17th Century English Literature (Eng 3005)

Brother Anthony  Wed, Fri. 13:30.
This syllabus is online at: http://hompi.sogang.ac.kr/anthony/17cent2008.htm

In this course we will study literary works written in 17th century England. A major topic will be representations of the individual subject.

The main text book will be Shakespeare's Hamlet and Brother Anthony's Literature in British Society: Part 2 The Renaissance (Sogang University Press). (The pages listed below are from The Renaissance.)  Brother Anthony's Home Page offers a list of some of the main sites for Renaissance literature and culture. Xeroxed texts of the poems for the second half-semester will be available a little later.

If you have questions you may write emails to Brother Anthony. He has no office.

Course Outline

Week 1 (Sept 3 / 5) Introduction to the period and survey of the growth of literature in the 16th century (pages 177-187)
Week 2 (Sept 10 / No class Friday 12, pre-추석?)  Shakespeare Hamlet
Week 3  (Sept 17 /19) Shakespeare Hamlet
Week 4  (Sept 24 / No class Friday 26, festival?) Shakespeare Hamlet
Week 5  (Oct 1 / No class Oct 3 Friday) Shakespeare Hamlet
Week 6  (Oct 8 / 10) Shakespeare Hamlet
Week 7  (Oct 15 / 17) Shakespeare Sonnets
Week 8 Mid-term Exams
Week 9  (Oct 29 / 31) John Donne (pages 189-211)
Week 10 (Nov 5 / 7) John Donne and George Herbert (254-263) 
Week 11 (Nov 12 / 14) Ben Jonson and  Robert Herrick
Week 12  (Nov 19 / 21) Andrew Marvell (294-301)
Week 13 (Nov 26 / 28) Intellectual evolutions  (Also a PDF file for downloading and printing)
Week 14 (Dec 3 / 5) John Milton : Early poems (303-325)
Week 15  (Dec 10 / 12) John Milton : Survey of Paradise Lost

Grading will be based on Midterm and Final Exam (25% each), the Midterm and Final Papers (25% each).

The Midterm paper will be an essay on the topic  "How do you understand Hamlet as Shakespeare wrote him? How do the 2 movies develop the story? The effect of deletions in Mel Gibson's version? The completeness of Branagh's version? Which do you prefer? Why?"

The final paper will compare the main concerns and the poetic voices found in works by four of the poets we have studied.