The Weekly Korean Repository February-June 1899

The monthly Korean Repository ended publication at the end of 1898 but early in 1899 the American missionaries H. G. Appenzeller  and Geo. Heber Jones decided to publish a weekly newssheet under the same title since no English-language newspaper was being published in Seoul at that moment. At the start of June they announced that The Independent would be published by Mr. W. B. Emberley and that it would replace the weekly Repository.

No. I February 9 1899
No. II missing
No. III Feb 23 1899
No. IV March 2, 1899
No. V  Thursday March 9, 1899
No. VI  Thursday March 16, 1899
No. VII  Thursday March 23, 1899
No. VIII  Thursday March 30, 1899
No. IX  Thursday April (30) 6, 1899
No. X  Thursday April 13, 1899
No. XI  Thursday April 20, 1899
No. XII  Thursday April 27, 1899
No. XIII. Thursday, May 4, 1899.
No. XIV.  Thursday May 11, 1899 
No. XV Thursday May 18, 1899
No. XVI missing
No. XVII. Thursday, June 1, 1899.

The account of an expedition to Jeju Island serialized in several issues

All issues can be seen in a single continuous PDF file with indications of page divisions

Images of all issues can be seen through scans made by Yonsei University Library. A viewer has to be downloaded.