Medieval English Studies



Volume 10 Number 2 (2002)





1. Philip Edward Phillips

Lady Philosophy’s Therapeutic Method


2. I Deug-Su

Lioba – dilecta Bonifatii


3. Jaehyun Kim

“Angelus et Christus”


4. Dongill Lee

A Study on Geogod in Old English Poetry


5. 최예정

성체축일 순환극과그리스도의 의미의 정치학


6. An Sonjae

Troilus and Criseyde: The Hidden Influence of Chaucer's Reading


7. Jongsook Lee

Gender and Translation in Early Modern England


8. John Morris Jackson, Noel Harold Kaylor, Jr.

The Early Education of Queen Elizabeth I and her later translation of Boethius’s De Consolatione Philosophiae