2006 Summer Program in Korean Studies

An Introduction to Modern Korean Literature

Taught by Brother Anthony (안 선재)

This course will introduce students to works by a small number of writers, seen in the broad context of Korean literary history.

Main Textbook: Twentieth Century Korean Literature by Yi Nam-ho, U Ch'angje, Yi Kwangho, Kim Mi Hyun. Translated by Ryu Youngju. Published by Eastbridge Press.

There will be 7 class hours: June 20 (Tues), 21 (Wed), 22 (Thurs) June 26 (Mon), 27 (Tues), 28 (Wed), 29 (Thurs) at 9 – 10:20am in the Arrupe Building.

Day-by-day topic:

Day 1. Overview of the main events in modern Korean history. We shall start to read the most famous Korean poems

Day 2. Most famous poems continued. Survey of a few of the main writers of 20th-century Korean poetry  

Day 3. Reading some poems by Ko Un, Shin Kyong-Nim, Kim Kwang-Kyu

            (Over the weekend, students should read a short story by a modern Korean writer (text given out in class))

Day 4. Survey of the main writers and themes of 20th-century Korean fiction.

Day 5. Survey continued. Students begin to present their responses to the story they have read.

Day 6. Presentations continue, followed by a class discussion on the stories.

Day 7. Students comment on the Korean poem they have most enjoyed reading.