Shakespeare II
Fall Semester 1999 Tues / Thurs 1:30 - 2:45 Taught by Brother Anthony (An Sonjae) in English.

We will study plays by Shakespeare that have recently been made into films: Twelfth Night, Henry V, and Hamlet. (Richard III or Othello if there is time). Classes will include  reading the plays, hearing audio cassettes, watching videos, discussions. The main text-books will be the Arden editions of the plays.

The two main themes of study will be:
(1)   The way Shakespeare writes (1) comedy (2) tragedy (3) history play.
(2) The way the cinema adapts Shakespeare

Students should read the introduction to Shakespeare and his theatrical world in Brother Anthony's book Literature in English Society: The Renaissance. In the Arden editions, students must read the introductory sections about "sources" and "the play". 

Class Schedule

Week 1 (No class Tuesday) Introduction to Shakespeare
Week 2 Twelfth Night (video)
Week 3  Twelfth Night (video and text)
Week 4  Twelfth Night (text) (No class Thursday)
Week 5  Henry V (text)
Week 6  Henry V (text)
Week 7  Henry V (video)
Week 8 Mid-term Exams
Week 9  Hamlet (video & text)
Week 10 Hamlet (video & text)
Week 11 Hamlet (video & text)
Week 12 Hamlet (video & text)
Week 13 Hamlet (video & text)
Week 14 Richard III (video)
Week 15  Richard III / Othello (video) Final Exams 

Additional Reading Materials

Brother Anthony. Literature in English Society: Part 2, The Renaissance. Seoul: Sogang University Press, 1998.

Stanley Wells, ed. The Cambridge Companion to Shakespeare Studies. Cambridge UP, 1986. 


Grading will be based on mid-term and final exams,  and on two papers:
For Mid-term students will write a paper comparing the filmed versions of Twelfth Night and Henry V with the original plays.

For the Final report, students will write a paper about the main themes of and their own understanding of Hamlet.