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Other Ko Un information

Read a Washington Post article on Ko Un by Robert Hass. A long article by Robert Hass was  published in the New York Review of Books Volume 52, Number 17 of November 3, 2005, which is basically his Introduction to Ten Thousand Lives. People wishing to read it can buy it from the NYRB archive page, or I can offer an unauthorized copy of it here, until I am asked to remove it at least.

Ten Thousand Lives was one of the books covered in a very fine review article by John Feffer in The Nation in September 2006.

Hear and watch Ko Un reading a poem.  View two recent photos: One    Two.   See Ko Un (rather younger than now). 

Read an article about translating Ko Un's poetry.  Read another, more developed article on the same topic.

Read my [2012] long article about Ko Un's life and work.

The poem Ko Un wrote about the Sewol-ho tragedy was published in Korean in a newspaper and then in English in Words Without Borders

Translated poems by Ko Un have been published in the following reviews (among others):

Vital Speeches of the Day; Aug 15, 2000; Vol. 66, Iss. 21; pg. 670 (Poem: At The Taedong River ) Korean text    English text

Evergreen Review No. 104 (Poems: April 15;  A yard at night)

Two Lines 2001 (Poem from Beyond Self: A Drunkard). Two Lines 2002 (A selection from Flowers of a Moment)

Manoa 13:1 (2001) (Poems from 10,000 Lives: Headmaster Abe; Yi Yong-Ak; Oh Song-Ryun; Spirit Shrine; Tears of Blood; Man-Sun)

americas review number 12. political prose and poetry (2002) (Poems from 10,000 Lives: Okya, the palace woman; Pun-im from Mijei; Ch'ae-sun; Hey, you there!)

The Cafe Review, Fall 2002 published: In a Street, Entering A Wood, Wild Chrysanthemum, This Talking World, Song, Road

The London Magazine June - July 2003 (Introductory article: Poet of Korea's Pains and Hopes, with the poems A Smile; A Drunkard; Sitting; A Temple's Main Hall; the Women from Sonjae; Sunlight)

New American Writing 22 (2004) 162-5 (Short preface by Gary Gach, poems A Mother-in-Law from Seoul, The Upper Reaches of Somjin River, Chestnuts, Afternoon.)

Words Without Borders, November 2005 (A major online magazine for international literature) contains 3 poems from Ten Thousand Lives.

Kyoto Journal 60 (June 2005) published a lengthy interview with Ko Un, as well as several poems.

World Literature Today (March-April 2006) published 7 poems from Flowers of a Moment.

The Nation (September 18, 2006) published 5 poems from Flowers of a Moment (p.33) as well as a fine review (p.31 - 35) by John Feffer of 4 Korean books including Ten Thousand Lives.

The New Yorker (September 25, 2006) published 4 poems by Ko Un (p104)

Poetry Daily showcased 2 poems from Flowers of a Moment on January 19, 2007 (link expires after 1 year)

Mantis: A journal of  poetry and translation, issue 6, Summer 2007 (Geographies) published Along the East Coast, When I went to Munui Village, Beside Somjin River and Gazing up at Nogodan (pages 176 - 182) as well as a review of 3 Way Tavern, Ten Thousand Lives and Flowers of a Moment.(Page 185)

Witness (The Black Mountain Institute) Volume XXI 2007 published Ko Un's An Outcry (page 79)

Lilipoh Issue 50 Vol. 12, Winter 2007 page 19  "Winter Journey"

Other poems from Flowers of a Moment have been published in BuddhaDharma; The Nation; New College Review; Turning Wheel.

To mark Ko Un's appearance at the Aldeburgh Poetry Festival (U.K.) in November 2012, 4 poems from our new collection First Person Sorrowful were published in Modern Poetry in Translation 3rd series Number 18.

4 poems were published in The White Review No. 15, December 2015: Untitled poem 180, 253, Shin Ho-deok, Two Brothers,

10  Poems from Untitled Poems were included in The Colors of Dawn: (an anthology of Twentieth Century Korean Poetry, Manoa, U. Hawai'i): 130, 140, 148, 178, 179, 193, 201, 215, 477, 485

4 Poems were published in Modern Poetry in Translation No.3 2016 ("The Blue Vein" with a special Focus on Korean Poetry): "Untitled Poems" by Ko Un: 7, 73, 141 and 151.
Korean Beat Attitudes: Rainhat Poet and Ko Un by John R. Eperjesi in The Huffington Post