Prologue : 'Oh for a Muse of fire...'

     ACT I

        Scene 1: Two bishops present the legal situation concerning England's claim to France.
        Scene 2: Archbishop justifies Henry's claim to France on basis of law; Henry decides to invade France. French ambassadors bring tennis balls from the Dauphin.

     ACT II


        Scene 1: Comic scene of Bardolph, Pistol etc.  Hostess says Falstaff  is dying.
        Scene 2: At Southampton Henry shows his political skill in dealing with plot by trusted Lords, in discussion of mercy/justice.  Traitors admit their fault and Henry's justice.
        Scene 3:   Hostess relates the death of Falstaff, so human, pathetic.
        Scene 4:   French court, full of confidence, English embassy.

     ACT III

     Chorus :  Now transport yourselves to France in imagination.

        Scene 1: Before Harfleur "Once more unto the breach, dear friends"
        Scene 2: Before Harfleur, Welsh humour with Fluellen etc.
        Scene 3: Before the gates, town surrenders.
        Scene 4: In French; Katharine's English lesson with vulgar jokes.
        Scene 5: French court prepares to fight.
        Scene 6: Comedy with Pistol and Fluellen. Henry comes, orders respect for the French villages and people, no stealing.  Montjoy  comes from French in challenging embassy.  Henry says that his army  is small and sick, but will fight if he must.
        Scene 7:  French nobles full of confidence, at ease before battle.

     ACT IV

     Chorus:    "A little touch of Harry in the night"

        Scene 1:  The night before Agincourt. Henry andhis army, nobles and common men, heroic English-ness; Henry disguised meets his men, blunt conversations, takes Will's glove and offers a fight next day. Henry's soliloquy on Kingship's reponsibilities.  Prayer.
        Scene 2: French prepare calmly. English ready.
        Scene 3: Henry's "Upon St Crispin's Day speech". Final challenge.
        Scene 4: The battle of Agincourt in comic vein, Pistol takes prisoner.
        Scene 5: French admit defeat.
        Scene 6: Story of death of two brave English nobles.
        Scene 7: Fluellen and Gower lament the French cruelty of killing the boys and stealing the baggage (= lack of nobility). Henry orders death of all French prisoners in revenge.  Montjoy admits defeat.  Will's glove in Fluellen's cap, Henry's joke.
        Scene 8: The joke works, Will is rewarded by Henry for his honesty.  The list of the dead : French ten thousand, English 29.  Te Deum is sung in thanksgiving to God.

   ACT V

Chorus: Henry's return to London, political negociations, Henry goes back to France ( = 5 years interval)

        Scene 1: Pistol and Fluellen in leek dispute, F forces P to eat his leek.
        Scene 2: Council between the two Kings, Henry and Katharine left alone for wooing scene half in French, brash English-ness of Henry, humour and touching.  They kiss (Kate shocked).  All agreed, they shall marry and their son shall be heir to both nations.

Final Chorus : Henry will die very soon, leaving Henry VI a child, and all will be lost.