Medieval and Early Modern English Studies
Volume 16 No. 2 (2008)

김재현,  두오다(Dhuoda)의 『리베르 마누알리스』(Liber Manualis) pp. 221 ~ 246 [Abstract] PDF file of text

2. Yoon-Hee Park,  The Meaning of the Cotton “Wulf” Maxim in the Context of Anglo-Saxon Popular Thought and Culture pp. 247 ~ 263   [Abstract] PDF file of text

3. Dongchoon Lee & Sonjae An, Medieval European Studies in Korea Today pp. 265 ~ 284 [Abstract] PDF file of text

4. 이진아, 『페어리 여왕』 5권의 이시스 : 브리토마트의 신화적 변용의 정치성 pp. 285 ~ 310 [Abstract] PDF file of text
Jin-Ah Lee, Isis in Book 5 of The Faerie Queene: the Political Implications of Britomart's Transfiguration

5. Byung-Eun Lee, The Aristocracy in Edward Ⅱ pp. 311 ~ 327  [Abstract] PDF file of text

6. 방승희, 극중극의 효과를 통한 극중 관객의 인식 pp. 329 ~ 348  [Abstract] PDF file of text
Seunghee Bahng, The Cognizance of On-Stage Audiences Caused by the Dramatic Effects of the Play-Within-the-Play in The Taming of the Shrew

7. 이미영, 르네상스 영문학 장르에 나타난 ‘음란한 과부’ 상투형의 이데올로기적 전용  pp. 349 ~ 381 [Abstract] PDF file of text
Mi Young Lee, On Ideological Appropriations of the Stereotype of ‘Lusty Widow’ in Renaissance Literary Genres