Books for sale from the RAS Korea

Anyone wishing to purchase books in these lists should send an email to the RAS Korea office:
indicating the exact  title and author of the books desired, together with the full name and complete mailing address to which they should be mailed.
Please also indicate if books should be sent by airmail to an overseas address, otherwise books for overseas destinations will be sent by surface mail.
Alternatively, those living in Korea may collect the books from our office.

The RAS office will calculate the total cost, including packing and mailing, and reply by email. Please indicate if you wish the price to be calculated in a currency other than Korean Won.

Current members of the RASKB are entitled to a significant discount on the price of books purchased.

Payment can be made by Paypal (in US dollars etc, not Korean Won), by bank transfer, or by check. If you need the total price to be quoted in a currency other than Korean won, please tell us.

Art and architecture
Books published by the Royal Asiatic Society Korea Branch
Folk Tales
Food & Clothing
History, Economics, Politics
Korean Language
Korean Literature
Korean Studies, Korean War, North Korea
Philosophy & Religion
Travel, guides, geography, photography