Fall Semester 2005



TTh 11 am  (Brother Anthony)

In this course we shall be studying Romeo and Juliet, Henry V and Twelfth Night. We will study the texts in detail and watch videos of each play.


Text Books

Students will need to buy copies of the 3 plays in the New Cambridge edition. An introduction to the life and theatre of Shakespeare can be found in my book Literature in English Society, Volume II, The Renaissance (Sogang University Press). The introductions of the New Cambridge editions will provide useful information and there are many books about Shakespeare in the library. You are expected to use some of them when writing your two reports. Each report must include a list (‘Works Cited’) of the critical works you have actually quoted in the report.


Detailed Course Description

August 30 / September 1 Week 1

Introduction to the course. Twelfth Night Act 1

September 6 / 8 Week 2

 Twelfth Night Acts 2 - 3

September 13 / 15 Week 3

Twelfth Night Acts 3 - 4

September 20 / 22 Week 4

Twelfth Night Acts 4 - 5

September 27 / 29 Week 5

Twelfth Night video

October 4 / 6 Week 6

Romeo and Juliet Acts 1 - 2

October 11 / 13 Week 7

Romeo and Juliet Acts 3  - 4

October 18 / 20 Week 8

Mid-term Exams

October 25 / 27 Week 9

Romeo and Juliet Act 5

November 1 / 3 Week 10

Romeo and Juliet videos

November 8 / 10 Week 11

Henry V Acts 1 - 2

November 15 / 17 Week 12

Henry V Acts 3 - 4

November 22 / 24 Week 13

Henry V Act 5


November 29 / December 1 Week 14

Henry V video

December 6 / 8 Week 15

 (Final exams start on Thursday)



Students will write a Midterm Essay (due on the Tuesday after the Mid-term Exam) in which you discuss the different ideas about love found in Twelfth Night, and say how ‘comic’ the play really is. Has the play got dramatic unity?

In the Second Essay  (due on the Tuesday of 11th week) discuss your own interpretation of and reactions to Romeo and Juliet, including discussion of the way the main characters were interpreted in the film productions. In what sense is their story ‘tragic’? Why has this story become such a powerful myth.

In the Third Essay (due on the Monday after the end of the Final Exams) comment on the way Henry V depicts power-politics and warfare.



Grading will be based on the 3 reports and the result of the Mid-term and Final Exams (Max 50 points each). The exams will test students' knowledge of the action of the plays, and will include tests of precise memorization of the most celebrated passages in the  plays. Exams and reports are of equal weight.