Last updated March 17, 2011
A few links to sites about Translation and Translation Studies

a) A few useful links for translators of Korean literature

1. Resources

The Google Group for Translators of Korean Literature 

The Naver dictionaries

Wayne Leman has an immensely long set of links to translation-related materials, and his page should be essential viewing in our leisure hours,

The Brooklyn Rail's InTranslation has a very useful set of translation-related links

2. Organizations

The Korea Literature Translation Institute
The Academy of Korean Studies
The International Communication Foundation, Seoul
The Korea Foundation
The Daesan Foundation 
The British Center for Literary Translation
The Center for Literary Translation at Columbia University
The American Literary Translators' Association
The ALTA blog
The Center for the Art of Translation (San Francisco)
Three Percent is a set of pages about translations by the University of Rochester
University of Iowa: MFA in Translation
University of Iowa Writers' Program
The Australian Association for Literary Translation

3. Online

KoreaWeb (Frank Hoffmann)
English Translations of Korean literature published before 2000
English Translations of Korean literature published since 2001
Brother Anthony's home page
A Select Bibliography of Works on Translation

4. Journals

Modern Poetry in Translation  (UK)
Words Without Borders
The Words Without Borders Blog
Passport: The Arkansas Review of Literary Translation
A list of British journals

Interesting articles about translation issues

1. "Swann's Ways" by Wyatt Mason originally published in The Nation (01.17.05) and reproduced in the pages of the Austin Area Translators and Interpreters Association

2. "Tolstoy's Real Hero" a review by Orlando Figes of the new translation of War and Peace by Richard Pevear and Larissa Volokhonsky. (published in the New York Review of Books, November 22, 2007) A fascinating discussion of the different approaches to the Russian classics by translators across the decades, a 'must' read for any translator.

3. A review by David Pellauer (DePaul University) of Paul Ricoeur’s On Translation (Routledge, 2006) in the Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews 2007.02.14

4. "Great Leap Forward" by Julia Lovell, in the Guardian (June 11, 2005) about the current state of Chinese fiction and the lack of translations published in the UK. It begins: "Why does modern Japanese fiction have an audience in Britain while its Chinese counterpart plays to an empty house?",,1503763,00.html

5. The review Calque 4 (not online) carried a very lengthy interview with Michael Emmerich, a translator from Japanese (Kawabata Yasunari's First Snow on Fuji etc) with a sample passage translated from Japanese 'faithfully' then edited by a professional American style editor to make it more attractive to American publishers. This provoked a strong critique from one reader, carried on the Calque blog page with a response from Emmerich, dealing with some of the issues familiar to us in the 'faithfulness versus readability' debate.

6. An ebook of Paul Ricoeur's "On Translation" is available.

More general sites

The fullest possible listing of translation resources (mainly Bible translation issues) is that by Wayne Leman.

A small set of  Translation Studies links at the Department of Comparative Literature at Indiana University-Bloomington

Translation Journal also has a useful, systematic index of links.

The ALTA list of publishers open to translations.