Volume 18 No 1 Medieval and Early Modern English Studies
Volume 18 No. 2 (2010) 

이동춘, 기적을 통해 본 비드의『영국민의 교회사』page(s): 257-285  (28 pages)  [AbstractPDF file of text
Dongchoon Lee,  Bede"s Ecclesiastical History of English People in Terms of Miracle )

  2. 이동일, 「캐드먼의 찬미가」 원저자 연구    page(s): 287-315  (28 pages)  [AbstractPDF file of text

  3. Rebecca I. Starr,  Raising John"s Body : Ælfric"s Homily for the Assumption of John the Apostle   page(s): 317-340  (23 pages)   [AbstractPDF file of text

  4. Michael Foster,  The Myth of an Oral Style in Chaucer"s Poetry   page(s): 341-360  (19 pages)  [Abstract]   PDF file of text

  5. Inchol Yoo, The Politics of Chaucer"s Boece   page(s): 361-384  (23 pages)   [Abstract]   PDF file of text

   6. 이병은,  밀턴과 요한복음의 장님   page(s): 385-398  (13 pages)   [Abstract]   PDF file of text
  (Byung-Eun Lee, Milton and the Blind Man in John 9)

   7.  Chulmin Chung, Milton and the Romantic Sonnet Revival   page(s): 399-423  (24 pages)   [Abstract]   PDF file of text