Act I

        Scene 1: The King's unhappy situation: should he go on Crusade?  Domestic problems in Wales, Scotland, with Hotspur and his own son to worry about too.
        Scene 2: Hal (Prince of Wales) and Falstaff, joking, plotting, with secret plan for gulling Falstaff being prepared.
        Scene 3: King angry with Hotspur and his father/uncle, who then decide to revolt; evocation of Hotspur's character.

    Act II

         Scene 1: Transition : Inn-yard scene with Carriers, Gadshill
         Scene 2: Gad's Hill, the robbery and the gulling of Falstaff.
         Scene 3: Hotspur and his wife, the division of opinions ...
         Scene 4: The showing up of Falstaff, humourous exchanges; the Sheriff intervenes; Prince Hal promises to give back all stolen things and more.

    Act III

        Scene 1: The rebels with Glendower, the Welsh Lady.
        Scene 2: Interview between King and Hal. King feels betrayed by Hal's wildness (exaggerated reports). Hal reassures him; King gives him a leading role in the campaign.
        Scene 3: In the inn, Falstaff misses his papers which Hal has taken, begins to lie about the value of his loss.  Hal tells Falstaff to raise soldiers for the campaign.

    Act IV

        Scene 1: The rebels prepare for the fight at Shrewsbury, Hotspur begins to hear bad news; his father's sickness (so no soldiers from him), very lyric announcement of the King's army, with Hal, then he gets news that Glendower will not be coming (so no Welsh army) but Hotspur does not recoil.
        Scene 2: Falstaff has sold his good soldiers free, gathered a poor band instead.
        Scene 3: Night before battle, Blunt offers peace.
        Scene 4: Scene with Archbishop of York, looking forward to future troubles, no link with this play.

    Act V

        Scene 1: Confrontation between the King and Hal, and the rebels' representative (Worcester, Hotspur's uncle) the King and Hal offer ways of avoiding battle.
        Scene 2: Worcester decides not to trasmit message to Hotspur, as too tempting.  Preparations.
        Scene 3: Battle of Shrewsbury; death of Blount disguised as King,
        Scene 4: (Battle contd) Douglas (Scottish rebel) fights with King; Hal saves the life of his father; Hotspur fights with Hal, is killed while Falstaff is attacked by Douglas, pretends to die. Hal's speech about both. Falstaff decides to claim credit for Hotspur's death.
        Scene 5: Victory, death of Worcester; Hal decides to let Douglas go free.  They turn towards Wales and Glendower.