Fall Semester 2009
Brother Anthony (An Sonjae)

Eng 3221  Satire

Wednesday / Friday  13:30 

In this class we shall read works of satire from a variety of periods and places.

This long article on the Definition and Varieties of Satire should be read carefully and thoughtfully.

Can you distinguish between: satire, burlesque, parody, travesty, mockery, exaggeration, caricature, cartoon, lampoon, takeoff, spoof, irony, sarcasm, ridicule, making fun of something, laughing at someone, taunting, sneering, attacking and praising?

Week 1 
Sept 2: Introduction to the definitions of satire
    Sept 4: 김지하 '오적' (Kim Chiha 'Five Bandits')
Week 2
    Sept 9: Kim Sungok 'Seoul: 1964, Winter' and Cho Sehui 'Knifeblade'
    Sept 11: Poems by Kim Kwang-kyu and Kim Seung-Hee
Week 3 - 4 
    Margaret Atwood The Handmaid's Tale (cf Jonathan Swift's A Modest Proposal)
    Sept 16 (sections 1-5), Sept 18 (6-10), Sept 23 (11-15),     (Study guide)
Week 5
    Sept 30  Handmaid's Tale (Hist. Notes etc)
    [No class Friday, Chuseok
Week 6
    Oct 7:
Jonathan Swift Gulliver's Travels Book 1  &  Gulliver's Travels Book 2
    Oct 9:  Gulliver's Travels Book  4
Week 7   
    Oct 14, 16: Jane Austen Pride and Prejudice (video) Wikipedia

Week 8  Mid-term Exams

Week 9 
    Oct 28, 30 : Plato's RepublicExtracts from Plato's Republic (MSWord file; Full text of  Plato's Republic) (A lecture about poesis in The Republic)
Week 10 
    Nov 4 Lucian 'A True Story'
    Nov 6 Thomas More Utopia Book1 (Full text)   Short text in MSWord for class use
    (Index to full text : Utopia)  (Introduction and a short summary)
Week 11 -12
    Nov 11: Thomas More Utopia Book 2 Geography  Towns  Government  Working life
    Nov 13: Utopia Book 2 Their society + Travel (includes: gold, philosophy, religion/ethics, hunting, pleasure, learning)
    Nov 18: Utopia Book 2 Slaves, marriage (includes euthanasia, divorce, legal system, diplomacy) War (underhand strategies, mercenaries, policies)
    Nov 20: Utopia Book 2  Religion, conclusion  (includes death and funerals, priests and worship,
Weeks 13
Nov 25 : George Orwell 1984 (videoSummary   Wikipedia article   Full text online
Week 14

    Dec 2, 5:  1984
Week 15 
  Dec 9, 11  Conclusion.

Assignments: The topic for the Mid-semester paper will be "Compare the satire found in The Handmaid's Tale, Gulliver's Travels and Pride and Prejudice. Discuss how each work can best be understood in present-day Korean society.
The topic for the Final paper (due on December 21), will be a comparison of the topics of satire found in Utopia and 1984, applying them to today's Korean society
There will be a mid-term and final exam.