Medieval and Early Modern English Studies 
Volume 24 No. 1 (2016)

1. 이병은  Lee, Byung-Eun: Anti-Préciosité in the Drama of Thomas Shadwell  1-15 [Abstract]   PDF file of text

2. Francis K. H. So: The Benign but Bleak “wyldrenesse” in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight  17-35 [Abstract]   PDF file of text

3. Ivan Cañadas: The Power of Money: From Horace to Jonson and Quevedo  37-51 [Abstract]   PDF file of text

4. 최재민 Choi, Jae-min: Gendering of the Blazon: A case study of Isabella Whitney’s and Aemilia Lanyer’s poems  53-73  [Abstract]   PDF file of text

5. John Lance Griffith: Chaucer on Wildness: The Host, the Monk, and the Tragedy of Cenobia  75-95   [Abstract]   PDF file of text

6. Petros Dovolis: We’ll Milk Our Ewes and Weep; but We Will not Run Wild: Compliance, Conformity and Domesticated Endurance in The Winter’s Tale  97-114  [Abstract]   PDF file of text

7. Salwa Khoddam,  Horace Jeffery Hodges: The Peach in Milton’s Paradise Lost, Marvell’s “Garden,” and Eliot’s “Prufrock”: Etymology, Sin, and Transgression 115-150  [Abstract]   PDF file of text

8. 김미경:  셰익스피어의 희곡 '안토니와 클레오파트라'에 나타난 과도함과 이국성 151-166  [Abstract]   PDF file of text
        [Mi-Kyong Kim: Exorbitance and Exoticism in Shakespeare’s Antony and Cleopatra]

9. 이미영:  도시희극 속 ‘정숙한 창녀’ 읽기: 근대초기 런던과 극장의 기표 167-198  [Abstract]   PDF file of text
        [Mi Young Lee: Reading “Honest Whore“ in the City Comedy as a Sign of London and Theater in Early Modern England]