Korean Literature published in English since 2012


First Person Sorrowful
Ko Un
Translated by Brother Anthony, Lee Sang-Wha
Bloodaxe 2012
Himalaya Poems
Ko Un
Translated by Brother Anthony, Lee Sang-Wha
Green Integer 2012
The Growth of a Shadow
Taejoon Moon
Translated by Kim Won-Chung, Christopher Merrill
Autumn Hill Books  2012

The Crane in the Clouds: Shijo Korean Classical Poems In The Vernacular
Ch'oe Ch'ung et al.
Sung-Il Lee
Homa & Sekey Books 2013

The Unforgotten War
Bok GeO-Il
Translated by the poet
Stallion Press 2014

The Book of Korean Poetry: Choson Dynasty
Translated by Kevin O'rourke
Stallion Press  2014

I'm OK, I'm Pig!
Kim Hyesoon
Translated by Don Mee Choi
Bloodaxe Books 2014

Sorrowtoothpaste Mirrorcream
Kim Hyesoon
Translated by Don Mee Choi
Action Books 2014

I Must Be the Wind
Moon Chung-hee
Translated by Claire You, Richard Silberg
White Pine Press 2014

Rain, Sky, Wind, Port
Kim Nam-jo
Translated by Hillel Schwartz, Sunny Jung
Codhill Press 2014

Shadows of the Void
Ynhui Park
Translated by Brother Anthony
Seoul Selection  2014

One Day, Then Another
Kim Kwang-Kyu
Translated by Cho Young-Shil
White Pine  2014

Beating on Iron
Kim Soo-Bok
Translated by Brother Anthony
Green Integer 2015

Maninbo: Peace & War
Ko Un
Translated by Brother Anthony / Lee Sang-Wha
Bloodaxe 2015

Lee Si-Young
Translated by Brother Anthony / Yoo Hui-Sok
Green Integer 2015

Wild Apple
Heeduk Ra
Translated by Daniel Parker etc
White Pine 2015

Portrait of a Suburbanite
Choi Seung-ja
Translated by Eunju Kim
Cornell EAS 2015

I Am a Season That Does Not Exist in the World
Kim Kyung Ju
Translated by Jake Levine
Black Ocean 2016

Request Line at Noon
Lee Jangwook
Translated by Sun Kim
Codhill 2016

The Colors of Dawn: Twentieth-Century Korean Poetry
An anthology edited by Brother Anthony, Chung Eun-Gwi,
Manoa (University of Hawai’i Press)  2016

Cheer Up Femme Fatale
Kim Yideum
Translated by Ji yoon Lee, Don Mee Choi, Johannes Goransson
Action Books 2016

No Flower Blooms Without Wavering
Do Jong-Hwan
Translated by Brother Anthony / Jinna Park

Seoul Selection, 2016

Night-Sky Checkerboard
Oh Sae-Young
Translated by Brother Anthony
Phoneme Media  2016

Poor Love Machine
Kim Hyesoon
Translated by Don Mee Choi
Action Books  2016

Fifteen Seconds without Sorrow
Shim Bo-seon
Translated by Chung Eun-Gwi and Brother Anthony
Parlor Press  2016

A Letter Not Sent
Jeong Ho-Seung
Translated by Brother Anthony / Susan Hwang
Seoul Selection  2016

Someone Always in the Corner of my Eye
Shim Bo-Seon

Translated by Daniel Parker, YoungShil Ji
White Pine Press, 2016

Request Line at Noon
Lee Jangwook
Translated by Sun Kim, Tsering Wangmo
Codhill Press. 2016

Though flowers fall I have never forgotten you
Jeong Ho-Seung
Translated by Brother Anthony / Susan Hwang
Seoul Selection  2016

Grasshoppers' Eyes
Ko Hyeong-Ryeol
Translated by Brother Anthony of Taizé
Parlor Press. 2017

Park Je-chun
Translated by Chang Soo Ko
Homa & Sekey. 2017

The Worm Poet
Sungsun Lee
Translated by Jongyoll Cho
Jain. 2017

Poems of Kim Yideum, Kim Haengsook & Kim Min Jeong
Translated by Jiyoon LeeDon Mee ChoiJake Levine and Johannes Goransson
Vagabond Press. 2017

Ah, Mouthless Things
Lee Seong-Bok
Translated by Eun-Gwi Chung, Myung Mi Kim, and Brother Anthony of Taizé.
Green Integer 2017

Black Kite
Kim Jong-Gil
Translated by Brother Anthony of Taizé
MerwinAsia 2017

We, Day by Day
Jin Eun-young
Translated by YoungShil Ji & Daniel Parker
White Pine Press 2018

If my tongue refuses to remain in my mouth
Sunwoo Kim
Translated by Won-Chung Kim & Christopher Merrill
Autumn Hill Books 2018

Whisper of Splendor
Chong Hyon-jong
Translated by Cho Young-Shil
Homa & Sekey Books  2018

Baek Seok: Poems of the North
Baek Seok
Translated by Peter Liptak
Exile Press 2018

ASIA Publishing: K-Poets series (20 poems each volume)
1. Poems by Ko Un (2017) translated by Brother Anthony of Taizé & Lee Sang-Wha
2. Poems by Ahn Do-Hyun (2017) translated by Brother Anthony of Taizé


The Story of Hong Gildong
Translated by Minsoo Kang
Penguin Classics 2016

Score One for the Dancing Girl, and Other Selections from the Kimun Ch onghwa : A Story Collection from Nineteenth-Century Korea
Translations by James S. Gale, edited by Ross King, Si Nae Park
University of Toronto Press, 2016


Seopyeonje – The Southerners' Songs
Yi Chung-jun
Translated by Ok Young Kim Chang
Peter Owen  2012

Black Flower
Young-Ha Kim
Translated by Chales La Shure
Houghton Mifflin  2012

Lee Byeng-ju
Translated by Chenie Yoon, William Morley
Bybooks Publishers  2012

The Wind and Landscape of Yenang
Lee Byeng-ju
Translated by Suh Ji-Moon
Bybooks  2013

Rat Fire: Korean Stories from the Japanese Empire
Yi Ki-yong et al.
Translated by Sang-Kyung Lee,Tedodore Hughes, Jin-kyung Lee, Jae-Yong Kim
Cornell East Asia Series  2014

I’ll Be Right There
Kyung-sook Shin
Translated by Sora Kim-Russell
Other Press 2014

Our Happy Time
Gong Ji-Young
Translated by Sora Kim-Russell
Short Books 2014

A Warm Family
Kim Hu-Ran
Translated by Cho Young-Shil
Codhill Press 2014

Kashil and Best Essays by Yi Kwang-su
Yi Kwang-su
Translated by Chung-Nan Lee Kim
Archway Publishing 2014

The Jovian Sayings
Bok Geo-il
Translated by Bok Geo-il
Stallion Press 2014

The Hen Who Dreamed She Could Fly
un-mi Hwang
Translated by Chi-Young Kim
Oneworld Publications 2014

The Girl Who Wrote Loneliness
Kyung-Sook Shin
Translated by Ha-Yun Jung
Pegasus 2015

The Investigation
J. M. Lee
Translated by Chi-Young Kim
Pegasus 2015

Princess Bari
Hwang Sok-Yong
Translated by Sora Kim-Russell
Periscope 2015

Nowhere to Be Found
Bae Suah
Translated by Sora Kim-Russell
Amazon Crossing 2015

The Salmon Who Dared to Leap Higher
Ahn Do-hyeon
Translated by Deborah Smith
PanMacmillan 2015

The Vegetarian
Han Kang
Translated by Deborah Smith
Portobello Books 2015

Modern Family
Myeong-kwan Cheon
Translated by Kyoung-lee Park
White Pine 2015

Human Acts
Han Kang
Translated by Deborah Smith
Portobello Books 2016

The Future of Silence: Fiction by Korean Women
9 authors
Translated by Ju-Chan Fulton / Bruce Fulton
Zephyr  2016

Olympic Boulevard
Philip Onho Lee
Translated by John Cha
Seoul Selection   2016

Vaseline Buddha
Jung Young Moon
Translated by Jung Yewon
Deep Vellum Publishing  2016

A Contrived World
Jung Young Moon
Translated by Mah Eunji and Jeffrey Karvonen
Dalkey Archive  2016

Time to Eat Lobster: Contemporary Korean Stories on Memories of the Vietnam War
Bang Hyun-seok
Translated by Jeon Seung-Hee
MerwinAsia  2016

The Dog Who Dared to Dream
Sun-mi Hwang
Translated by Chi-Young Kim
LittleBrown Book Group  2016

Two Stories from Korea by Yi Cheong-Jun: The Abject / The Wounded
Yi Cheong-Jun
Translated by  Grace Jung
/ Jennifer M. Lee
MerwinAsia. 2016

The Human Jungle
Cho Chŏngnae
Translated by Bruce and Ju-Chan Fulton
Chin Music Press. 2016

One Hundred Shadows
Hwang Jungeun
Translated by Jung Yewon
Tilted Axis Press.  2016

A Greater Music
Bae SuAh
Translated by Deborah Smith
Open Letter. 2016

The Muslim Butcher
Son Hong-kyu
Translated by Yu Young-Nan
MerwinAsia. 2016

Bae SuAh
Translated by Deborah Smith
Deep Vellum Publishing. 2017

Jeon Sungtae
Translated by Sora Kim-Russell
White Pine Press. 2017

The Hole
Hye-young Pyun
Translated by Sora Kim-Russell
Arcade Publishing. 2017

I Hear Your Voice
Kim Young-ha
Translated by Krys Lee
Mariner Books. 2017

Meeting with My Brother
Yi Mun-Yol
Translated by Heinz Insu Fenkl, Yoosup Chang
Columbia University Press. 2017

The Impossible Fairy Tale
Han Yujoo
Translated by Janet Hong
Graywolf Press. 2017

Familiar Things
Hwang Sok-yong
Translated by Sora Kim-Russell
Scribe Publications. 2017.

Sweet Potato
Kim Tongin
Translated by Grace Jung
Hornford Star. 2017.

Nobody Checks the Time When They’re Happy
Eun Heekyung
Translated by Amber Kim
White Pine Press. 2017

North Station
Bae SuAh
Translated by Deborah Smith
Open Letter Press 2017

The White Book
Han Kang
Translated by Deborah Smith
Portobello Books 2017

Dust and Other Stories
Yi T'ae-Jun
Translated by Janet Poole
Columbia University Press  2018

Land of Tears
Park Sang seek
Translated by Inyoung Choi
Homa & Sekey Books 2018 

The Scorpion
Kim Won il
Translated by Sunok Kang & Melissa J. Thomson
Kitaab International Pte. Ltd.  2018

Was that Mountain Really There?
Park Wan-suh
Translated by Hannah Kim
Kitaab International Pte. Ltd. 2018

The Good Son
You-Jeong Jeong
Translated by Chi-Young Kim
Penguin Books 2018

The Accusation
Translated by Deborah Smith
Grove Press 2018

Endless Blue Sky
Hyoseok Lee
Translated by Steven D. Capener
Honford Star  2018

The Court Dancer
Kyung-Sook Shin
Translated by Anton Hur
Pegasus Books

I'll Go On
Hwang Jungeun 
Translated by Emily Yae Won
Tilted Axis Press

At Dusk
Hwang Sok-yong
Translated by Sora Kim-Russell
Scribe Publications

Dalkey Archive’s Library of Korean Literature

14 Dalkey Archive "Library of Korean Literature" volumes were published in 2014:

Stingray by Kim Joo-young
One Spoon on This Earth by Hyun Ki Young
When Adam Opens His Eyes by Jang Jung-il
My Son’s Girlfriend by Jung Mi-kyung
A Most Ambiguous Sunday, and Other Stories by Jung Young Moon
The House with a Sunken Courtyard by Kim Won-il
At Least We Can Apologize by Lee Ki-ho
The Soil by Yi Kwang-su
Lonesome You by Park Wan-suh
No One Writes Back by Jang Eun-jin
Pavane for a Dead Princess by Park Min-Gyu
The Square by Choi In-Hun
Scenes from the Enlightenment: A Novel of Manners by Kim Namcheon
Another Man’s City by Ch’oe In-Ho

  Titles that were added to the Library of Korean Literature since 2015:

16. Rina
Kang Young-sook
Translated by Kim Boram

17. The Private Lives of Plants
Lee Seung-U
Translated by Inrae You Vinciguerra & Louis Vinciguerra

18. God Has No Grandchildren
Kim Gyeong-uk
Translated by Sunok Kang

19. A Good Family
Seo Hajin
Translated by Ally Hwang & Amy Smith

20. Son of Man
Yi Mun-yol
Translated by Brother Anthony

21. Beauty Looks Down on Me
Eun Heekyung
Translated by Sora Kim Russell

22. The Amusing Life
Song Sokze
Translated by Se-Un Kim

23. Evening Proposal
Pyun Hye Young
Translated by Park YoungsukGloria Cosgrove Smith

24. Turbid Rivers
Chae Man-Sik
Translated by Chung-hee Kim

25. The Library of Musical Instruments
Kim Junghyuk
Translated by Kinn So-young

26. Mannequin
Ch'oe Yun
Translated by Jun Yewon

Many individual short stories in bilingual editions, some newly translated, others not, have been published by Asia Publishers in recent years


The Great Retreat and Other Plays
Lee Gun-sam
Translated by Sidney Soo-young Lee
Homa&Sekey 2013

The Clowns
Kim Tae-woong
Translated by Will Kern
Hollym International  2013

Translations by  Brother Anthony published in Koreana (see the review's home page for translations by Sophie Bowman etc)

 Kim Mi-wol: Guide to Seoul Cave  (translated by Br Anthony)
Koreana: Korean Art & Culture (The Korea Foundation) Vol. 25, No.3 Autumn 2011  pages 92 - 99

 Kwon Ji-ye: Blue Crab Grave (translated by Br Anthony)
Koreana: Korean Art & Culture (The Korea Foundation) Vol. 26, No.1 Spring 2012 pages 86 - 98

 Kim Yeon-su: New York Bakery (translated by Br Anthony)
Koreana: Korean Art & Culture (The Korea Foundation) Vol. 26, No. 3, Autumn 2012, pages 92-103

 Paik Ga-huim: Geun-won, As Such (translated by Br Anthony)
Koreana: Korean Culture &  Arts (The Korea Foundation) Vol. 27, No.3 Autumn, 2013. Pages 86 - 99.

 Kim Kyung-uk: Dangerous Reading (translated by Br Anthony)
Koreana: Korean Culture &  Arts (The Korea Foundation) Vol. 28, No.3 Autumn, 2014. Pages 86 - 99.

 Cho Hae-jin: Light’s Escort (translated by Br Anthony)
Koreana: Korean Culture & Arts (The Korea Foundation) Vol. 29 No. 1, Spring 2015, pages 86-99.

 Kim Sum: Noodles (translated by Br Anthony)
Koreana: Korean Culture &  Arts (The Korea Foundation) Vol. 29, No. 3 Autumn, 2015. Pages 92 - 103.

 Lee Ze-ha: The Wayfarer Never Rests on the Road
Koreana: Korean Culture & Arts, (The Korea Foundation)  Vol. 30 No 1 
Spring 2016, pages 86 - 102