Online Bookstores

UK :  |  Blackwells  |  The Internet Bookshop   |  The Book Depository (offers free delivery worldwide on all books)

North America :  |  Barnes and Noble  

Books about Korea can also be purchased from  Koryo Books located in the US. 

France :  |  Amazon.frFnac  |   Bouquinerie L'Ex-Libris  |  La Procure (for religious books, especially)

Germany :

Australia : Bookworm  |  Dymocks

Korea : Kyobo (direct link to Search), Yongpung, Yes24, AladdinUS  (These sites are all in Korean but AladdinUS also has an English-language page and services based in the US).

To buy books, videos and DVDs etc related to Korea in English (or with English subtitles) the Seoul Selection online bookstore is a major resource. They welcome information about new publications. They also publish a number of titles themselves.  If you are in Seoul, Seoul Selection is also a place you can visit in person to browse or drink coffee in since their bookstore is also a cafe.

To buy foreign books online inside Korea, Interpark is recommended, but books ordered from all across the world from Book Depository  are sent post-free.

Second-hand Bookstores  is a very good resource for finding out -of -print books, but perhaps Alibris is better...  or (UK)   (Advanced Book Exchange) allows you to search the stocks of many independent bookellers for out-of-print and rare books.

Antique bookstores in Korea: Old Books and  Hwabong  and Yetnalwa hamkkehaneun