Psalms from Taize

Selected psalms arranged for singing and meditation
by Brother Anthony of Taize

These versions of the Psalms were prepared in Davao City in the Philippines 1977-9. They were published by Mowbray in 1983. They have been out of print for many years. 

Part I (Psalms 1 - 50)     Part II (Psalms 53 - 117)     Part III (Psalms 118 - 150)   Music

Psalm 53 (Heb. 54)

Antiphon: God will come to my aid,
the Lord will sustain my life.

O God, save me in your might,
by Your Power, deliver my soul;
O Lord, give heed to my prayer,
and hear the words of my mouth.

Against me have risen proud men,
fierce and cruel, they are after my blood,
but God will come to my aid,
the Lord will sustain my life.

I will worship you in gladness of heart,
O God, I will praise Your name;
You are good, you saved me in distress,
You have put my enemies to flight.

Psalm 54 (Heb. 55)

Antiphon: Confide all your burdens to the Lord,
he will be your defence

Give ear to my prayer, O God,
do not turn from my cry;
listen, and answer me soon,
I am worn out with cares.

I tremble at the threats of my foes,
the wicked beat me down;
they bring trouble raining on my head,
their hatred knows no bounds.

So my heart is stricken with far,
almost crushed to death;
with fear and trembling I was seized,
overwhelmed with dread.

If I only had wings like a dove,
to fly away and rest,
I would flee to a distant land,
to a desert waste.

I long to find refuge soon
from the raging storm;
let them all be scattered, O Lord,
in confusion of tongues.

For violence roams the town,
I see strife on every side;
by day and by night they prowl
high on the walls.

Within flourish crime and wrong,
while destruction thrives,
oppression parades through the streets,
fraud hides at every turn.

If the insults had come from a foe,
that, I could bear;
if my rivals persist in their threats,
then I can hide.

But you, my companion, my friend,
the brother of my heart!
How often we talked in times past
as we went up to pray
I lift up my voice to God,
I am sure he will come;
by morning, at noon and at night,
my groans rise up.

The Lord will save me in peace
from the warfare I face;
so many are rising against me,
but he hears my prayer.

Confide all your burdens to the Lord,
he will be your defence;
he will not permit the just
to suffer defeat.

Psalm 55 (Heb. 56)

Antiphon: I will give you worship and praise,
for you have rescued my soul from death-

Have mercy, my enemies attack,
they persecute me all the day long;
at all hours my opponents attack,
against me so many lie in wait.

Most High, at times when I fear,
in you I place my trust;
I praise God because of his Word,
I trust and am no longer afraid;
what can they do to me now?

All day they seek to do me harm,
to hurt me, the sole aim of their plans;
they gather, they bide, keeping watch,
lying in wait for my life.

You take note of the troubles I endure,
and your flask is full of my tears;
all the day I invoke your name,
so my enemies will be turned aside.

I know that God is on my side,
I praise him because of his Word,
God be praised for all his words!
I will trust him and no longer be afraid
what more can they do to me now?

O God, I am bound by my vows,
I will give you worship and praise;
for you have rescued my soul from death
so I will walk in the presence of God
in the light of all who live.

Psalm 56 (Heb. 57)

Antiphon: Show your greatness. O God, in the heavens,
your glory on the earth.

Have mercy on me, God, have mercy,
I seek refuge in you for my soul;
I find shelter in the shadow of your wings,
until the storms have passed.

I call to God, the Most High,
to God who takes care of every need;
he will send down from heaven and save me,
he will put my oppressors to flight;

I am cast among roaring lions,
they devour the children of men
their teeth are like arrows and spears,
their tongues are like sharp-edged swords.

Show your greatness, O God, in the heavens,
your glory on the earth,
They spread out a net for my feet,
my soul was overwhelmed;
in my path they dug out a pit,
but fell into it themselves

My heart is fixed, O God,
my heart is fixed;
I will sing, I will give praise to your name
awake now, my soul!
Awake now, lute and harp,
I will arouse the dawn.

Among the nations, I will give praise,
give thanks in every land;
high as the heavens is your love,
your truth as the clouds;
reveal your greatness in the heavens,
your glory on the earth.

Psalm 60 (Heb. 61)

Antiphon: Without end, I will praise your name
fulfilling my vows, day by day.

Hear my cry, O God,
give heed to my prayer;
from the ends of the earth I call,
my heart grows faint.

O God, set me high on the rock,
and give me your rest;
for you are my refuge, O Lord,
beside you I am safe.

May I always live in your Tent;
and keep me beneath your wings!
For you have heard my vows, O God,
you bless me like all who love you, name,

Add long days to the life of the King,
generation on generation, his years!
May he reign for ever in your presence, O God,
may his guards be always your Kindness and Truth.

Without end, I will praise your name,
fulfilling my vows, day by day.

Psalm 61 (Heb. 62)

Antiphon: In God I find glory and peace,
my defender is God.

With God I find rest for my soul,
salvation he brings;
for he is my Saviour, my Rock,
my stronghold of defence.

How long will you fall on a man,
and batter him down,
like any crumbling wall
or a broken-down fence?

Their only desire is to destroy,
and lies are their delight;
with their lips they sweetly bless,
while in their hearts they curse.

With God take your rest, my soul,
for in him is my hope;
he alone is my Saviour, my Rock,
my stronghold of defence;
in God I find glory and peace,
my defender is God.

At all times have trust in him,
my people, hear!
Pour out before him your hearts,
our defender is God.

Mankind is only a breath,
great and small alike;
if all of them mount on the scales,
they are less than the wind.

Do not put any trust in force,
crime brings no reward;
on wealth, if riches abound,
do not set your heart,

One word I heard God speak,
these two I have heard
that all power belongs to our God,
he is constant in love;
and that you will reward us all
as our deeds deserve.

Psalm 62 (Heb. 63)

Antiphon: O God, my God,
my body is pining for your presence,
I seek your face at dawn.

God, you are my God, I seek your face at dawn,
my soul is thirsting for you,
my body is pining for you,
parched ground, waterless and dry;
in the Sanctuary, I long to adore you,
to behold your glory and power.

Your love is better than life,
my lips will proclaim your praise:
all my life, I would bless you,
my hands lifted up in prayer;
my soul feasting till satisfied,
joy on my lips, praise in my mouth.

When I think of you, as I sleep,
remember you all through the night;
you have been my help,
I rejoice in the shadow of your wings;
my soul finds rest at your side,
your right hand is holding me safe.

Psalm 64 (Heb. 65)

Antiphon: God will come to the earth
and he will bless it;
he will bless our meadows,
all the fields will shout for joy.

It is good to praise you, O God,
to praise you in Zion;
to you all vows shall be performed,
for you answer our prayer.

To you all flesh shall come,
on account of our sins;
our guilt is greater than our strength,
but you will forgive.

Happy are they whom you choose,
and bring to your courts;
we shall all be filled with your gifts,
the blessings of your House,

Your justice is wonderful for us,
you save us, O God!
The Hope of the ends of the earth
and the distant seas.

The mountains arose by your might,
to manifest your power;
Your hand silences the sea,
the raging of its waves.

All the nations in tumult fall still,
their peoples stand in awe;
from sunrise to sunset you are hailed
with wonder and joy.

You come to give rain to the fields,
to make their soil rich;
the streams run full to the brim,
you take care of our needs.

On the fields you send abundant rain,
the furrows drink their fill;
by your showers, the soil becomes soft,
and you bless the seed.

Your goodness sets a crown on the year,
the harvests overflow as you pass,
the fields of the desert give their fruit.

The hills, radiant with delight,
the pastures, adorned with flocks of sheep,
the valleys resplendent with wheat
all laugh, all shout for joy!

Psalm 65 (Heb. 66)

Antiphon: All the earth, O God,
comes in awe before your throne,
singing songs of praise,
singing for your Name.

Sing praise to God, all the earth,
and sing to the glory of his Name;
give praise with glorious praise,
say to God: How great are your deeds!

Your deeds are as great as your power,
your enemies bow down in fear;
all the earth adores you with awe,
singing praise, the praise of your Name.

Come. see the works of our God,
what wonders he has done among men:
he changed the sea into firm ground,
we crossed the river dry-shod.

So let our joy be in him,
on, God of unending might;
he watches the nations, alert,
no rebel can aspire to his throne

Let the peoples bless our God,
and sing to the Lord with praise,
for he restores us to life,
he kept us safe from the fall.

We were put to the test, O God,
you tried us like silver, with fire:
you let us fall into a trap,
you laid great burdens on our backs.

The foe tramped over our heads,
we went through fire and flood;
but now you have made us safe.

In your courts I will sacrifice with praise,
as I promised, now I will perform:
the vows that I made with my mouth,
my words in the days of distress.

Draw near, all who honour our God,
I will tell you great things he has done:
I spoke, I called on his Name,
my lips always full of his praise;

if sin had been found in my heart,
he would not have granted my prayer;
but God gave heed to my voice,
he answered me when I called.

All praise to God!
He did not reject my prayer,
he never withholds his love.

Psalm 66 (Heb. 67)

Antiphon: To you, God, are the praises of nations,
all the nations give you glory and praise, O God.

O God, show your mercy and bless us,
and look upon us with love;
all the earth will know your ways,
all the nations your power to save.

To you, God, are the praises of nations,
all the nations give you glory and praise, O God!

Let the nations rejoice and be glad,
for great is your justice for the world;
you judge the peoples with right,
and guide all the nations of the earth.

To you, God, are the praises of nations,
all the nations give you glory and praise, O God!

The earth has yielded its fruit,
God, our God has bless'd us;
may God be bless'd and adored,
to all the ends of the earth.

To you, God, are the praises of nations,
all the nations give you glory and praise, O God!

Psalm 67 (Heb. 68)

Antiphon. Our mighty Salvation delivers us from all,
our God is Lord of the gateways of death.

Let God arise, and his enemies are put to flight,
all his rivals are scattered in defeat;
as smoke blows away, so they are dispersed,
like wax that melts in front of the fire,
so are the wicked before the face of God.

But the just exult to behold God's face,
they all rejoice, they dance for joy;
sing to God, sing praises to his name,
make way for the one who rides on the clouds,
his name is the Lord, be glad before his face.

Father of orphans, the widows' defence,
such is God in his Holy Place;
he gives the forsaken a home where they can live,
he opens for prisoners the gateway to bliss,
but rebels will inhabit a land of fire.

O God, you advanced at your people's head,
as you crossed the desert, the mountains quaked,
the heavens poured rain at the presence of God,
God of Sinai, Israel's God.

Your goodness provided such plentiful rain,
the soil was sterile but you restored it to life;
and there your family found its home,
the place your hands had prepared for the poor.

So bless'd be the Lord while day follows day,
he bears our burdens, the God who saves;
our mighty Salvation delivers us from all,
our God is Lord of the gateways of death.

Now we have seen your processions, O God,
the sacred Processions of God our King;
the singers lead, musicians come behind,
girls with tambourines are there in the midst.

Bless God in your choirs, all of Jacob's stem,
Benjamin, last-born, opens the way,
princes of Judah come in their throngs,
the princes of Zebulun, Naphtali's might.

Reveal your power, Lord, summon your might,
the power you show when you take our part;
to the Temple, high on Jerusalem's peak,
great kings draw near, bowed down with gift,.

Rebuke, Lord God, the beast among the reeds,
the throngs of bulls, the nations in herds;
let them swallow their pride and bring silver gifts,
scatter all that delight in war.

From Egypt's land great nobles will come,
Africa will lift up its hands to God;
kingdoms of the world, sing praises to God,
praise the Rider of heaven, of ancient heights;
the sound of his voice is a cry of power,
come, and confess the power of our God!

Over Israel, his splendour, to the heavens, his might
how awesome is God in his Holy Place;
this is our God, he is Israel's God,
he bestows on his people both strength and power.

Psalm 68 (Heb. 69)

Antiphon: I am consumed with zeal for your House, O God;
the insults against you fall on me.

Rescue me, O God,
I am about to drown in the flood.

I sink into the slime of the abyss,
where nothing holds firm;
I am swept out to the watery deep,
and drawn beneath the waves-

I am so worn out with shouting
that my throat is on fire;
I have been looking for God,
now my eyes cannot see.

So many detest me without cause,
more than the hairs on my head;
if only I had some of their strength,
they are after my life!

My enemies have forced me to give back
things I did not take;
O God, I will not hide my sins,
my foolishness you know.

Let me not bring disgrace on those who hope,
who trust in God;
they shall not blush for shame as they pray
to Israel's God-

I bear insults for your sake alone,
for you, I am covered with shame;
to my brothers I have become an outcast,
a stranger in my mother's home;
I am consumed with zeal for your House,
the insults against you fall on me.

I humble myself and I fast,
but they make it a cause of reproach;
I put on sackcloth for my clothing,
so they laugh and treat me with scorn,
as they sit at the gates and talk,
while drunkards make me their song.

To you, I lift up my prayer,
make reply, at the hour your choose;
answer soon, for great is your love,
my God, you have promised to save.

Antiphon. Draw near, O Lord, and deliver my life,
save me from the hands of my foes.

Pull me out of the swamp, lest I drown,
keep me safe from all of my foes;
save me from the rollers of the deep,
let me not be swept away by the flood;
let me not be engulfed in the pit,
let not the abyss close over my head.

Give me an answer, for kind is your love,
in your compassion, turn and behold;
from your servant, hide not your face,
but consider my distress and send help;
draw near, and rescue my soul,
save me from the hands of my foes.

You know the shame and dishonour I bear,
for my oppressors are all in your sight;
their insults have broken my heart,
my disgrace and despair have no bounds.

I hoped for sympathy, but I found none,
for comforters, not one could I find;
I was hungry, they offered me gall,
with vinegar to quench my thirst.

Behold me, in pain and despair,
raise me up by your saving hand;
I will praise the name of God with a song,
proclaiming his glory and love.

The oppressed will see and be glad:
Seekers of God, take heart and live!
The Lord hears the prayer of the captive,
he does not reject those in need;
praise him now, heavens and earth,
give him praise, all the depths of the

For God will come to save Zion,
once again he will build our towns;
and the lands where we dwell shall be ours,
then our children's children's in turn,
a home for all who love God.

Psalm 69 (Heb. 70)

Antiphon: O Lord, come to my aid,
my God, save me newt

O Lord, come to my aid,
my God, save me now!
Shame and disgrace on my foes
who would take my life.

How dare they laugh at my pain?
let them scatter in dismay!
How can they bear to jeer at my grief?
Let them flee in shame'

Joy! And glory to our God!
All who seek you are glad;
let them all cry out: Praise the Lord,
all who love your name.

Behold, how helpless I am,
come quickly, my God;
you are my Saviour and my help,
O Lord, do not delay!

Psalm 70 (Heb. 71)

Antiphon: My mouth is filled with your praise,
with your glory, all the day long.

To you, O Lord, I turn for help,
I shall never be put to shame;
in your justice, deliver me and save me,
hear my prayer and rescue me, my God.

Give me shelter, stand like a rock,
or a towering wall for my defence;
you alone are my fortress, my rock,
deliver me from the hands of the ungodly,
from the clutches of all evil men.

For in you, O Lord, is my hope,
my Master, my trust since I was born;
you protect me since the day of my birth,
give me help since I came from the womb;
always, you are my praise!

My life has been a challenge for many,
you ere always my refuge and defence;
my mouth is filled with your praise,
with your glory all the day long;
never reject me, now that I am old,
do not leave me, though my strength has declined.

My enemies murmur about me,
they conspire and set traps for my life
God has forsaken him, seize him,
he has no one to come to his aid'
But do not stay away, O Lord,
my God, make haste to help me

My hope, at all times, is in you,
I will praise you more and more;
my lips will proclaim your justice,
and your love all day long.

Innumerable are your works, O Lord,
I will sing your justice and power;
O God, since I was young, you have taught me,
so today I announce your great deeds.

Now, I am old and grey-haired,
God, forsake me not!
I will proclaim your glory to all men,
your power and your justice on high;
yes, you have done great things.
God, who is like you?

But you made me feel so much bitter affliction,
you will come once more to restore my strength;
you will come to raise me from the shadows of death
and renew your kindness, to comfort me again.

Now, I will sing praise with the lyre,
for your faithfulness, my God!
For you, I will play on the harp,
holiest of Gods!

I will shout for joy as I play,
for my life is redeemed;
therefore my tongue, all day long
will sing your great love.

Psalm 71 (Heb. 72)

Antiphon: Look up and see, for the Lord is at hand,
the Kingdom and Power are his own.

O God, give your judgement to the King,
make your righteousness his guide;
he will rule your people with right,
and with justice the poor.

Mountains and hills, give your fruit:
his peace on all;
the cause of the poor he will defend,
and deliver those in need.

May he endure as the sun and the moon,
age after age;
he shall come down like rain on the fields,
like showers on the grass.

May justice flourish in his days,
and peace until the end of moons;
may he rule from the sea to the sea,
from the River to distant lands-

Before him desert tribes will bow down,
his foes will lick the dust;
the kings of Tarshish and the isles
bring tribute gifts.

Arabia and Africa send kings,
they offer him gifts;
before him all will bow in awe,
all the nations will serve.

He will rescue the needy when they call,
he will lift up the poor;
full of pity for the humble and meek,
he will keep them from death.

From violence and oppression they are safe,
their blood is precious in his sight!
They will ever be praying for his good,
May God bless him today!

Abundance of grain on the earth,
his fame, like the sun;
in him all peoples shall be bless'd,
they will bless him in turn.

All praise to the Lord, Israel's God,
he alone does these deeds;
and bless'd be the glory of his name,
may it cover the earth.

Psalm 72 (extract) (Heb. 73)

Antiphon: Lord, you hold me by my right hand,
you will lead me, and bring me to glory-

Yes, to Israel God truly is good,
and to all who are pure of heart.
Have I therefore kept my heart pure in vain?
in innocence washed my hands?

For I must suffer day after day,
I am punished at each new dawn;
if I thought: I will speak like your foes,
I would betray the race of your sons.

I tried to understand these things,
but it seemed too difficult for me,
until I came to the Temple of God,
and I considered what is their end.

Suddenly, they fall and are destroyed,
in terror, they are swept away;
like a dream in the morning light,
you wake and their shadows are gone.

Bitter thoughts occupied my heart,
the aching of my wounded soul
stupid, I would not understand,
I was like some brute in your sight.

But Lord, I shall always stay near you,
you hold me by my right hand;
you lead me by your counsel,
at last you will bring me to glory.

Whom else do I have in heaven?
With vou, I desire nothing on earth;
my heart and my flesh may dissolve
but God is for ever my portion, my rock.

It is good to draw close to God,
to take my refuge in the Lord;
now I will tell all your works
at the gates of the Daughter of Zion.

Psalm 73 (extract) (Heb. 74)

Antiphon: Be mindful of the oppressed,
whose lives you love.

O God, our King from ancient times,
Author of saving deeds over all the earth;
you divided the sea in the beginning by your might,
you crushed the heads of the dragons in the deep.

There you broke the heads of Leviathan,
you gave him to the beasts of the desert to eat;
then you released the torrents and the springs,
before you brought the dry land from the flood.

Yours is the night, yours also the day,
you fashioned the sun and the moon in their place;
you set the limits that the land must not pass,
winter and summer are the work of your hands

But remember, Lord, the mocking of your foes,
the insults of godless and foolish men;
save your dove from the vulture's claw,
and be mindful of the oppressed whose lives you love.

Arise, O God, and defend your cause,
remember the mockers who blaspheme you all day;
do not be oblivious to tire shouting of your foes,
the uproar of your enemies grows worse every hour.

Consider your covenant, and behold our land,
where violence lurks, at home in every place;
you will not abandon the oppressed to their shame,
the poor and the needy will give thanks for your love

Psalm 74 (Heb. 75)

Antiphon: We call on your name, O Lord,
we proclaim the wonder of your deeds-

We give thanks to you, O God,
we give thanks and we call or, your name,
we proclaim the wonder of your deeds.

'When the time has come, I will judge,
I will judge, fairly and with right;
the earth may quake, and all its creatures,
but its pillars I will keep firm.'

'To the boastful, I say: Boast not!
To the impious: Parade not your power!
Parade not your arrogance in the streets,
do not talk with insolence and pride.!

It is neither from the east nor the west,
not the desert, or the mountain heights,
-- no, for God is the judge,
he chastens one, another he exalts.

In the hand of the Lord is a cup,
foaming over with wine, richly spiced;
what he pours must be drunk to the dregs,
all the wicked of the earth must drink

But I will for ever exult,
I will sing for Jacob's God;
the pride of' the sinful will decline,
the heads of the just shall be raised.

Psalm 75 (Heb. 76)

Antiphon: God rises up to give sentence,
to save all the oppressed of the earth.

In Judah, God is renowned,
in Israel, great is his name;
in Salem, he has fixed his abode,
Zion, the place where he dwells;
there, he broke the swift shafts,
their swords and the shields of war.

Mighty and glorious, you advance,
from the everlasting hills;
the stout-hearted sleep their sleep,
helpless, they were stripped for spoil;
when you rebuked, O God most high,
both chariot and horse lay still.

Lord God, how terrible you are!
Who can stand the fire of your wrath?
You uttered judgement from heaven,
the earth fell silent with fear;
when God rose up to give sentence,
to save all the oppressed of the earth.

The wrath of men becomes your praise,
the survivors will keep your feasts;
make vows, perform them for God,
neighbours, bring gifts to the Lord;
he breaks the spirit of princes,
sends terror to the kings of the earth.

Psalm 76 (Heb. 77)

Antiphon: I remember the great deeds of the Lord,
I recall your wonders of old.

With a loud voice, I cry to God,
with a loud voice to God, he will hear.

In the day of my distress, I seek the Lord,
all night long, I stretch out my hands;
my soul will not be consoled,
I remember my God, and I groan,
I ponder, my heart grows faint.

You keep my eyelids from sleep,
I am so troubled that I cannot speak;
I think of the days of old,
and remember the years long ago;
I muse in my heart through the night,
I ponder and my spirit broods.

Will the Lord always reject?
Will his favour return no more?
Has God's kindness utterly ceased,
does his promise no longer hold true?
Has he forgotten his pity and love,
has anger hardened his heart?

And I said: Here is my grief:
the right hand of the Most High has changed!
I remember the great deeds of the Lord,
I recall your wonders of old,
I ponder on all your works
and I muse on your mighty power.

O God, holy are your ways,
what God is great as our God?
You are the God who works wonders,
all the nations have witnessed your power;
you redeemed your people with might,
all Jacob's and Joseph's sons.

The waters saw you, O God,
the waters saw and were in dread;
for the deep of the ocean shook,
and the clouds poured out their flood,
in the sky peals of thunder were heard,
your bright arrows went flashing abroad.

Noise of your thunder pealing out,
your lightning flashed across the world;
the earth trembled and quaked,
your path lay over the seas;
your way stretched across the deep,
the print of your steps was unseen.

You led your people like a flock,
by Moses and Aaron, their guides.

Psalm 79 (Heb, 80)

Antiphon: Lord God of hosts, bring us back to you,
have mercy upon us, and we shall all be saved.

Great Shepherd of' Israel, hear,
for you guide your people like a flock;
from your cherubim-throne shine forth,
remember the covenant you swore;
rouse up, O God, your might,
and come in your saving power.

Lord God of hosts, bring us back to you,
have mercy upon us, and we shall all be saved.

Lord God of hosts, how long will you delay,
will you be angry with your people's prayer?
You have fed I hem with a bread of- tears,
they have drunk a full draught of tears;
all our neighbours have fought about our land,
all our enemies laugh us to scorn.

Lord God of' hosts, bring us back to you,
have mercy upon us, and we shall all be saved.

Once out of Egypt you brought a vine,
to plant it, you swept nations aside;
for it to grow, you cleared the ground,
and if grew, until it covered the land/

The mountains were covered by its shade,
and by its branches the cedars of God;
it grew fronds as far as the sea.
as far as Euphrates' shore.

So why are the walls broken down?
All who pass can steal away the fruit;
the boars from the forest lay it waste,
it serves as food for the beasts of the field

Turn back again, Lord God of hosts,
look down from the heavens and see;
visit and take care of this vine,
for your hand once planted its stock;
they have burned it with fire, cut it down,
let them perish at the rebuke of your face

Give your help to the people of your choice,
this nation you once made so strong;
we will never more turn from your ways,
give us life, and we will call on your name.

Psalm 80 (Heb. 81)

Antiphon: Sing out glad songs for God our Strength,
sing and acclaim Jacob's God!

Sing out glad songs for God our Strength,
sing and acclaim Jacob's God.

Raise a song with tambourine-beat,
play music on harps and lyre;
blow trumpets to greet new moons
and full moons, our solemn feasts-

For that is in lsrael's Law,
a commandment of Jacob's God;
he gave it to Joseph by decree
as he went out against Egypt's land.

I hear an unknown voice:
I took the burden from your backs,
the baskets fell from your hands;
when you called in distress, I saved.

In the storm I answered you, unseen,
put you to test at the Waters of Strife;
now give heed, my people, to my words,
O Israel, if you would but heart

In your hearts must reign no other god,
you must worship no other gods;
for I am the Lord your God
who brought you from Egypt's land.

My people would not heed my voice,
and Israel refused to obey;
so I left them in their hardened hearts,
they followed their own stubborn way.

Ah! If my people would hear,
if Israel would walk in my ways!
At once I would conquer their foes,
lifting up against them my hand.

Then the enemies of God would seek grace,
for ever their fate will be sealed;
but I would feed you with the finest wheat,
and fill you with honey from the rock.

Psalm 83 (Heb. 84)

Antiphon: See, how my heart is full of longing
for the House of God.

See, how my heart is full of longing
for the House of God-

My soul is pining and sighs
with longing for the House of the Lord;
my heart and my flesh sing: Joy!
to you, O Living God.

For the sparrows have found a house,
and the swallows a nest for their young:
your altar, God of all the worlds,
you, my King and my God.

How bless'd are all who live in your House,
for ever and ever they adore;
happy men, whose strength is in you,
hearts strong for the climb to your throne.

They must go through the Valley of Thorns,
but they find it a place of springs,
they advance front strength to strength,
God will appear to them in Zion.

Lord God, listen to my prayer,
give heed, O Jacob'.s God:
Lord, our Shield, behold,
and look upon the face of your Christ.

For me, one day in your courts
is better than a thousand elsewhere:
the doorway of the House of my God,
no longer the wicked man's home.

For God is our Sun and our Shield,
he gives us glory and grace;
the Lord refuses no good things
to those whose hearts are true.

Lord of hosts, God almighty,
happy, who trusts in you!

Psalm 84 (Heb. 85)

Antiphon: God our Savior, give us every joy,
and in our orchards harvests of peace.

Your loving-kindness, O Lord, is for your land,
you make the captives of Jacob return;
forgiving your people for their sins,
you pardon their misdeeds of the past;
you restrain all the anger of your wrath,
put an end to the raging of your fury.

Bring us back again, Saviour and God,
forget the bitter grief of your heart;
will you always remember your wrath,
or will your fury persist from age to age?

Will you not come and restore our life again)
That your people may find in you their joy;
show us soon, O Lord, constant love,
grant us once again all you, help.

I listen to all that God says'
and the words of God speak of peace,
of peace for his people, his friends,
for all who return with repentance of heart:
surely he will save those who love him,
and his presence will remain in our land.

See, love joins hand in hand with truth,
and peace with justice, arm in arm;
his mercy will reach up from the earth,
and God's righteousness will look down from heaven.

God our Saviour, give us every joy,
and in our orchards harvests of peace;
then justice before God will advance,
preparing the ways of the Lord.

Psalm 85 (Heb. 86)

Antiphon. Look upon me, Lord, with your grace,
let your loving mercy abound,
all my life I will trust in your goodness.

Hear my prayer, O Lord, make reply,
for I am poor and in need;
save me from death, since I am your friend,
help the servant whose trust is in you.

You are my God, have mercy, O Lord,
to you I cry all the day;
make the heart of your servant glad,
for to you I lift up my soul.

Master, you are forgiving and good,
when we pray. your kindness abounds;
so listen, O Lord, to my prayer,
attend to the sound of my lament.

In distress, I call on your name,
O Master, you will swiftly reply;
no other god is like you, O Lord,
none can compare with your deeds.

All the nations will come to adore,
O Master. and worship your name
you are so great, such wonders you do,
you, God, you alone.

Instruct me, Lord, in your ways,
and teach me to walk in your truth;
unite my heart, I will adore.

I give you thanks, Lord God, with all my heart,
for ever I will honour your name,
how great your love towards me has been!
You have saved me from the depths of the grave.

Proud men have risen up in war,
ruthless men have sought my life,
you count for nothing in their sight.

But now, God of mercy and of grace,
slow to anger and steadfast in love;
you remain ever faithful, my Lord,
so turn and have pity on me.

On your servant, bestow your strength,
and save your handmaid's child;
how me soon a sign of your love,
your help and your comfort are sure.

Psalm 86 (Heb. 87)

Antiphon: Glorious things have been said
of the City of God.

She stands high on the sacred hills,
well loved by the Lord;
he cherishes the city of Zion,
more than any other place;
glorious things have been said
of the City of God.

Both Egypt and Babylon I include
among those who obey me;
in Philistia, Africa and Tyre,
the peoples are mine;
for Zion is called Mother by them all,
in her they all belong.

Firmly established, she will stand,
by the hand of the Lord;
as the nations pass by, he records:
Here, this one was born;
In their songs and dances they proclaim:
Here, all have their home!

Psalm 87 (Heb. 88)

Antiphon: I call to you, O Lord, every day,
to you I stretch out my hands.

Lord my God, I call out by day,
and before you I stand through the night;
let my prayer come to your cars,
hear when I call for help.

For my soul is filled with much pain,
I am poised on the brink of death;
they count me as one for the grave,
I am a man without strength.

Forsaken among the dead,
like the slain lying in their graves;
one of those you no longer recall,
far away from your caring hand.

You have thrown me to the deep of the Pit,
thick shadows in the darkest abyss;
I am crushed by the burdens of wrath,
overwhelmed by its raging waves.

My companions have been frightened away,
the mere sight of me fills them with dread;
from my prison, no way of escape,
for sorrow, my eyes have grown dim,

I call to you, O Lord, every day,
to you I stretch out my hands;
did you ever work wonders for the dead?
Do the shades rise up to give praise?

Does the grave declare your great love?
is your truth proclaimed in the tombs?
Are your wonders admired in the dark,
or your mercy where all is forgotten?

But to you, O Lord, I will cry,
every morning, my prayer rises up;
for what cause did you reject me, Lord?
Why do you hide your face?

In sorrow, dying since my youth,
I am dazed with the burdens of your dread;
your fury has poured over my head,
your terrors laid siege to destroy.

They surround me all the day, like a flood,
on all sides, against me they draw near;
you have thrust back my companions and friends,
my only companion is Night.

Psalm 88 (Heb. 89)

Antiphon. The love of the Lord is my song,
he is faithful for ever.

The constant love of the Lord is my song,
my words from age to age announce your truth;
I know: your love is established for all time,
firm as the heavens, you have founded your truth.

You said: I have chosen and sworn by an oath,
with David my servant my covenant is sure;
his descendants shall stand in his place evermore,
for ages to come, his throne shall be preserved.

The heavens give thanks for your marvels, O Lord,
your truth is admired in the gathering of saints;
for who can be compared with the Lord on high,
or who is his equal among the sons of the gods'?

God commands awe in the council of the saints,
terrible and great above all in his courts;
Lord God of hosts, who is mighty as you?
Lord of faithfulness, robed in your truth!

It is you that master the striving of the sea,
you that subdue the surging of' its waves;
you shattered Rahab and left him dead,
your strength dispersed the armies of your foes.

Yours are the heavens, the earth is your own,
you grounded all the fullness of the world:
the North and the South, that your hand once formed
Hermon and Labor sing for you in joy.

Sublime is the power, the greatness of your arm,
exalted is your hand, your right hand on high;
your throne is set on justice and right,
your works reveal both kindness and truth.

Glad are the people who raise festal songs,
they will walk in the light of your face;
in your name they rejoice all the day,
they give thanks for your goodness, O Lord.

For you are the glory of our power,
our horn is exalted by your grace;
our shield belongs to our God,
to the Holy One of Israel, our King.

Psalm 89 (Heb. 90)

Antiphon: The blessings of God be upon us,
Lord, prosper the work of our hands.

Lord, you have been our refuge,
from one generation to another!

Before the mountains came forth,
or the face of the earth was made,
from age to age you are God.

You turn us back to the dust,
saying: Return now, children of men!
in your sight, a thousand years are a day,
a day past, one watch of the night.

They are swept away like a dream,
like the morning grass in the fields:
at dawn it springs up and blooms,
by evening, it is withered and dry.

So teach us to number our days,
that in wisdom our hearts may grow;
how long still, O Lord? Come soon,
show pity on all who serve.

Fill us each morning with your love,
with your joy and praise, all our days;
for the times of affliction, give joy,
for the years when sadness was our lot.

Let your servants behold your power,
show your glory to those who will come;
the blessings of God be upon us,
Lord, prosper the work of our hands.

Psalm 90 (Heb. 91)

Antiphon: I will answer him when he calls,
I am with him in all distress.

All who take shelter in the Lord,
and dwell in the shadow of our God,
may call him: My Fortress, my Shield,
my God in whom is my trust!

And he will free you from the snare,
from the plague that prowls to destroy;
he will shield you with his wings,
in his care, you will be secure.

You will fear no terror in the dark,
nor the arrow that is loosed by day,
no disease that strikes in the night,
nor evils that destroy by day.

Though a thousand fall at your side,
and around you, thousands may die,
you shall stay free of harm,
his faithfulness is ever your shield.

You have only to open your eyes,
you will see what the wicked receive;
but you are my refuge, O God,
I will seek my shelter on high.

Therefore you shall come to no harm,
no scourge will come near your tent;
he has given his angels a command,
they will guard you in all your ways;

they will bear you up in their hands,
lest your foot be hurt by a stone;
you will trample on serpent and lion.
you will triumph over reptile and beast.

if his love is strong, he shall be free,
I will save him, if he knows my name;
I will answer him when he calls,
I am near him in all distress-

I will save him, giving him my praise,
long days shall be his reward,
I will see that he enjoys my peace.

Psalm 91 (Heb. 92)

Antiphon: The just flourish like palm trees,
planted in the House of the Lord.

It is good to give thanks to the Lord,
to play for your name, God most high;
to proclaim with the dawn your love,
your truth through the watches of the night;
on the ten-stringed lyre with the lute,
in melodies plucked on the harp.

You have made me glad by your works,
when I see what you have done, I exclaim:
O Lord, how great are your works,
how deep are all your thoughts;
much more than the senseless know,
than the foolish can understand,

The wicked may flourish like the grass,
all evil-doers may thrive,
but see what ruin is their lot,
while the Lord is for ever Most High;
your enemies, Lord, are sure to die,
all the wicked will be destroyed.

You have made me strong like an ox,
upon me you poured out your joy,
my eyes saw the enemy destroyed,
my ears heard the cries of my foes:
but the just will flourish like palm trees,
like Lebanon's cedars they will grow.

They are planted in the House of the Lord.
they spread in the Temple of our God;
even in old age they will bear fruit,
they remain both fresh and strong;
declaring how just is the Lord,
my Rock, in him is no wrong!

Psalm 92 (Heb. 93)

Antiphon: God is King, in majesty on high!

God is King, in majesty on high,
our God is girded with might,
he is clothed in garments of power.

The earth stands firm in its place,
unmoved, your throne, from the beginning,
from all time, you are the Lord.

The waters unite in flood,
the waters raise their voice,
the waters thunder and roar.

Greater than the roaring of the sea,
more powerful than the surge of the waves,
the Lord is supreme on high.

Your laws are eternal, O God,
and holiness is the splendour of your House,
for ever and ever, O Lord.

Psalm 93 (extract) (Heb. 94)

Antiphon. The Lord himself is my stronghold,
my Rock, my Refuge is God.

Happy are all you instruct, O Lord,
the ones whom you teach by your laws;
you will give them your rest in bad times,
until a pit for the ungodly is dug.

The Lord has not cast off his people,
his inheritance he will not desert;
again the sentence will be just,
it will be followed by the upright of heart.

Against the wicked, who will support me'?
Who will stand against those who do wrong?
If the Lord did not come to my aid,
I would soon be in the silent land.

If I say: My foot has slipped,
I am upheld, O Lord, by you, love:
when my heart is brimming with cares,
your comfort gives delight to my soul.

You have no part with the unrighteous judges,
they see injustice and call it right;
they pursue the lives of the just
and condemn innocent blood.

The Lord himself is my stronghold,
my Rock, my Refuge is God.

Psalm 94 (Heb. 95)

Antiphon: Bow down, let us worship the Lord.

Come, shout for joy to the Lord,
and sing to the Rock who saves;
with thanksgiving, come before him,
give praise with music and song.

Great is the Lord, he is God,
a great King above all gods;
in his hands are the depths of the earth,
and the heights of the mountains are his;
his the sea, for he made it,
and the earth, shaped by his power.

Enter in, bend low, bow down,
let us kneel before God our Maker;
for he is our God and we
the people whose Shepherd he is,
the flock he leads with his hand.

Today, if you would hear his voice?
Do not harden your hearts as at the Rock,
on that day of temptation in the desert,
when your fathers tested and proved me,
although they had witnessed my deeds.

Psalm 95 (Heb. 96)

Antiphon: Joy in heaven, the earth is rejoicing,
in the presence of the Lord, for he comes!

Come, sing to the Lord a new song,
sing to the Lord, all the earth,
sing for him, and bless his name.

Proclaim his salvation day by day,
and tell his glory to the world,
to all peoples his marvelous deeds.

God is great and worthy of all praise,
to be feared above all gods,
the gods of the nations are nought.

It is God who made the heavens,
where glory and majesty attend,
around him beauty and strength.

So praise the Lord, every land,
sing praises for his glory and power,
give praise to the glory of his name.

Bring an offering, enter his House,
worship God in his holy courts,
fall before him, all the earth.

Go, tell the nations: God is King'
Immovable he made the earth,
he will judge the peoples with right.

Joy in heaven, let earth be glad!
Let the sea and its fullness rejoice!
Let the fields with their fruit rejoice,
and the trees of the forest shout for joy

Before the Lord, for he comes,
he is coming to judge the earth;
with justice, he will rule the world,
the peoples he will judge in his truth.

Psalm 96 (Heb. 97)

Antiphon: You are, O God, most high,
above all other.

God reigns! Let the earth rejoice,
let the islands of the sea be glad!
Surrounded by darkness and clouds,
he reigns in justice and right.

His vanguard, a consuming fire,
devouring his foes all around;
his lightning speeds across the world,
the earth beholds it in fear.

The mountains flow like wax,
before the Lord of all the earth:
the heavens declare - He is just!
His glory shines in every land.

All who worship idols are disgraced,
their boast is in helpless forms,
all the idols bow down and adore

Zion gives heed and exults,
the cities of Judah rejoice,
because of your judgements, O Lord.

You alone are Lord,
Most high, above all the earth,
in glory above all the gods.

The Lord loves all who hate wrong,
defending the lives of his friends,
he saves them from evil and harm.

A light shall rise on the just,
the upright in heart shall rejoice:
praise God, all who are just,
give thanks, for holy is his name.

Psalm 97 (Heb. 98)

Antiphon: Give thanks to God, every nation, Alleluia!
Give praise for the glory of his name, Alleluia!

O sing a new song to the Lord,
for the wonders he has wrought;
for the victory his hand has gained,
his holiness of power.

The Lord has shown that he will save,
in the sight of the nations revealing his power,
ever mindful of his kindness and truth
for the people he loves.

All the ends of the earth have seen
the salvation of our God;
sing out for the Lord, all the earth,
exult in hymns of joy.

Sing praises to God with the harp,
with instruments and songs
blow high the trumpets and horns,
extol the Lord our King.

Seas and the deep, give voice!
With the world and all its throngs;
let the rivers clap their hands,
all the hills shout for joy!

Before the Lord, for he comes,
he comes to judge the earth;
with justice, he will rule the world,
all peoples, with his truth.

Psalm 98 (Heb. 99)

Antiphon: Extol the Lord our God,
holy is the Lord our God!

The Lord is King, the nations tremble,
on cherubim he thrones, the mountains quake,
in Zion, the Lord is King.

He stands on high, above every nation,
they shall glory in his name, filled with awe:
he is God, holy in power.

Most mighty of kings, great lover of right,
you set up equity, thronging as the Just,
in Jacob- such are your ways.

Then extol the Lord our God,
fall in worship before his throne:
God, holy indeed!

Moses and Aaron, with Samuel, his priests,
all prayed to the Lord, they invoked his name,
and be, their God, made reply.

O Lord, our God, you gave them reply!
You showed them that you are a God who forgives,
although you chastise men for sin.

So extol the Lord our God,
at his Holy Place bow down,
holy is the Lord our God!

Psalm 99 (Heb. 100)

Antiphon: Rise up, people of God,
praise him with cymbals and dances!

Give glory to God, all the earth
and worship the Lord with cheerful songs,
go up to him, repeating shouts of joy.

Remember that the Lord is God,
for he made us, the work of his hands,
his people and the sheep of his flock.

So come into his gates, giving thanks,
and enter his courts with songs of praise,
bring him thanks, sing praise to his name.

See, how the Lord is good!
See, for eternity his love!
He is faithful, age after age!

Psalm 100 (Heb. 101)

Antiphon: My eyes rest on the faithful in the land,
to keep them near.

Of kindness and judgement I will sing,
your love, O Lord, I will praise;
I will walk in the blameless way,
but when will you come?
I am always blameless of heart,
wherever I dwell;
I have kept before my eyes
nothing base.

I hate the deeds of the doomed,
they shall not be mine;
away with the evil of heart,
I will heed no wrong.
Those who speak secret slander
I will bring down;
the proud of looks and of heart.
I will not endure.

My eyes rest on the faithful in the land,
to keep them near;
if they walk on the blameless path,
they will be my friends.

In my house there is no place
for deceitful hearts;
those who tell lies will not remain
within my sight-

In the morning I will bring down
all the wicked in the land;
I will tear from the City of God
all who love wrong.

Psalm 101 (Heb. 102)

Antiphon: All the nations shall honour the Lord,
his splendour all the kings of the earth.

O Lord, consider my prayer,
let my cry come to your ears;
do not hide far from me your face,
in the day when distress is at hand;
incline towards me your ear,
make baste to reply when I call.

For my days drift away like smoke,
my bones, like a bonfire, blaze;
my heart is withered like grass,
I forget to consume my bread;
because I lament without pause,
I am nothing but skin and bones.

Like a bird alone in the desert,
or an owl in a ruined house,
I lie awake and I groan,
like a sparrow lost on a roof;
all day I am mocked by my foes,
in their rage, they call me Accursed,

Ashes are the bread that I eat,
I mingle tears with my drink;
so great are your fury and wrath,
you raised me, then cast me down,
my days are a shadow that wanes,
like the grass, I wither away.

But you, O Lord, for ever you abide,
from age to age your name will endure;
you will arise and have pity on Zion,
it is time for compassion to be shown;
for all who serve you cherish her stones,
moved by her ruins, they weep.

Then all the nations shall honour the Lord,
his splendour, all the kings of the earth;
when the Lord returns to rebuild Zion,
and his glory once again is revealed;
God will consider the prayers of the poor,
he will not despise what they ask.

These things shall be written for the ages to come,
a people not yet born will praise God;
the Lord has looked down from his throne on high,
from heaven he considered the world;
now he has heard the captives' cry,
he has freed those condemned to die.

The sons of your servants will find a home,
their descendants will live in your sight;
in Zion they will declare the name of the Lord,
through Jerusalem, all his praise,
when the peoples gather and come from afar,
all nations will worship the Lord.

On the way, my strength has failed,
and the span of my days is cut short;
do not take me away in mid-course,
you, O Lord, are true for all time.

Of old, you established the earth,
the heavens are the work of your hands;
they will perish, but you endure;
like a garment, all will grow old,
like clothes thrown aside, they will end,
but you remain, no end to your years.

Psalm 102 (Heb. 103)

Antiphon: God our Lord is compassion and peace,
rich in patience and mercy, and full of love.

Give praise to the Lord, O my soul,
all my being, praise his holy name,
give praise to the Lord, O my soul,
remember the kindnesses of God.

The Lord will pardon all your misdeeds,
he will heal you of every kind of ill,
he will rescue your life from the grave,
and will crown you with his kindness and love;
he comes to fill you with every kind of good,
and like an eagle, your youth will remain.

For the Lord is a righteous judge,
he brings justice for all the oppressed,
he revealed to Moses his ways,
to the children of Israel his deeds.

The Lord our God is compassion and love,
slow to anger, abounding in concern
he will not chide us until we despair,
his anger is not destined to endure;
he does not treat us according to our sins,
nor repay us as our ways would deserve.

As high as the sky above the earth,
so the Lord, for all who love him, is kind,
as the east is far from the west,
so far he removes all our sins.

As a father is gentle to his child,
so the Lord, to all who love him, is good:
he knows in what manner we were made,
he remembers that we rose from the dust.

Man! His life is like the grass,
he blossoms like a flower in the fields:
one breath of the wind, he is no more,
and his place will not see him again.

But the love of the Lord for all his friends
is eternal, unending in days;
for the children of their children he is just
if they keep his covenant and laws,
and take care to fulfil his commands.

The Lord has set his throne in the heavens,
and over all, his kingdom is strong;
give praise to the Lord, all his choirs,
angel-servants, fulfilling his will,
so quick to obey his every word.

Now bless the Lord, all his saints,
faithful ministers, obeying his commands;
give praise to the Lord, all his works,
in all worlds where his majesty is known;
and give praise to the Lord, O my soul.

Psalm 103 (Heb. 104)

Antiphon: O Lord, my God, you are so great,
robed in light as in a cloak.

Give praise to the Lord, O my soul,
O Lord my God, you are so great,
all clothed in majesty and power,
and robed in light as in a cloak.

You spread out the heavens like a tent,
on the waters, your palaces stand firm;
your chariots are speeding clouds,
you ride on the wings of the wind;
Your messengers, a breath of air;
your ministers, a flame of fire.

You founded the earth firm on the rock,
unshaken for ever it will stand;
you clothed it with the garment of the deep,
above the hills, the waters stood high.

Then you rebuked, so the waters fled,
at the thunder of your voice they took flight;
they went leaping over mountains, down vales,
as they sped to the place you had assigned;
then you set them a boundary not to pass,
never again shall they cover the earth.

In the depths of the valleys flow springs,
streams wind at the foot of the hills;
they give drink to the beasts of the field,
wild horses come quenching their thirst;
the birds of the air make their nests,
then perched in the branches, they sing.

From on high you water the hills,
the earth is full of your fruits;
you make grass grow up for the cattle,
many plants to be used by men.

So bread is produced from the earth,
and wine that makes our hearts glad;
there is oil, so that all are content,
and bread so their hearts will grow strong.

Well watered are the trees of the Lord,
the cedars he planted in Lebanon;
the birds build nests in their crowns,
high fir trees are the home of the stork;
in the mountains the wild goats skip,
in clefts of the rock, badgers hide.

Antiphon: Give praise to the Lord, O my soul,
O Lord my God, you are so great!

To mark the seasons, you created the moon,
the sun knows at what hour it must set;
then darkness falls, it is night,
when the forest animals roam;
young lions go roaring for prey,
in search of the food God gives.

At sunrise, they creep away,
and return to their dens to sleep;
then man goes out to his work,
he labours till evening draws on.

O Lord, how numerous are your works,
wisely you have accomplished them all,
your creatures cover the earth,
how manifold are your marvels, O God!

There is the sea, so vast and wide,
teeming with incalculable life-
creatures both tiny and large,
above them the ships sail on,
Leviathan gambols and plays.

All look to you, O Lord,
and you give them their food in due time;
whatever you give, they consume,
you open your hand, they are filled.

If you hide your face, they are dismayed,
if you take away their breath, they will die,
returning again to their dust
you send out your breath, they are made,
you renew the face of the earth.

For ever the glory of the Lord!
Let our Master be glad in his works!
He looks at the earth, and it quakes,
he touches the hills, and they smoke.

All life long, for the Lord I will sing,
while I live, I will praise my God;
may the Lord take pleasure in my words,
since all my joy is in God;
now bless the Lord, O my soul!

Psalm 106 (Heb. 107)

Antiphon: Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good,
for everlasting is his love.

Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good,
for everlasting is his love:

Such is the hymn of the Lord's redeemed,
those he rescued from the hand of the foe;
whom he gathered from the midst of the lands,
from the East and the West, North and South.

Through the desert and wilderness they strayed,
not finding a town where they could dwell;
starving, they were dying of thirst,
their life was ebbing away.

Then they cried in distress to the Lord,
from their plight he rescued them all;
he led them along straight paths,
until they found a place to dwell.

Let them thank the Lord for his love,
his wonders for the children of men!
He quenched the thirst in their souls,
the hungry, he filled with good things.

Some dwelt in darkness and gloom,
poor prisoners, fettered with chains;
the Most High had seen their misdeeds,
they fell and they found no help.

Then they cried in their distress to the Lord,
from their plight, he rescued then, all;
he led them out of darkness and gloom,
and he struck off all their chains.

Let them thank the Lord for his love,
his wonders for the children of men!
He shattered the doors of bronze,
he divided the iron bars.

Some were stricken for their evil ways,
afflicted on account of their sins,
they were sickened of every food,
and stood at the gates of death.

Then they cried in their distress to the Lord,
from their plight, he rescued them all;
he sent out his Word, they were healed,
from destruction he snatched their souls.

Let them thank the Lord for his love,
his wonders for the children of men!
Let them make thank-offerings with praise,
declaring his deeds with shouts of joy.

Antiphon: Let us thank the Lord for his love,
his wonders for the children of men.

Some put out to sea in ships,
and traded across the high seas:
they saw the works of the Lord,
his wonderful works in the deep.

He commanded, a great gale arose,
whipping up the waves of the sea;
the ship was borne up, then it plunged,
their hearts were like wax in their breasts.

Reeling, they staggered like men drunk,
all their skills were of no avail;
then they cried in their distress to the Lord,
from their plight, he rescued them all.

He made the storm fall still,
the waves of the sea grew calm;
they rejoiced to be at rest once again,
then he brought them safe to port.

Let them thank the Lord for his love,
his wonders for the children of men!
Let them praise him where the people can hear,
in the council of the elders give praise.

The rivers became dry ground,
their sources no longer flowed;
fruitful land he turned into salt
because of men's evil deeds.

The desert, he changed into lakes,
parched ground became springs and wells,
the hungry he brought there to live,
they established a city as their home.

They sowed fields and planted their vines,
they gathered a fruitful yield;
by his blessings, their number increased,
and their herds suffered no loss.

When they dwindled, brought very low
by oppression, by troubles and pain,
on their foes he poured out contempt,
they were banished to trackless wastes.

But he raised up the poor from their needs,
and their numbers increased like the flocks:
the upright see, and rejoice,
while evil must hold its tongue.

Let the wise consider these things,
who can fathom the love of the Lord?
Give thanks to his name, for he is good,
for everlasting is his love!

Psalm 109 (Heb. 110)

Antiphon: The Lord has told my Lord:
You are Prince from the day of your birth.

The Lord has told my Lord:
Sit at my right,
I will make your enemies your footstool.

From Zion, the Lord will stretch forth
your sceptre of power:
Rule over all your foes.

You are Prince from the day of your birth,
on the holy hills,
I begot you like dew before the dawn.

The Lord has sworn without return:
You are for ever a priest,
after the order of Melchizedek.

From the wayside brook he will drink,
the Lord your King,
there he will lift up his head.

Psalm 110 (Heb. 111)

Antiphon: God nourishes in love all who revere him,
he is the bread of life eternal.

I give thanks to the Lord in my heart,
in the gathered assembly of the just;
great are the works of the Lord,
worthy of study and delight.

Glory and majesty, his works,
and his justice endures evermore;
his marvels we can never forget,
how merciful and gracious is our God!

He gives nourishment to all who revere him,
ever mindful of his covenant and truth;
he reveals to his people his power,
as he gives them the riches of their foes.

His works are faithfulness and truth,
and all his precepts are sure;
for ever and ever they will stand,
received in justice and love.

He has sent his redemption to his people,
he renews his covenant and truth,
holy and almighty is his name.

To honour God is wisdom's concern,
all who obey him are prudent indeed,
for his praise endures evermore.

Psalm 111 (Heb. 112)

Antiphon: The just shall never be removed,
his heart stands firm, without fear.

Happy man who honours the Lord,
who delights in obeying his commands;
his descendants shall flourish on the earth,
the household of the just shall be bless'd.

Great wealth and honour in his house,
his dealings will be crowned with success;
for a light shines in the dark
on all who are merciful and just.

It is good to be open and to lend,
to conduct with justice one's affairs;
the just shall never be removed,
they are kept in mind evermore.

He does not fear to receive bad news,
his heart is firm, full of trust,
his heart stands firm, without fear.

He gives help freely to the poor,
and his goodness endures evermore,
his name is respected and loved.

Psalm 112 (Heb. 113)

Antiphon: Bow down, let us worship the Lord-

Praise, you servants of the Lord,
praise the name of the Lord!
How bless'd is the name of the Lord,
bless'd now, and bless'd evermore!
From the rising to the setting of the sun,
give praise to the name of the Lord!

The Lord reigns over the world,
his glory is exalted on high!
Who can be compared to our God?
Throned in majesty on high,
he looks down upon heaven and earth.

He lifts up the weak from the dust,
from the dunghill he raises the poor,
to give them a seat among the princes,
yes, with the princes of his people;
and he makes the childless woman
happy with children at home.

Psalm 113A (Heb. 114)

Antiphon: Baptized in the death of the Lord,
our lives are with him.

When Israel came out of Egypt,
and Jacob from a foreign land,
Judah became His sanctuary
and Israel His domain.

The Red Sea looked and fled,
then Jordan was driven back;
the mountains skipped like rams,
and the hills like young sheep.

O sea, what made you flee'?
O Jordan, who turned you back?
Mountains, why skip like rams?
Little hills, like young sheep?

Tremble, earth, before the Lord,
before the face of the God of Jacob,
who turned the rocks into water,
dry stones into a flowing stream.

Psalm 113B (Heb. 115)

Antiphon: We, the living, will bless God,
both now and for evermore.

Never to us, O Lord, never to us:
to you alone let glory be given!
on account of your kindness and truth,
lest men ask: Where is your God?

Our God? He is throned on high;
all that he plans, he performs;
while their idols are silver and gold,
all shaped and fashioned by hands ...

House of Israel, trust in the Lord,
he is both helper and shield!
House of Aaron, trust in the Lord,
he is both helper and shield!

All servants of God, trust in him,
he is both helper and shield!
The Lord will remember and bless us,
he will bless both Israel and Aaron.

He will bless all who honour the Lord,
blessing the small with the great;
May the Lord bless you more and more,
you and your children in turn!

May you be bless'd by the Lord,
the Maker of heaven and earth;
the heavens are the Temple of God,
the earth he has given to men.

So we, the living, will bless God,
both now and for ever.

Psalm 114 (Heb. 116A)

Antiphon: I will walk in the presence of God,
praise him in the land of life.

I love the Lord, for he bears
the sound of my prayer;
he gives heed to me in his love,
whenever I implore him.

The snares of death closed around,
all the horror of the grave;
I was plunged in doubt and despair,
till I called the name of God.

For the Lord is compassionate and good,
yes, our God is just;
with his hand he defends the poor,
when I slipped, he saved my life.

Return then, my soul, to your rest,
for you know the Lord is good;
he has saved my soul from death,
and my life from defeat.

I will walk in the presence of God,
praise him in the land of life.

Psalm 115 (Heb. 116B)

Antiphon: Very dear in the eyes of the Lord
is the death of every friend.

I believed, even when I said:
Too great is the pain!
in my grief, I nearly said:
Every man is but a liar!

Then what can I offer to the Lord
for the goodness he has shown?
I will lift high Salvation's cup,
I will praise his holy name.

Very dear in the eyes of the Lord
is the death of every friend:
I will serve as my mother served,
you struck off all my chains.

I will offer a sacrifice of praise,
I will call on your name;
I will walk in the presence of God,
praise him in the land of life,

I will perform my vows to the Lord,
while his servants stand around;
in the courts of the House of the Lord,
in your midst, Jerusalem.

Psalm 116 (Heb. 117)

Antiphon: All nations of the world,
give praise to the Lord!

Every nation, praise the Lord: Alleluia!
And all peoples, praise his name: Alleluia!
For his love towards us is strong: Alleluia!
To his faithfulness, no end: Alleluia!

Psalm 117 (Heb. 118)

Antiphon: This day is the day of the Lord,
let us rejoice and be glad!

Give thanks to the Lord, he is good,
for everlasting is his love.

Let the house of Israel proclaim:
Everlasting is his love!
Let the house of Aaron proclaim:
Everlasting is his love!
Let the God-fearing all proclaim:
Everlasting is his love!

In distress, I called to the Lord,
he heard me, he set me free;
the Lord is with me, fear not!
What harm can people do?
With the Lord at my side to help,
I shall conquer my foes.

It is better to take refuge in God,
than to trust in a man;
it is better to take refuge in God,
than to trust in a prince;
all the nations gathered around,
I conquered by the name of the Lord

Hard-pressed, I was almost at an end,
but the Lord came to my aid;
God is my strength and my song,
for he saved my life;
joyful, the victory-songs
in the tents of the just.

The right hand of the Lord does wonders,
how glorious, his strength!
I shall not die, I shall live,
and proclaim the works of God;
he chastened me time after time,
but never abandoned my soul.

Open wide his Justice-gates,
I will give thanks to the Lord;
this is the Gate of the Lord,
the just shall enter in;
I give thanks, for I have been heard,
he has exalted my soul!

The stone which the builders refused
is now the key-stone;
this is the work of the Lord,
a great wonder in our eyes;
this day is the day of the Lord,
let us rejoice and be glad!

Lord. bestow your salvation,
give us new life!
Blessed is he who comes
in the name of the Lord!
We bless you from the House of God,
the Lord our God is our light.

Form processions, with branches in hand,
come to the altar of God;
for you are my God, I give thanks,
O God, I adore!

Give thanks to the Lord, he is good,
for everlasting is his love.

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