Last updated May 3, 2005
Contemporary Poetry Online

Webzines and suchlike

The Electronic Literature Directory provides very full access to the many experimental works of literature now being composed for the multimedia environment of the Internet.

Australia is home to a great literary culture, with the wonderful Ozlit waiting to guide you.

The Electronic Poetry Center at the State University of New York at Buffalo gives you access to texts of poems by many contemporary poets, as well as to many links to poetry magazines, online and in print, and the EPC List of Poetry Presses which will take you far and wide.

Words Without Borders hopes to introduce literature that few can have access to.

The Other Voices International Project, an attempt to celebrate the diversity in poetry by collecting together a number of poets from around the world in one "cyber-anthology"

Daniel Sendecki is the owner / editor of, a great place for new poetry and links to interesting stuff.

The Poetry Super Highway run by  Rick Lupert contains more than enough for a rainy day..

New Hope International's page of links offers a great variety of links to "alternative" poets, presses, zines....

The East Village offers 12 "volumes" of experimental poetry online.

See UBUWeb for Visual, Concrete + Sound poetry.

What about Vortice Argentina for concrete poetry and other suchlike things?

Try Beehive for Hypertext Hypermedia  or Jack Magazine or (including a list of "open mic" locations)

Try the poems at FranksHome -- an online anthology of modern verse, including some great poems by Prevert.

General Resources

There is probably nothing on the British side that can compare with the American Verse Project at the University of Michigan. Take a look at the Contents page.

Also a Must if you are interested in contemporary American poetry is the Museum of American Poetics which includes a splendid set of Links to other sites.

You might enjoy reading a new poem each day on Poetry Daily.

For British poetry take a look at the Poetry Society site (very good set of resources). The Poetry Society of America has a similar site (including a little set of resources), it is interesting to skip from one to the other and compare them.

The main site, perhaps -- the Academy of American Poets.

Modern poetry books often go out of print. Such texts are made available to readers on the Contemporary American Poetry Archive.

Also worth a visit: a huge collection of Poetry Resources by Alan L. Pope.

Visit Carnegie Mellon's Poetry Index of Canonical Verse.

Or a 20th-century Poetry Resource very well worth looking at, by Professor Michael Eiichi Hishikawa at Kobe University, Japan.

For lists of magazines publishing poetry see Poetry Machine or Word Circuits.

The Beat Page gives a wide survey of the poets of the Beat Generation.

Gary Gach's What Web?  is an online extension of / introduction to his Buddhist poetry anthology What Book? (Parallax Press). Gary's entire site is well worth a visit, especially for would-be writers.

Poetry Festivals

Rotterdam's annual Poetry International Festival.


Kyoto Journal

Green Integer

Copper Canyon

White Pine


New Directions

Sol Publishers