Medieval and Early Modern English Studies
Volume 22 No. 2 (2014)

1. 강지수   가웨인과 녹색기사의 지리적 상상력: 워럴의 숲       1 ~ 29    [Abstract]   PDF file of text
   [Gang Ji-su: The Geographical Imagination in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight: The Wilderness of Wirral]

2 선희정  「학자의 이야기」에 나타난 아이러니        31 ~ 59   [Abstract]   PDF file of text
   [Seon Hui-jeong: The Clerk’s Ironic Storytelling in The Clerk’s Tale]

3 손병용  로망스의 정치성: 「기사 이야기」를 중심으로       61 ~ 81      [Abstract]   PDF file of text
   [Son Byeong-yong: The Political Nature of Romance: Focusing on Knight’s Tale]

4 윤민우   “그녀에게 망령들어”: 복수자의 비극의 기호와 섹슈얼리티의 혼란       83 ~ 105  [Abstract]   PDF file of text
   [Yun Min-u: “Doting on her Beauty”: Sign and Sexuality in The Revenger’s Tragedy]

5 윤아름 Yun A-reum:  A Psychoanalytic Approach to the Mystical Experience: Fantasy and Separation in the Book of Margery Kempe     107 ~ 130   [Abstract]   PDF file of text

6 Kenneth Eckert:  “He Clothed Him and Fedde Him Evell”: Narrative and Thematic ‘Vulnerability’ in Gamelyn  131 ~ 146    [Abstract]   PDF file of text