Links to some sites of a religious nature
Last updated March 2, 2009

Christian: Catholic

The Holy See (the official Vatican Page)

Christus Rex et Redemptor Mundi (Private Catholic site, with documents and very good art)

The New Advent site includes the 1913 Catholic Encyclopedia.

With one click, Universalis allows us to read the day's Breviary and Missal

Catholic First offers many online materials: Catholic Classics, Information, News, the Church Fathers, Church Documents, Traditional Prayers and Devotions, Douay-Rheims Bible, Catechism, the Mass...

Another large Catholic site is Catholic Online which has a large list of Catholic publications as well as offering CCN (Catholic Communications Network) with links to many Catholic news stories.

You have access to 8000 links in the Theology Library of Spring Hill College.

Zenit is one of the major Catholic-centered new services.

The Claretians operate U.S.Catholic, it has especially good resources on the Church's social teaching.

The papers published by the FABC (Federation of Asian Bishops' Conferences) and news of their meetings can be accessed through UCANews.

The East Asia Pastoral Institute (Manila) has a particularly useful list of links, including many to other Catholic sites in Asia, and a lot of full-text theological materials.

The internet Forum of the Union of Superiors General contains a lot of news and information about and for those who live the consecrated life.

The American Catholic magazine America. and its British equivalent The Tablet.

See also  Christian Texts

Christian: Orthodox

A very full, systematic array of Orthodox-related sites.

The official site for the Ecumenical (Orthodox) Patriarchate (of Istanbul / Constantinople).

A large array of Orthodox links by Steve Hayes. A page devoted to St. John Chrysostom.

A very significant site devoted mainly to Icons and iconography, with Orthodox music, Icons Explained

Macedonian Heritage gives a lot of photos of the monasteries on Mount Athos.

Zbigniew Kosc has some beautiful photos of Athos monks.

There is a fine online exhibition of Treasures of Mount Athos.

Christian: Anglican

The official Anglican Communion page.

The official Church of England page.

Pages devoted to the Book of Common Prayer (the Anglican liturgy)

The Cathedrals of England

Christian: The Bible

Search the Bible by word/topic

The amazing All-in-One Bible Gateway  by Dr Mark Goodacre allows searches of a wide variety of Bible-related resources. He is also the author of the great New Testament Gateway, that annotates resources related to the NT.  Bible translation links. Translation Glossary

The Clementine Vulgate project offers a reliable text of the Vulgate in a variety of formats and for a variety of purposes, including a search.

The SWORD Project is the CrossWire Bible Society's free Bible software project. It offers downlaods and searchable texts of the various versions of the Bible.

The Unbound Bible is a collection of searchable Bibles, in the original languages, English, as well as over 30 ancient and modern versions in other langauges.

The full text of the various Catholic Bibles in Korean, starting with the newest, with search engines, commentaries etc

Christian: Communal

The ecumenical Community of Taize

The World Council of Churches has its own site, of course.

One World Action is a site operated in the name of  justice and peace in the world.

The Jesuits at Creighton University have a site dedicated to Jesuit involvement in interreligious dialogue

A remarkable survey of early Church History: From Jesus to Christ (PBS)

Catholic and Orthodox Dates of Easter etc. past and future

Christian Texts

Texts by the Church Fathers in English at the New Advent site.

Christian Classics Ethereal Library: a very full library

Wonderful St. Augustine resources by James O'Donnell (also good for Boethius)

An extremely full lisiting of online Patristic texts from the Orthodox side.

The Bollandists are the main reference for Christian Hagiography (Saints' lives)

Some may find Therese Bonin's Bibliography of Thomas Aquinas in English very helpful; it includes hyperlinks wherever possible, including to the home pages of publishers of printed books. There is also Saint Thomas Aquinas : a site with many links by Stephen Loughlin.

The homepage of the Austrian province of the Teresian Carmel with many links to major Carmelite sites, including an English version of the Life of St. Teresa of Avila ; The Way of Perfection .

The Home Page of the Society of Jesus in Korea created by the much-missed Father Felix Villarreal S.J. in the months before his death in January 1999, used to contain a far more impressive, illustrated Biography of Inigo de Loyola and a complete set of biographies of all the Generals of the Society of Jesus. Plus multiple S.J. links. These are preserved to some extent in the Internet Archive and may return later to their former location.


Nothing much yest, sorry. One site with a lot of Judaic links is inside the Poetry Superhighway, owned by Rick Lupert.


Buddhanet covers most areas.

A very useful potted history of Buddhism, especially Korean Buddhist history, is at this Australian Zen center's site.

Buddhist Studies WWW Virtual Library  (The Internet Guide to Buddhism and Buddhist Studies). Especially worth a visit is the list of Buddhist Art Resources.

Gary G. Gach is the author of  The Complete Idiot's Guide to Understanding Buddhism which has its related home page, Buddha Portal, well worth a visit.

Images of Tibetan Mandalas and of Asian art of many kinds.

Some paintings by a Korean Buddhist monk who's a friend, Song-Yun Sunim.

DharmaNet International Gateways to Buddhism

Charles Muller offers valuable Resources for the Study of East Asian Language and Thought

Korean religion and culture

An online introduction to Neo-Confucianism: To Become a Sage, a translation of  Ten Diagrams on Sage Learning by Yi T'oegye (1501-1570) Translated, with extensive annotation and commentary, by Michael C. Kalton. Published by Columbia University Press, 1988

Other Religious Traditions

Links relating to Hindu-Christian studies, at the University of San Diego.

See also the Religion links at the University of Florida.

Other resources

Encyclopedia Mythica on ancient mythologies (with list of topic areas)