Some useful Korea-related links, in Korean or English

Seoul Arts Center

Lotte Concert Hall

National Theater

Sejong Cultural Center

Goyang Areum Nuri Arts Center

Hoam Art Hall

LG Arts Center

The National Gugak Center

Seoul Donhwamun Traditional Theater

The National Museum of Korea

Hwajeong Museum

Horim Museum

The National Museum of Contemporary Art


JoongAng Daily

Korea Times

Korea Herald


The National Research Foundation

The Korea Foundation

The Korea Literature Translation Institute (available in English once at the opening page))

The Daesan Foundation (for translation subsidies etc)

Incheon International Airport

Korean Air


Korean train times and reservations (in Korean)

Seoul City Government

National Tourism Organization (Tour2Korea)

Visit Korea

Australian Embassy, Seoul

Asia Link (Australian exchange programme)

British Embassy, Seoul (in Korean; also in English)

The British Council, Korea  (in Korean; also in English)

U.S.Embassy, Seoul (in English; also in Korean)

Royal Asiatic Society, Korea

Top Travel (Korean)

HyeCho Travel (Korean)