Act I

        Scene 1: (Induction introduces theme of "truth must out in time"). Northumberland learns false, then true news of the battle at Shrewsbury (the death of Hotspur) : grief and new determination.
        Scene 2: Falstaff insults the Chief Justice.
        Scene 3: The rebels are warned by Bardolph not to be overconfident.

   Act II

        Scene 1: Hostess tries to have Falstaff arrested, but Gower says he is needed for the national emergency.
        Scene 2: The Prince (Henry) with Poins etc. shown as distant from Falstaff, receives a letter from him; he decides to spy on him secretly.
        Scene 3: Northumberland is persuaded by his wife and Hotspur's widow to play safe, to go to Scotland, rather than follow the rebels.
        Scene 4: "The Boar's Head Tavern scene" with all the clownish figures together for the last time; the Prince is shown reacting to it all in the  light of the theme of time.

   Act III

        Scene 1: The King shown overwhelmed with cares.
        Scene 2: First "Justice Shallow" scene of rural humour.  Falstaff seen as a corrupt recruiter.

   Act IV

        Scene 1: The Forest of Gaultree, the Archbishop of York as leader of the rebels negociates with Westmoreland and Prince John in formal diplomatic styles
        Scene 2: Prince John says he agrees with the rebels' terms and will redress all the wrongs they complain of.  They disband their armies, and they are at once arrested and condemned to die
        Scene 3: Falstaff arrests one of the rebels and sets off for Gloucestershire to see Shallow.
        Scene 4: The Jerusalem Chamber scene, the king is very sick, the news of victories makes him worse, he is anyious about Hal's wildness
        Scene 5: Prince Henry comes, sits alone by the sleeping king, thinks he is dead, takes the crown from the pillow and goes out.  The king awakes, misunderstands the sense of Hal's act, calls for him, and makes a long speech on his (supposed) ambition and folly. Henry replies nobly, the king advises him to keep the nobles busy with foreign wars to avoid rebellion at home.  King says he is happy to die in "Jerusalem".

   Act V

        Scene 1: The second Justice Shallow interlude.
        Scene 2: King Henry V enters; everyone thinks that he hates the Chief Justice; instead he confirms him as his chief advisor :  the putting-off of the old Hal
        Scene 3: Falstaff at party learns of new king, thinks he has power.
        Scene 4: Arrest of the Hostess etc for murder
        Scene 5: Falstaff meets the newly crowned king; "I know thee not, old man."