Antony and Cleopatra

        Act I

        Scene 1: Philo criticizes Antony's infatuation with Cleopatra. Cleopatra shows her powers over Antony, by suggesting he is under the power of his wife or Octavius.  He denies it.
        Scene 2: Fortune-telling; Cleopatra angry with Antony; Antony  hears news from Rome and feels he should leave Egypt.  News comes of his wife's death.  Dialogue with Enobarbus.  Antony decides that Roman politics demand his presence.
        Scene 3: Cleopatra seen as a skillful manipulator; Antony announces his decision.  Her dramatic response.  Antony insists, Cleopatra can find no words.
        Scene 4: (Rome) Antony's life in Egypt reported to Octavius, then the dangers of Pompey's campaigns.  Octavius needs Antony.
        Scene 5: Cleopatra misses Antony.  Antony sends her a pearl.  She has sent many messages.

        Act II

        Scene 1: (Messina) Pompey confident, sure that without Antony Octavius and Lepidus are helpless.  News that Antony is in Rome.
        Scene 2: (Rome) Antony and Octavius clarify their differences; Agrippa suggests that Antony marry Octavius's sister octavia in sign of brotherly alliance.  Antony accepts.  They plan to fight Pompey.  Enobarbus relates Antony's first meeting with Cleopatra upon the river of Cydnus.
        Scene 3: (Rome) Antony, Octavius and Octavia together.  Soothsayer comes urging Antony to return to Egypt because beside Octavius he is only second.  'I will to Egypt'.
        Scene 4: (Rome) Departure.
        Scene 5: Cleopatra bored; messenger arrives, nervous, tells of Antony's marriage, Cleopatra beats him.  Calls him back, questions him again.  Faints.
        Scene 6: Pompey, Octavius, Antony reconciled.  Enobarbus forecasts Antony's return to Egypt.
        Scene 7: (On galley) Party, all drunk.  Menas offers Pompey to kill the others, so he alone will remain.  Pompey rejects it. Drunken dance.

       Act III

        Scene  1: Scene of victory, Antony away.
        Scene  2: Octavia and Antony take leave of Octavius.
        Scene  3: Cleopatra hears description of Octavia's appearance.
        Scene  4: (Athens) Antony, angry with Octavius, allows Octavia to go to arrange things.
        Scene  5: Fall of Lepidus reported, and murder of Pompey. Hints of war between Octavius and Antony.
        Scene  6: (Rome) Reports by Octavius of Antony's behaviour in Alexandria, making Cleopatra queen of Syria etc.  Octavia suddenly appears.  She thinks Antony is in Athens still, Octavius tells her he is organizing an army from Egypt.  Rome welcomes Octavia.
        Scene 7: (Actium) Enobarbus tries to keep Cleopatra out of the war.  Antony decides to fight by sea.  Enobarbus protests that he is stronger by land. Learns that Octavius is nearer than he thought.  Forebodings.
        Scenes 8-10: Description of the Battle of Actium, Cleopatra's fleet leaves the fight, Antony follows her.
        Scene 11: Antony overwhelmed in shame; Cleopatra comes to comfort him.
        Scene 12: Antony's surrender conditions brought to Octavius: Antony wants to retire to Athens, Cleopatra ready to submit. Octavius will not spare Antony, hopes to win over Cleopatra.
        Scene 13: Antony hears reply; message from Octavius to Cleopatra seems to be well received.  Antony has messenger whipped, believing that Cleopatra really accepts the offer.  Reconciled, Antony prepares to fight.

     Act IV

        Scene 1:  Octavius prepares to fight.
        Scene 2:  Antony prepares for final night.
        Scene 3:  Sound of ghostly music, Hercules leaving Antony.
        Scene 4:  Arming of Antony.
        Scene 5:  Where is Enobarbus?
        Scene 6:  Enobarbus with Octavius, repents on hearing that Antony has sent all his treasures after him. Will die of shame.
        Scene 7:  Battle, Antony winning.
        Scene 8:  First day ends in victory.
        Scene 9:  Enobarbus laments and dies.
        Scenes 10-12: Antony sees Cleopatra's fleet surrender, thinks it is her doing. When Cleopatra comes to him, he drives her away in fury.
        Scene 13: Cleopatra sends word to Antony she is dead; she hides  in the Monument.
        Scene 14: Antony bungles his suicide; Cleopatra sends for him.
        Scene 15: Cleopatra inside the Monument, Antony is carried in below. Antony heaved aloft.  Antony dies.  Cleopatra's lament.

     Act V

        Scene 1: News of Antony's death brought to Octavius.  Tributes paid to him. Cleopatra's messenger asks Octavius' intentions.
        Scene 2: Messenger brings comforting message to Cleopatra, but soldiers  suddenly arrest her.  She proclaims her intention not to be humiliated.  Her dream of Antony.  Her fear of being led in triumph confirmed.   Octavius arrives,  she kneels. She surrenders her  possessions, except for... Octavius gives her reassurances. Cleopatra imagines with horror the triumph in Rome.  Figs arrive, carried by  clown.  Cleopatra dresses in royal robes. Servant dies of grief. Cleopatra applies asp to breast, dies; her faithful servant Charmian follows her example.  Octavius comes too late.  He orders to bury the two lovers together.