Yujeom-sa  楡 岾寺

Urns at Yujeom-sa

Yujeom-sa urns with monk, photo by Isabella Bird Bishop


Yujeom-sa Neunginbo-jeon photo by Curzon

Altar inside the main hall of Yujeom-sa, Neunginbo-jeon 能仁寶殿, tree-roots bearing  53 Buddhas, photo by George Curzon 1892

Photo from Volume 5 of the Japanese 朝鮮古蹟圖報 Joseon gojeok dobo published in 1917. Click on the photo for a full-sized image. Click here for a pdf file of 44 of the Buddhas from the same source.
Click here for a page with photos of 51 of the Buddhas from an unknown source, many also seen from side and back.

The main altar in 1929, by then protected behind glass.

Eaves and ceiling from Joseon gojeok dobo (1932 )

The Buddha statue in the Neunginbo-jeon in 1912

Yujeom-sa main hall

Yujeom-sa main hall central doors.

The Pagoda from other angles



Yujeom-sa 1930

Yujeom-sa entrance porch in 1919

Yujeom-sa bridge in 1928

The great bell, dated Ongjeong 7 year (1729)

Bronze tripod caldron preserved in the temple