Medieval and Early Modern English Studies
Volume 20 No. 1 (2012)

  1.  이동일,  고대영시에 내재된 오락의 의미와 시인의 기능     pp. 1~29 ( 29 pages)   [Abstract]   PDF file of text
  (Dongill LeeThe Iimplication of Entertainment and the Role of Scop in Old English Poetry)

  2. 전인한,  근대와 남성의 성 - “이루지 못한 쾌락” 시와 남성 정체성의 위기   pp. 31~57 ( 27 pages)  [Abstract]   PDF file of text
(In-Han Jeon,  Modernity and Male Sexuality : “Imperfect Enjoyment” Poems and the Crisis of Masculine Identity)

  3.  Nakyoung Lee,   “A Love Much More Vehement”  - Reconsidering Male Friendship in the Old Arcadia   pp. 59~73 ( 15 pages)   [Abstract]   PDF file of text

  4.  John Lance Griffith, Britomart’s Spear and Merlin’s Mirror - Magics Meaningful and Meaningless in Faerie Queene Book III   pp. 75~91 ( 17 pages)   [Abstract]   PDF file of text

  5. Byung-Eun Lee, Anabaptists and the Gyant in Book Five of The Faerie Queene   pp. 93~106 ( 14 pages)   [Abstract]   PDF file of text
  6.  Youngjin Chung, “And show my story, in thy eternal book”  - Metempsychosis and John Donne’s Sacramental Poetics   pp. 107~127 ( 21 pages)   [Abstract]   PDF file of text

   7.  Ivan Cañadas, What is in a Heroine’s Name? Beatrice-Joanna in The Changeling.   pp. 129~154 ( 26 pages)   [Abstract]   PDF file of text