이노경,    비극의 동인(動因): 트로일루스의 무기력 pp. 271 ~ 287 [Abstract] PDF file of text
Noh Kyung Lee,  Acedia as a Motive in Troilus' Tragedy

3. Uirak Kim, The Medieval Poetics of Pilgrimage and Multiple Voices  pp. 289 ~ 305 [Abstract] PDF file of text

4. Hyonjin Kim, Between Guinevere and Galehot: Homo/eroticism in the Lancelot-Grail Cycle  pp. 307 ~ 326 [Abstract] PDF file of text

5. 윤민우, 축어적 번역의 쓸모: ꡔ칸초니에레ꡕ와 ꡔ돈키호테ꡕ의 경우 pp. 327 ~ 353 [Abstract] PDF file of text
Minwoo Yoon, The Validity of Literal Translation in Canzoniere and Don Quixote

6. 박윤희, 궁정식 사랑의 노래: 유혹의 언어 pp. 355 ~ 382 [Abstract] PDF file of text
Yoon-hee Park, Courtly Love Poetry: Language for Seduction

7. Ivan Canadas, The Faerie Queene, II. i-ii: Amavia, Medina, and the Myth of Lucretia  pp. 383 ~ 394 [Abstract] PDF file of text

8. Kyung-Won Lee, Shakespeare’s England, Shakespeare’s Rome: National Anxiety and Imperial Nostalgia pp. 395 ~ 418 [Abstract] PDF file of text

9. 공성욱,    ꡔ말괄량이 길들이기ꡕ의 시작과 끝: 희극으로서 텍스트 읽기의 관점에서 pp. 419 ~ 441 [Abstract] PDF file of text
Sung-Uk Kong, The Taming of the Shrew: A Reading as a Text of Comedy

10. 김영아, 캐롤라인 극장의 위기와 필립 매신저의 ꡔ로마인 배우ꡕ pp. 443 ~ 464 [Abstract] PDF file of text
Yeung-ah Kim, Philip Massinger’s The Roman Actor and the Caroline Crisis of Theatre