Medieval English Studies



Volume 10 Number  (2002)





1. Richard Scott Nokes

The Old English Charms and King Alfred's Court


2. 장 욱

토마스 아퀴나스의 형이상학적 인간 이해

(Wook, Chang. St. Thomas Aquinas' Understanding of Man)


3. Liliana Sikorska

Performing The Love Of God And The Struggle With The Devil: The "Theatricality" Of Medieval Mystical Culture


4. 강 충 룡

장미 이야기와 쵸서의 번역

(Kang, Chung-Ryong. Le Roman de la Rose and Chaucer’s Translation)


5. Tai-Won Kim.

"Measure is Treasure": Financial and Political Prudence in John Skelton's Magnificence